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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was just talking to somebody about this the other day. Isn't  funny how people seem to be tougher when their behind a computer keyboard? Seriously, it seems that people you wouldn't expect to pick a fight with you, are doing so from their smartphones or computer keyboards because they know that you can't get to them to kick their asses. In my case, I'll sit on what you said, and wait till the next time I see you! But what if you never get that chance to see the person making fun of you from behind the computer keyboard? That was the case for Washington Redskins wide out, Jabar Gaffney, after his teams heartbreaking loss to my Dallas Cowboys in overtime.

Everyone knows that each Sunday tempers flare along losing sidelines throughout the NFL. Afterall, these players spend all week preparing for one game, a loss can be pretty devastating to a team. It can take players hours, maybe even days to get over. Sometimes, the frustration might even go home with the players, and finds them venting on their social media accounts. In Jabar Gaffney's case, after suffering the overtime loss to my Cowboys, the Redskins receiver was in no mood for a mocking tweet from a Cowboys fan that read: "lmao 3 and 9." Gaffney was not only unamused by the Tweet. He actually pointed out that the fan was incorrect, tweeting back, "We 3 and 7, dumb fuck!" Technically, Gaffney could've let it go right there, but he then tweeted at the fan, "3 and 7 ain't a record to be proud of I’m just proud I ain't you. get a life or kill urself!" Although, Gaffney decided to delete the tweet after, it continued to circulate around Twitter via retweets.

The retweets created unwanted attention for Gaffney, especially from the NFL Commissioner, causing him to backtrack with: "They say I can't tell people to kill themselves. didn't know freedom of speech had limitations." He then went on to tweet, "sorry for the neg attention NFL I didn't mean what I said literally I should've chosen better words. I do not encourage suicide." The funny thing about this whole incident is that Gaffney only joined Twitter last week at the urging of teammates. It only took a few days for the star receiver to learn that everything he writes on Twitter is open to public scrutiny.

Gaffney ended his tweeting with "Hahahaha I see twitter give a lot of people courage. I wonder what would happen for real? I'm done wit this twitter shit!" I have to agree with him! Although, I too am a Cowboys fan, would this fan have taunted Jabar Gaffney to his face? I highly doubt it! These people have 'keystroke muscles' and they're unbelievable!

No word on whether Gaffney will be fined for the incident, but considering that Jets head coach Rex Ryan was docked $75,000 by the league for yelling derrogatory words at a fan that was videotaped and went viral, it's a safe bet that the Redskins wide receiver should expect a call from Goodell in the near future, and that's B.S.!

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