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Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloweenwhich derives from of All-Hallows-Eve, was an annual holiday observed on October 31, where common activities include guising and trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, bobbing for apples, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. That was what the holiday of Halloween as we knew it. It just doesn't seem like Halloween is what it used to be!

I remember growing up in a small suburb in North Jersey, where weeks before Halloween, we would stockpile as many crates of eggs and cases of shaving cream that we can get our hands on, and we would save everything for the night before Halloween. We would call this night "Goosy Night" or "Mischief Night", as some areas would call it. For those of you scratching your heads, it was a night where kids would go out an vandalize property with shaving cream, eggs, and toilet paper. It seems like this night of annual mischief has come to a slow simmer, as you rarely see kids going out anymore to egg cars or houses.

As for the holiday of Halloween, itself, is anyone really dressing up anymore? I know that there are Halloween parties and all, but are kids still dressing up and going trick-or-treating anymore? As a new homeowner, it doesn't seem like they are because I still have a whole bowl of candy sitting here and no trick-or-treaters. I remember a time where you had to be careful driving around because there were too many trick-or-treaters. Once again, that doesn't seem the case anymore because I really haven't seen any trick-or-treaters all day. Maybe it's where I live now? Maybe Halloween has become more of an adults holiday where costume parties are thrown and prizes for the best costume are given? It just doesn't seem like Halloween is the holiday that it once used to be.

Today, my Halloween's consist of watching Halloween marathons, where I get to see Michael Myers kill people all day long without having to get dressed up in some silly costume. This year, I also visited the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, which is supposed to be this haunted prison that closed it's doors back in the 70s, but since it's been labeled a historical landmark, it's never been knocked down. Right around Halloween season, they dress the prison up to be this commercialized haunted house. If you ask me, not worth the price of admission, but if they did away with all the fake people jumping out at you, and put me in a dark, dank, cell block, I am sure that would have made me crap myself because that's pretty scary! Maybe next year, we'll find another haunted location to visit. I guess that's what we'll have to do since Halloween really isn't what it used to be. What do you think?

Friday, October 28, 2011


If you haven't already heard, super-troubled child-star, Lindsay Lohan has agreed to do a layout for Playboy Magazine. That's right! According to TMZ.com, LiLo, as she likes to be called, will be showing the world what her Momma gave her. Apparently, this deal has been in the works for months now, and Lindsay's even scoffed at the original $750,000 that was originally offered her. I mean, how much crack and cocaine can she actually buy with $750K? Lindsay wanted more! She wanted one million dollars to show her goods! How many of you actually want to this freckly ginger naked? To be brutally honest, though I love seeing nude women and am a former subscriber of Playboy Magazine, I don't think that I'll be running out to buy this issue because knowing what this girl is about kind of disgusts me more than it turns me on. Though, she really seems to have a nice rack, I still can't seem to get into it.

Hugh Hefner came back to Lindsay with an offer that was less than her asking price of one million dollars, but allegedly an offer she couldn't refuse, and she signed on the dotted line. No word yet, as to which issue Lindsay will be in, but I'm pretty sure she'll be getting the cover to boost magazine sales. Lindsay recently wrapped up a four-day photo shoot for the magazine juggling her court ordered morgue duties and taking pics of her boobs, ass, and, let's just say, her hardwood floors. You read right! Sources say that Lindsay is not wussing out like most celebs when they do their Playboy shoots where they pull those lame semi-nude pictorials that piss you off after you bought the magazine. Lindsay insisted on going full-frontal and showing everything, as long as it is 'tastefully done'! That a girl! Maybe I will buy this issue after all! It's just the freckles that I will need to get past.

Now, I met Lindsay and Dina Lohan many years ago when I was still in radio, and Lindsay was still this innocent little girl who was still breaking into the film industry. It was years after I met her that she became the LiLo that we all know today. I mean she's become quite a mess, but will posing for Playboy revive her career like it did for many others? I guess how successful her magazine sells will be a good gauge. If she ends up taking the money that she made on this pictorial and continues with her evil ways, this girl will end up like Amy Winehouse. Then again, who really cares? America just wants to see her naked! Or do they? I know that I, for one, am sick and tired of the Lohan family! What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is an amazing story that needed to be shared! The man on the right side of the picture on the left, Harold Wayne Lovell, was recently reunited with his family after 34 of being presumed dead. You see, Harold was supposedly one of eight unidentified victims of serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, but was recently found alive and well at the age of 53 living in his home state of Florida. Tim Lovell and Theresa Hasselberg hadn't seen their brother, Harold, since he left their family's Chicago home in May of 1977, when he was 19. Their father had left, and tension had mounted with their mother. So, Harold left in search of construction work while living in various foster homes, and it was around this time that serial killer, John Wayne Gacy was trolling for young men and boys in the area. Gacy, often seen dressed like a deranged clown, was a contractor who would lure the majority of the 33 young men and boys that he killed into his dwelling by offering them construction work.
Cook County Sheriff's detectives reviewed the unidentified remains cases, and discovered that eight of the 33 people John Wayne Gacy was convicted of murdering were never even identified. So, they obtained exhumation orders over the past few months to test the remains of the unidentified 8 for DNA, hoping relatives of the missing young men from that area around the 1970s might submit to genetic testing, this way they can finally get closure.

Harry Lovell's siblings, who now live in Ozark, Alabama, were planning to do just that when they oddly stumbled across a recent online police booking mug shot photo of their brother taken in Florida. Somehow, they were able to get in touch with Harold, who now goes by his middle name, Wayne, by phone and bought him a bus ticket to come to Alabama to be reunited with his family for the first time in 34 years.

Wayne Lovell described the reunion as "Awesome!" In a recent interview, he also went on to say that he left for Florida all those years ago because he wasn't getting along with his mother and stepfather, and over the years, he worked various manual labor jobs and has had occasional brushes with the law in and around Tampa, including charges for buying marijuana. You can't really blame him for that? Wayne Lovell said he went from having nothing to having a full-blown family! He's still pinching himself! I do have a question, though. If they never identified his body, and he was missing back in the 70s, wasn't his mug on TV? Or wasn't there any Missing Persons reports filed back then? I'm sure that if someone saw Wayne's face on TV or a Missing Person's paper, they would've told him that he looked like this guy from Chicago who was missing. Also, did he hate his brothers and sisters, so much that he didn't even stay in touch with them? I thought that it was his mother and stepfather that he didn't get along with. Why didn't he stay in touch with his siblings? After all, wasn't he 19 years old when he left his house? I mean, he was old enough to be responsible enough to have, at least, stayed in touch with his siblings, unless, of course, he didn't want to be found until now. It kind of doesn't really make sense, but I'm still happy he was reunited with them.

According to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, dozens of the men's families who disappeared during the 1970s have come forward for the DNA testing. Investigators searching John Wayne Gacy's home following his 1978 arrest found most of his victims buried in his basement's crawl space. Detectives also said that Gacy dumped four victims in a nearby river after he ran out of room in his house. John Wayne Gacy would confess to the slayings after his arrest and was executed in 1994.

Read the full story right here:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Seriously, what is wrong with people? Apparently, a Pennsylvania couple is facing some criminal charges for recently having sex on a city bus, and the worst part is that it was all caught on tape. According to the complaint, Amanda Confer boarded a city bus on a Friday afternoon in late-August carrying her infant daughter. Also, riding the bus through Montoursville, PA that day were what they call “Pre-release inmates”, Randell Peterson and Joshua Schill. "Pre-release inmates" is work release program that allows inmates to come and go from the county jail at specified times of the day.

So, allegedly, Miss Confer and Mister Peterson, sat next to each other in the back of the bus, with  Joshua Schill sitting in front of the couple. Before the public sex show occurred, however, Confer has the decency to hand her infant daughter over to Schill, who apparently served as babysitter and lookout during the impulsive rendezvous, which included Confer and Peterson moving from hugging and kissing to oral sex, which Confer happily provided. After a few minutes of oral, Confer then lowered her underwear, and proceeded to sit on Peterson’s lap, which led to full-on sexual intercourse for several minutes.

Shortly after the sordid tryst ended, the inmates exited the bus together, while Confer continued to ride on with her daughter. Since the aforementioned "sex acts" were captured by surveillance cameras, investigators were able to identify Confer and Peterson as the suspects. Both suspects, only recently, confessed to the steamy bus trip where they were charged with conspiracy, indecent exposure, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct. They are scheduled for a November 4 preliminary hearing in Magisterial District Court.

Come on! I have to say people can be so low-classed! Don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next person, and I think that having sex on camera is even okay. What I don't get is, was there really a need to hand your baby to a friend while the two of you got it on in the back of the bus? This girl, Confer, is nothing less than a ghetto whore! I mean who does stuff like this? At least if you have sex on a plane to be part of the 'mile-high club', you're in an enclosed bathroom, and you have the decency to do it in private. How would any of you react if you were to see this on a public city bus? I have to tell you, I'd be pretty sick to my stomach because this is just plain gross! But how would I have felt if the couple was a good looking couple like Brad and Angelina having sex in the back of the bus? Would I have found it just as gross? Or would I have found it to be more of a voyeuristic turn-on? I guess I really couldn't give you that answer because a couple that looked like Brad and Angelina would never do something like this. Human beings can be pretty disgusting!

Read the full story right here:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This has to by one of the most hilarious-yet-disturbing-but-relatable stories that I've seen in quite some time. In the height of TSA agents getting nabbed for stealing iPads and other electronics from flyers' suitcases to sell for extra cash, comes another pretty invasive tale of TSA woes.

It turns out, the blogger and co-founder of a one of the oldest feminist blog sites on the Internet, Feministe, recently flew from Newark International Airport in New Jersey into Dublin, Ireland, and upon her arrival found a "very special" personalized message from the Transportation Security Administration, or better known as the TSA, in her suitcase. Jill, who's last name will remain a mystery, recently told Forbes Magazine that when she unpacked her bag the next  morning, she discovered a note scribbled on the official form from the TSA informing her that her bag had been inspected. The note read, "GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL!"

Jill believes that her personalized TSA message might've had something to do with the contents in her suitcase, which included a silver bullet vibrator from Babeland. Yup! I said she had a vibrator in her suitcase! Jill also told Forbes that she brought that particular device, and I quote, "specifically because I figured it wouldn’t raise any red flags at TSA." Seems like she raised more that a red flag with the TSA. Is this a little overboard for a TSA agent to act this way?

Just what kind of people are the TSA hiring these days? Personally, I'm not sure that I feel too safe flying these days knowing that these mentally unstable people are looking through my belongings. Isn't there some sort of test that  maybe these TSA agents should be taking to make sure that they are mentally stable to work in a security type of environment? I mean, stealing people's belongings and making mentions of their private belongings is just drawing-the-line type of stuff! If I was to fly somewhere tomorrow, I want to know that I'm safe! I don't want to feel like someone is probably rummaging through my suitcase stealing my things or touching things that they shouldn't be touching in my suitcase.

I think that the TSA has hit a new low with this! We're still in the state-of-mind where we need to be vigilant when we're flying, and not worried about what will be missing in my suitcase. They should be looking for bombs or illegal things, and iPads or vibrators! The TSA issued a statement saying, "TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim." Um, it's not a claim! There's proof that this actually happened! Just look at the picture!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Has anyone read about Maroon 5 singer and The Voice mentor, Adam Levine's recent war of words with the Fox News Channel via Twitter? Without taking sides, this guy is a moron! It's no secret that Fox News is a channel that favors the Conservative side of politics, but when a news channel, no matter what political views they share, plays music from your band, you would tend to be a bit more humble than the way Levine acted.

Adam Levine, who's long been a supporter for gay rights because he has a gay brother or might even be gay himself, recently tweeted while watching FOX News after hearing one of his band, Maroon 5′s songs on the news network: “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you.” Seriously? First of all, publicity is publicity, right? And wouldn't he be getting paid for Fox using his song anyway? What an ungrateful prick this guy is? As an unsigned musician and songwriter, I would kill to have my song played on any station or TV channel, for that matter, I wouldn't be crying about their political views.

Anyway, Fox News wasted no time in responding to the tweet. Andy Levy, host of Red Eye, a late night FOX News program, tweeted back to Levine: “Dear @AdamLevine, don’t make crappy fucking music ever again. Thank you!" Red Eye co-host, Greg Gutfeld tweeted: “Dear Adam, That’s not music!” I think that the only fault that Fox News had in this whole ordeal was that they thought Maroon 5's music was actually good enough to actually play on their channel. For anyone who's ever listened to Maroon 5, you know that their music absolutely sucks, and Levine sings like a little girl! In fact, when they first came out, I thought that Maroon 5's singer was a girl until I found out his name was Adam. His falsetto-type of singing is just so unappealing and it's no wonder he's a huge supporter for gay rights, not that I don't support it, but it's because the majority of his fan base is probably gay!

Now, I'm not bashing Maroon 5 because I'm taking a conservative stance on this. I am attacking Levine's ungrateful nature as a musician. As a musician, you need as many outlets as possible to showcase your music, you shouldn't be attacking any one of them! Especially because it's channels like Fox News who use your songs in their segments that got your music into people's ears and brought you the fame that you're enjoying today! Adam Levine, you should really think before you tweet and attack the media because if it wasn't for them, you wouldn't even have your job on TV shows like The Voice, which by the way sucks too, because no one would even know who the hell you are!

This wasn't even Levine's first attack of a TV network, which makes this ordeal even worse! Back in August, this idiot also had the nerve to tweet his feelings about MTV and their 2011 Video Music Awards ceremony, where he posted, “The VMA’s. One day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music! I’m drawing a line in the sand. Fuck you, VMA’s!” Um, hey, Adam! If it wasn't for MTV, you wouldn't even have a career right now, you imbecile! I do agree that MTV is not the music channel that it used to be, but their TV programs do use a lot of music from bands like a Maroon 5 as their soundtrack! People like Adam Levine don't deserve the fame that he's enjoyed!

Don't worry, Adam Levine, I was never a fan of your band, and after this, I'll never support your horrible band! Your music sucks, and the only thing that I can do is urge people not to support you, this way maybe when your not making millions from naive fans, maybe you'll appreciate your fame a little bit more. Your fame was not built on political views! It was built on media outlets giving you the opportunity to be heard, and now your biting the hand that feeds you! I'm all about freedom of speech and freedom of having your own opinion, but don't use it against people who got you where you are today! You should think about changing your band's name to 5 Morons because that's what you are!

Friday, October 21, 2011


What a way to end the week, huh? Another ruler down! As if you haven't been watching the news, the 42-year reign of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has finally come to an end, which actually ended with his demise. To be brutally honest, his death really doesn't effect me or my life. Though, I've really wanted to see this happen since I was a kid, today, I could really care less. After looking at some of these pictures though, I have to wonder if he's really even dead. Could it be possible that they staged this whole revolution and capture to make it look like they took the ruler out because they have something big instore for the U.S.? I guess I just don't really trust these U.S.-hating Middle Easterns! Deep down inside, I still feel that Gadhafi and Bin Laden are still alive and are teaming up for a U.S. strike that we wouldn't be expecting because we think that they're dead! I hope that our intel is thorough and that these faces of terror are indeed gone. Also, with Bin Laden and Gadhafi, supposedly, out of the picture, who is the new face of terror, or better yet who is the new enemy of the United States? Could it be North Korea's Kim Jong-il?

For those of you still wondering what happened, a Libyan revolutionary, allegedly, shot and killed the Libyan dictator in Sirte, Libya. The revolutionary, who didn't look much older than 25, apparently shot Gadhafi in the shoulder as the former Libyan dictator attempted to flee from his hiding spot into a drain pipe. Initial reports of Gadhafi's capture also indicated that the former dictator, whole ruled Libya for over 40 years, was injured in the legs and head and died during a gun battle between National Transitional Council fighters and loyalists.

Gadhafi's body was said to be loaded onto a truck and then taken to the nearby city of Misrata. When the vehicle entered the city, a crowd of cheering civilians surrounded it, chanting "The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain!" The video footage of Gadhafi being dragged around by the NTC fighters will absolutely become one of the most memorable images of the Libyan revolution for years to come.

Though, Gadhafi might be dead, the battle of Sirte certainly isn't entirely over! There are still loyalists fighters holed up in the city of Sirte, and the NTC has been searching the entire city for its remaining enemies.
A number of detainees have been taken out of the city in NTC custody with many of them wounded and bloody.
According to authorities, they believe that Gadhafi and other loyalists were captured trying to flee Sirte after weeks of fierce fighting. The NTC command had surrounded the city and the pro-Ghadafi fighters were likely running out of food, water, and medical supplies, forcing them to attempt to escape.
Once Sirte is completely under its control, the National Transitional Council said they will be ready to declare it a victory.

This Libyan revolution began back in February, at the height of the Arab Spring protests. Peaceful demonstrators in Bengazi were shot dead by Libyan security forces on Gadhafi's orders, prompting a nationwide response.
The City of Sirte will be the last city to fall. Loyalist fighters put up a fierce resistance and controlled a small area in the center of the city for weeks.

Though, the end of the Gadhafi reign of terror has come to an end, I, as an American, would still keep people from Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan at arms length because I still don't trust them! Bin Laden and Gadhafi might be dead, but they had many loyal followers. It's just a matter of time when we see a new "Face of Terror"! We just don't know what he, or she, looks like because they are probably still being groomed to hate America. I do know one thing! It does seem that 2011 will be remembered as the Fall of Terrorism! Or will it?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


If Jon Bon Jovi's music can't get him into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame (like anyone really cares about that Hall anyway!), maybe his charity work will put him in there? Jon Bon Jovi finally opened his charitable restaurant "Soul Kitchen" in the heart of the New Jersey suburbs of Red Bank. The restaurant is only a piece of the puzzle for the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which has built 260 homes for low-income residents in recent years. The Soul Kitchen is a "pay-what-you-can" restaurant that he and his wife, Dorothea, opened in what used to be an auto body shop near the Red Bank train station in the central Jersey suburb.

The restaurant will provide gourmet-quality meals to the hungry while enabling them to volunteer on community projects in return without the stigma of visiting a soup kitchen. Paying customers are encouraged to leave whatever they want in the envelopes on each table, where the menus never list a price. I guess Jon is hoping that people actually have a conscience and won't eat a full meal while leaving a couple dollars in that envelope. And by the way, take away the "L" in "Soul" and replace it with a "P" and you have your Soup Kitchen back, but I'm sure that's what we're all trying to avoid here.

According to Jon, when he learned that one in six people in this country goes to bed hungry, he knew that this was going to be the next phase of the Foundation’s work, which actually started several years ago when Dorothea and Jon started helping out at a food pantry at nearby St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church. They would later move their focus to the Lunch Break program, which fed 80 to 120 people a day, and they would call it, “The Soul Kitchen.” Their next step was to bring that name with them to a former auto body shop down the street from the Count Basie Theater, where Jon and the boys from BON JOVI have played many fundraising shows for local charities.
It took a year and about $250,000, but the restaurant now rivals any of its competitors in trendy Red Bank, with entrees like cornmeal crusted catfish with red beans and rice, grilled chicken breast with homemade basil mayo and rice pilaf, and grilled salmon with soul seasonings, sweet potato mash and sauteed greens, many of which were grown in the herb and vegetable garden right outside the restaurant’s doors.

Jon Bon Jovi, who resides in the neighboring Middletown, is pretty adamant about one thing. That this is not a soup kitchen! You can come to this restaurant and get the dignity of linens and silverware, and you’re served a healthy, nutritious meal. This is definitely not a burgers and fries joint! Jon says, “There’s no prices on our menu, so if you want to come and you want to make a difference, leave $20 in the envelope on the table. If you can’t afford to eat, you can bus tables, you can wait tables, you can work in the kitchen as a dishwasher or sous chef,” he said. “If you say to me, ‘I’m not a people person,’ I say, ‘That’s not a problem. We’ll take you back to Lunch Break to volunteer with those people. If you don’t want to volunteer with that, we’ll take you to the FoodBank.” After volunteering at one of those places, a person will be given a certificate good for a meal at The Soul Kitchen.

He and others at the restaurant want those who can afford to dine out to patronize the restaurant as well and pay what they consider market prices, or even a bit more than that, to help sustain The Soul Kitchen as a true community resource. For now, Jon said he is currently writing songs for the band’s next CD, which we won't see until 2013, along with another typically massive Bon Jovi tour. In the meantime, he and Dorothea plan to stay active in the restaurant, where he estimates he has worked at least once a week in recent months. The Soul Kitchen is open for dinner Thursday through Saturday, and offers Sunday brunch. So, if you ever wanted to meet Jon Bon Jovi! Here's your chance! Red Bank, NJ at The Soul Kitchen! I've met him too many times to even count, but to give back, this would be worth it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Has anyone heard of this new iPhone app, Find My Friends? Apparently, in this day and age of social media app, Foursquare, more location apps are being developed to track people down. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Foursquare, it's an iPhone app that allows users to pinpoint where they are, or better yet, let their friends know where they are by checking into the various locations that they are visiting. Well, Find My Friends is a new Apple app that simply locates and pinpoints iPhone users geographically using Google Maps. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

For one New York City couple, this new app is a very bad thing because it ended their marriage. Then again, was it really the app that ended the marriage or was it the unfaithful wife that ended the marriage. I'll let you decide. The story about Thomas Metz and his cheating wife goes like this:

Metz recently bought his wife the new iPhone 4S and loaded the Find My Friends app on the phone without her knowing. She told him that she was at her friends house in the East Village, but he had suspicions about her meeting some guy who lived Uptown, and would you believe it? Find My Friends had her pinned at that exact location, Uptown! So, to test her, Metz texted her asking where she was, and she told him that she was on 10th Street, which is nowhere near the point that her iPhone was saying that she was, which makes the screenshots to the right, unbelievable evidence when the lawyers meet for the divorce settlement. According to Meltz, "Thankfully, she's the rich one!"

According to one NYC divorce lawyer, Metz is going to need more than a screenshot if he wants to bust his wife in divorce court, saying that this doesn't actually 'prove adultery', but it does prove that she's a liar, at worst, which is not grounds for divorce. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with the lawyer because unless there's photos of his wife actually committing adultery, all this really proves is that she lied about where she was. It's just his assumption that she was having an affair with this man Uptown.

To be honest, I don't know why, but this whole messy story just seems so hilarious! I guess that I just find other's misfortunes entertaining! You can read this whole story right here: http://gizmodo.com/5850571/find-my-friends-destroys-its-first-marriage

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Do you remember this face? Back in May, he warned us that "The End" was coming and that the earth was going to explode in an earthquake, where we would all die unless we believed in God, in which we would all go to the promised land. A little far fetched, right? Especially, since we're all still here!

Well, it looks like that May Doomsday has spawned a spin off apocalypse that's supposed to happen this Friday, but don't expect this Doomsday devotee to take his front row seat like he did back in May.

According to Robert Fitzpatrick, he'll be spending the new and updated "End of Days" miles away from his Times Square perch where he awaited his rapture last May. The Staten Island resident claims that 'after prayer and careful consideration", he's decided that he won't be speaking to the press any longer, and that he won't be in Times Square, he will, in fact, be in his Staten Island home.

Fitzpatrick, who's 60 years old, left Times Square deflated and befuddled last May when Mother Earth didn't explode in a giant earthquake as he and Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping boldly predicted. Fitzpatrick, later went on to say that May 21 was an "invisible" Judgment Day, and that five months of destruction and resurrection will compress into one brimstone bonanza October 21, which is this Friday. Does anyone else find this hilarious? The fact that this retired MTA worker just won't let this go? Back  before the May debacle, Fitzpatrick bought $140,000 worth of advertising for his book, "The Doomsday Code", and he even took aim at his "scoffers" in an October 8 26-page warning essay that he posted online saying, "The world is being 'set up,' so to speak, for the enormous shock they will experience on October 21." He also wrote, "Thankfully, the Earth's destruction may be over in only a couple of minutes. There should be no suffering whatsoever for the unsaved."

Is this guy for real? I'm starting to feel like he's that kid on the playground that tells you a lie, and when he's proven wrong, he has to tell you another lie to prove that his original lie makes sense! What a freak! Well, if he is right, Friday will be my last blog and it was nice to know all of you! But I'm sure I will be blogging again come Monday!

Monday, October 17, 2011


These three Philadelphians deserve to get "A-Holes of the Year"! After, I tell you what they've done, I think you'll agree. Well, it turns out, suspects Thomas Gregory, Linda Anne Weston, and Eddie Wright were arrested this past Sunday on multiple charges for holding four mentally disabled adults chained and shackled in the basement, or the 'dungeon', of their Philadelphia residence to steal their government distributed disability checks. That's right! How inhumane can people be?

Weston, who was said to be the brains behind this operation, had previously served eight years in prison for starving a 25-year-old man to death in the early 80s. This time around, she had the help of her boyfriend, Thomas Gregory, and a homeless man named Eddie Wright. A bond for the two men was set for $2.5 million each on Monday, while Weston is still waiting her arraignment. The three suspects are being charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment with more charges likely to come.

The landlord of the building is who  discovered the captives, which consisted of three men and one woman, who were shackled to a water heater this past Saturday. According to the landlord, he found the four mentally disabled captives locked behind a large steel door, and inside an old 15-by-15 bomb shelter. He went on to say that they had bedsores, and physically, they looked sickly thin from what he assumed was from malnourishment. There were buckets of urine in this bomb shelter with feces littered on the floor, along with a mattress and some bedsheets. The four captives were said to be in an age range between 29 to 41, but had the mental capacity of a bunch of 10-year-olds, which is why they were collecting the disability checks to begin with.

The victims were said to be from Texas, but according to the Philadelphia Police, they were believed to have been moved to West Palm Beach nearly a year ago before arriving in Philadelphia. What I don't get is that if this is true, were they driven from state-to-state? Or were they flown? And how can nobody have discovered this before? This act by Weston, Gregory, and Wright is just Pure Evil, and they deserve whatever is coming to them! Personally, if you want to really punish these three morons, or shall I say monsters? I would treat them, the way they treated their victims for however long they treated them this way, and then I would make sure the victim's families were fully compensated for every single penny that was stolen from them! So, what do you think? "A-Holes of the Year" or what?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Would you have sex on the Internet to raise money so that you can support your child? Well, in these trying financial times when most American families are struggling to make ends meet, this young couple, Tyler and his girlfriend Berkley, are doing exactly that. Apparently, the daily 9 to 5 grind was just not cutting the mustard for this couple, so they came up with this brilliant scheme to perform live sex sessions via webcam for cash! Did I mention 'Brilliant'?

Tyler and Berkley, whose last names remain anonymous, were in a five-year relationship when Berkley became pregnant at 19 years of age. At the time, the only work Berkley was able to find was as a cocktail waitress, while Tyler was making only about $350 a week. Today, the amateur porn entrepreneurs are reportedly making roughly $1000 per week, which more than supplements their income.

Here's the deal, clients pay up to $8 per minute to watch this less than attractive couple at 'work' with about 75% of that going to the website that hosts their daily romps, but the couple still think its worth it because the extra cash allows them to give their 20-month-old daughter a comfortable life. According to Tyler, "Porn's giving it, and I'm gonna take it!" He said that he and Berkley did it once together on webcam and on that first night, within 30-minutes, the couple made around $300. After seeing the possibilities, the couple sneered away from the normal 40-hour week, and now work five nights a week filming in their bedroom while their daughter sleeps in her bedroom.
For Tyler and Berkley, amateur porn seems to be financially, far more rewarding than a regular job. At the moment, the couple's goal is to eventually earn enough to go to college or some sort of trade school in the next few years before their daughter becomes old enough to ask questions.

This story it unbelievable! And seriously, you all know that you've thought about doing this at one time or another to make some extra cash. My question is what kind of people are actually watching on the other end? Then again, doesn't it really matter when your pocketing all that dough?

Watch their story on ABC's Nightline by clicking the link below:

Thursday, October 13, 2011


When I first saw this story on gawker.com, I thought that this had to be a joke, but apparently, a bistro in Canada is indeed trying to ban men from standing to pee. WHAT? Of all things stupid in this world, now Canada wants to take men squat to pee? When I was younger, it used to be a joke if you said that someone squatted to pee, which would insinuate that one was not manly enough to pee standing. Is this what Canada is trying to say about men? That in Canada we're not manly enough to stand up and pee?

The story is that a journalist walked into a Canadian bistro called Edible Canada with his family one evening for a bite to eat, and when he went into their unisex bathroom, he discovered a sign above the toilet instructing it's male occupants to not pee standing up. The sign might have been better off saying, "Tuck your sack between your legs, and put on this skirt!" Was this a joke? The journalist did point out that since most Men's Rooms are universally disgusting, the restaurant was probably just trying to keep their lavatory clean. If this was the case, why have a unisex bathroom?

For many Americans, Canada is known to be an annoying gun-hating, granola-eating, figure-skating, red headed stepchild of our beloved continent, but with this they've hit a new low! Taking away a man's public display of their masculinity is not exactly a cool thing! I mean, yes, us guys can be a little gross when our aim is off, but to be honest, I'd rather stand and pee than sit on a nasty unsanitized toilet seat. We already have to do that when number two strikes, and to me, that is disgusting enough. What does this act really tell us about Canadians, though? That they really are like the French? Where their men are all 'femininas'? This is is such a ridiculous story, and if any sign ever told me that I couldn't stand to pee, it would be in my right to pee on that sign! But that's the way I would react.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Has anyone seen this story yet? Living in New York City for a few years, I've seen some pretty stupid things, but just when I thought I've seen it all, up pops this story of utter stupidity! It turns out, the New York City MTA is pretty upset about a viral video of a young man riding the "J' train on the outside.

The video was taken by one of the trains riders, and in the background you can actually hear a few of the riders saying the young man was "on the pill". I mean, we've all done some pretty stupid things while we were intoxicated, but was this really necessary? He not only endangered himself, but he also endangered the lives of everyone on the train.

The footage that surfaced on YouTube shows this jackass pressed up against the subway door window, while the Jamaica, Queens bound train sped along the tracks. He actually interacted with the train's onlookers motioning them to keep quiet and not say anything. If you watch the video, the idiot seemed to be enjoying his stunt as the straphangers gasped in amazement! You know who wasn't laughing, though? The MTA!

"The act shown in this video is both stupid and dangerous. We have referred it to the Transit Bureau of the NYPD for investigation," said MTA spokesman, Charles Seaton. Seriously, though! What can possibly happen to this kid when they catch him? He goes to jail for endangering himself and the lives of others? Do you really think he cares if he was dumb enough to pull a stunt like this? And for all of you who have riding the New York subway system for many years, have you ever seen such a stupid stunt? I have to be honest, if I was on the train and saw this, I'm not sure how I would've reacted. Would I have seen something and said something? Or would I have taken my iPhone out and videotaped this jerkoff like the guy who posted it on YouTube? I probably would've done the latter.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm going to have to be honest here, I really am not sure what to make of this protest down on Wall Street. Maybe it's because I could care less about it? Or maybe it's because I'm not sure what they're even protesting? I know one thing's for sure, now that celebs like Kanye West and Susan Sarandon have shown their support for this protest, I definitely won't be! It does seem, however, that the protest is about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in big business, meaning, from what I've read, so far, it seems the wealthy continue to put money into their own pockets, while they continue to mismanage their companies and take money out of the pockets of those who work their tails off for them. If you ask me, this has been going on for many, many years. They also seem to be protesting the fact that tax payers money is being wrongfully used, and should be used to help the school system and not going to help the war! What makes these people think that a protest is going to change things? Did Woodstock really change anything except the ultra-cool music festival that ensued?

Today is Day 25 of the protest in Zuccotti Park, down on Wall Street, and the protesters have planned a march, which they're calling the Millionaires March, where they will march uptown to visit the homes of New York City's five wealthiest residents including News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and billionaire David Koch. The marchers plan to present the moguls with oversize checks to dramatize how much less they will pay when the New York State's 2% tax on millionaires expires this December. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo opposes the tax renewal, which generates up to $5 billion per year in much-needed revenue saying that he fears the rich will move away from New York. Well, then let them move? Who cares? Mayor Bloomberg, who was one of the New York billionaires who was not on the list for a home visit, went  on to say that the protesters can camp out in Zuccotti Park for as long they want. They're not doing anything wrong in expressing themselves. They're obeying laws, and he feels that eventually the rain and snow will drive them out. From what I hear though, the Wall Street area smells like crap because people are starting to use the street as a public bathroom. Now, that it gross!

The protest down on Wall Street has also spawned other protests in other cities like Boston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, and of course, Los Angeles. Will these protests really prove to be effective? I guess only time will tell. Will I follow what happens with this protest? Probably not. I really could care less, but if any of you want to keep me updated, please feel free to weigh in. Just know that once these stupid celebrities start to show their faces, these events have become commercialized and for me, have kind of jumped the shark becoming a 'who cares?' type of event. Of course, this is just my opinion.


Monday, October 10, 2011


Being that it's a slow news day with Paul McCartney's wedding and the protesters down on Wall Street stealing most of the headlines, I figured I'd use today's blog to bitch about my trip to Cancun, Mexico. Don't get me wrong! It was my first time in Cancun, after all these years, and the view from our room was breathtaking! We had an ocean view room at The Westin Lagunamar Hotel right in, what they called The Hotel Zone of Cancun. I have to state right now that Cancun was absolutely beautiful! It was the natives that left a bad taste in my mouth.

So, we arrived in Cancun late Friday evening because we'd missed our flight thanks to an error by US Airways, an airline we may never use again, but that's for a whole other blog. Anyway, we arrived late, but the front desk told us we can grab dinner at the hotel restaurant still. We were excited and I ate like I haven't eaten in days. Everyone at the hotel was fantastic, so far.

The next day, we had to meet with our concierge really quick because we were promised a $75 voucher upon our visit. So, we sat with him only to be suckered into this Westin Vacation package presentation for '90 minutes'. We agreed to it for another $100 voucher, which we applied to our trip to the Mayan Ruins, otherwise known as Chichen Itza.The concierge was, however, very friendly and helpful when it came to finding things to fill our days and dinners at night. We took his advice on almost everything. Let me tell you right now, the food that we ate in Cancun was absolutely amazing! From breakfast to lunch, right down to dinner! I ate like I was on a Carnival Cruise! (Anyone who's been on one of those will be able to relate.) When I would finish my plate, I would end up eating my girlfriend's dinner. It was that good! We had mostly enjoyed Mexican fare, but weirdly enough, on one night, we ate Thai food in these huts right above a lagoon. That was incredible and fun! On our last night, we went for fresh seafood at some place called "Fred's", maybe short for "Frederico's"?

I know this doesn't sound like a bitch-fest, but like I said, Cancun was absolutely awesome, except for one thing, and this would be my advice for anyone planning to visit beautiful Cancun, steer clear of the shopping down there! We wanted to buy some souvenirs for our families and ourselves, but to do that, you haggling skills better be top notched and second to none. With all of the goods that we bought from the famous Mexican vanillas to tequilas to some of the Mexican jewelry, we calculated that we got ripped off about a couple hundred dollars. Now, granted, we had to pay everything in pesos, which had an exchange rate of about 12.50 to the American dollar. These natives knew what they were doing when they ripped us off, and when we would try to turn it around on them, they would not have it. No sale! Unreal! So, steer clear of the flea markets in Cancun! They will suck you dry!

The rip-offs didn't even stop there! We went on our excursion to The Mayan Ruins or Chichen Itza, and on while we were on the bus, the tour guide told us that a few years ago, they allowed vendors into the Mayan city to sell their souvenirs, but then he proceeded to tell us horror stories about people who bought from these vendors. For instance, he told us of a woman who bought silver from one of these vendors and the silver turned her skin green, and there was another story about a person who bought a wooden carving only to bring the item home contracted with termites. So, the bottom line was to stay away from the vendors. As they told us these horror stories, we pulled into a place where we can buy souvenirs if we wanted to buy them. The funny thing was, all of these items were marked up to double of what we saw them for in the streets. Something was fishy! My girlfriend pointed out that the tour guides had to be  getting a kick back from the items bought from their tourists. When we arrived at Chichen Itza, which was seriously breathtaking, we looked around at the goods these vendors were selling and they were no different than those from the flea markets or the souvenir shop we just stopped at. This angered us a little bit because now we realized that those horror stories were probably not even true!

On our last day, we were already pissed about being ripped off all over the Yucatan Peninsula, we decided to take a ferry to an island called Isla Mujeres, and the minute that we got off that bus, the rip-offs began happening. We had people running up to us, telling us to buy the ferry tickets from them and that we should buy nothing off of the streets. So, that sounded reasonable. We walked over to the building that they said we needed to buy our tickets from, and it was a lady sitting there at a table selling the tickets. In my mind this was no better than buying it on the streets only she was hidden, but the price was right and exactly what our concierge told us it would be. So, we bough the tickets for the ferry. Little did we know that it was going to be this fisherman's boat that rocked so much that if you suffered from motion sickness, you were finished. I think that it shook so much that even if you never had motion sickness, you got it on this ferry. Anyway, on this ferry ride, they asked us if we wanted to rent a golf cart for the day to drive around the island. We though that it sounded fun, we had no idea how big this island was, so we rented it for the day which cost us $50 USD. Right after I paid for it, my girlfriend turned to me and said, "I bet you we can find it cheaper as soon as we get to the island. I bet you we can find it for $20!" At this point, I was thinking, "Why didn't you say something sooner?", though I knew she was probably right, but I thought this guy worked for the island and was doing the honest thing. I guess I have too much faith in humanity! So, we get to this beautiful island, and guess what? Golf carts for $25 for a full day! What the hell? I was angry, though, I didn't show it. We enjoyed our trip to Isla Mujeres, driving around in what seemed to be the slowest golf cart on the island. On our ferry trip back, we talked to a few couples, who were getting sea sick by the way, and they told us that they've been to Isla Mujeres before and that this particular ferry was horrible! That there was another one that was more like a yacht and you don't even feel it rocking. That was the initial stand that we saw on the street that we were told not to buy from. Scammed again!

I was done! I have nothing against Mexican people, but the morning that we left, I must not have spoken to one of them. I was so angry that they took advantage of us, the tourists. And since their tourism rate is down, which is something a city like Cancun should be aware of, I would think that they would treat their tourists a little bit better to keep them coming back for more. Would I go back to Cancun again? You bet I would! Would I shop there again or turst the natives? Hell no!