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Friday, March 30, 2012


Did you watch that? Are you in tears or what? This is going to be a short blog today because that video said it all! The look on Simon Cowell's face when 16-year-old Charlotte and 17-year-old Jonathan walked onto the stage was similar to the rest of the pompous looking audience, who also seemed to be giggling at the sight of Jonathan. Cowell even whispered to his Britain's Got Talent co-star Carmen Electra, "Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse." That's so not right to judge a book by its cover!

Apparently, the duo went to the same singing teacher and was advised to audition for the British American Idol-type of show together. Upon walking on the stage, the judges and audience members gawked at the oddly paired and oddly shaped duo. Charlotte looked slender and shapely, while Jonathan was rather large and frumpy looking. To be honest, I might've frowned if I saw him walk onstage too.

What I wasn't expecting was the voice that came out of Jonathan, and neither did the judges or the crowd. The kid had the voice of Luciano Pavarotti! It was absolutely amazing! I let my girlfriend watch the video and she was literally in tears, and so were many of the audience members. Simon Cowell did a total 360, and even told Jonathan that Charlotte would hold him back. Jonathan's response was, "We came here as a duo, we move on as a duo!" Yeah, we'll see what happens when the money starts flowing in. 

If you haven't watched this video yet, you need to see this! It's a little upsetting to see how people judged this poor kid until he started singing. Now, everyone wants a piece of him. I have to say that the old saying of 'You can't judge a book by its cover!' totally applies here!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


So, not only is Facebook helping to find friends, criminals, and background checks for jobs, now you can get a $100 fine for using the popular Social Media outlet. Well, that's if you're a student at this all-girls Jewish school in Brooklyn.

Apparently, the head of an all-girls Jewish school in Brooklyn thinks Facebook is not "modest" enough for his students, so he fined 33 of them $100 for using it. The teens from Beis Rivkah High School in Crown Heights were also ordered to delete their accounts last week. Wait a minute! Brooklyn is still in America right? It wasn't moved to Israel last I checked. Okay, I get the whole banning it from school thing, but fining the children a $100, and forcing them to delete their accounts is absolutely ridiculous! You can't stop a student from using Facebook on their own time at home if they found entertainment and enjoyment out of it. By asking them to delete their accounts, that's what you're asking, and that's wrong!

According to the school's head administrator Rabbi Benzion Stock, the school has had an eternal ban from whenever Facebook started, so this is not a new ban. He went on to state that Facebook is not a modest thing for a Jewish girl, or man or woman or student, or father to be on. He feels there is a lack of privacy and dignity. Though, these might be true, who is this Rabbi to tell people what they can or can't do? I'm not really well-versed on the Hasidic Jewish faith, but man, are they a bossy bunch, huh? Shouldn't it be up to the parent or the person, themselves, to decide whether or not they want their private information out there for the public to see? Or shouldn't it be their decision to say what is modest or not for them, and not the head of their school to decide? Am I making it a little obvious that I am totally against this?

The Hasidic school has had a ban on the site for several years, but as "liking", "friending", and "poking" became more popular, all 495 students were told to sign a formal contract not to use Facebook this year. Well, here is where I say the girls are wrong. If there was a contract not to use the site from the beginning of the school year, just wait till you get out of school to use it. Apparently, administrators cracked down last week after receiving word that girls were still updating their statuses and sharing photos while in class. Well, duh! No, wonder they got caught, but $100 fine? Really? All 33 girls agreed to delete their accounts and they paid the $100 fine that will be returned at the end of the school year.

Not all students were opposed to the strict ban, though. One 14-year-old stated that she thought the Principal was right, and that it was about modesty, which is part of their religion. She went on to say that all of her friends, who had a Facebook page, took them down because they had everything they needed: they already had their friends and their Gmail accounts. Hey, that shut the rest of us, Facebook users, up, huh? But, if I'm not mistaken, didn't one of the tribe create Facebook? Mark ZUCKERBERG? I guess word "modesty" wasn't in his Torah!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The last thing that any of us want to hear while we're in the air is that our plane's pilot just went nuts. We trust these airlines to get us to our destinations, and of course, sometimes there are mechanical mishaps, but you never want to be a part of an instance where your pilot goes crazy while he's flying your plane. This was not the case for JetBlue flight 191 flying from JFK in New York to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas carrying 135 passengers and five crew members.

It turns out, a JetBlue pilot flipped his bird on Tuesday, running up and down the aisle raving about terrorists and bombs after his frightened co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit. Captain Clayton Osbon's midair breakdown took place on a packed flight with some burly New Yorkers traveling to an International Security Conference in Las Vegas. What a flight to have your breakdown on, huh?

Osbon ran up and down the aisles screaming "They're going to takes us down; they're going to take us down! Say the Lord's Prayer, say the Lord's prayer!" 49-year-old Osbon was taken down all right! Four of those International Security guys took Osbon down and restrained him when he made a move toward the emergency exit. An off-duty JetBlue pilot, who happened to be on the flight, helped make an emergency landing in Texas.

 On passenger quoted the pilot as saying, "Iraq, Al Queda, terrorism, we're all going down!" A retired NYPD Sergeant said that he viewed Osbon as a terrorist, and not a pilot, but a person who wanted to harm the plane and everyone on it, and that he needed to be taken down. The former Sergeant went on to say that Osbon just picked the wrong plane because some pretty big guys tackled him to the ground. If 9/11 taught us anything, it was to be vigilant in instances like this. Wow! I have to commend the fliers on that plane for doing what they needed to do to keep everyone safe. I'm not really sure how I would've reacted in the situation. I could sit here and write to you that I would've pounced on the guy as well, but if the situation were right in front of me, I'm really not sure how I would've reacted. I would like to think adrenaline would’ve kicked in and attack mode was turned on, but I can't tell you that for sure.

At the airport in Amarillo, Texas, the flight was met with police, where Osbon was taken on a dolly with his hands tied behind his back to a hospital with an undisclosed medical condition. The shake-up passengers boarded a new plane to Vegas a few hours later, and I would hope that JetBlue gave these passengers vouchers for another upcoming flight for the next five years. That's what I would expect if I was on that flight!

Osbon had been flying for JetBlue since the airline launched in 2000. According to 2011 magazine that profiled Osbon, he spent his life flying and had flown 35 different types of aircrafts. He also did a stint piloting luxury jets around the world and he even lived in Portugal and France. This guy really sounded like a good guy, but I guess you really don't know someone until their true selves come out. This story is scary and sad at the same time, but oh well, as long as there wasn't tragedy in our 'friendly' skies yesterday, so be it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 Okay, so what guy has never had this dream before? I’m talking about asking a porn star to be your date for the prom. We've seen it done in movies, and we've even heard it done on Howard Stern's radio show, but I have to say that it takes some pretty big balls to try to go about the task on your own and actually succeed, only to hear that your school prohibits the date! What a bummer this story turns out to be, and once again, I see nothing wrong with what this kid did.

It turns out, Mike Stone, a Minnesota high school senior, turned to the porn industry to seek out a prom date by sending dozens of Twitter messages to Hollywood celebrities, but mostly porn actresses. Maybe seeing this tactic work with a couple of Marines and Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, Stone figured he'd give it s shot. Well, Stone seems to have received two responses from two porn stars, Megan Piper and Emy Reyes. Both women agreed to accompany Stone to his May 12 prom at Tartan High School in Oakdale, Minnesota, a St. Paul suburb. Piper, who claims that she didn't even go to her own high school prom, was the first to accept Stone's invite via Twitter by replying, "If you can get me there, then yes!"

Unfortunately, the school's Superintendent is putting a kabosh on the whole idea by prohibiting such a date to take place at the school stating that school policy does not allow a visitor at school functions if it is not in the best interest of the students. Why did "Big Mouth" Stone even say anything? First of all, how would the school Superintendent even know whom he was bringing, unless someone ratted him out, or Stone was completely bragging about his date out loud! I would've just that said she was my girlfriend, and she goes to another school! What an idiot!

 Not wanting to cancel his night with Reyes and Piper (who can blame him?), Stone said he will have an alternative prom somewhere else, and says that he will host it the same time as the school's prom. Now, this kid was thinking! Then again, for Piper that would defeat the purpose of her going since she would never fulfill her dream of going to the prom. And if this date does still, in fact, happen; it looks like Stone, the dorky looking kid in the photo above, will find himself in a porn star sandwich! Isn't that another thing that us guys always dream about? Well, on behalf of every man in America......GOOD LUCK, Mike Stone! Live the dream, kid!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I can't seem to get enough of the name of this burger (pictured left), but I seem to be in the minority. Gee, shocker there! Me in the minority! Anyway, some Georgia steakhouse is being grilled by local residents for promoting a new 'black and bleu' sandwich that is said to be inspired by singer Chris Brown's vicious assault on former girlfriend, Rihanna. Okay, let me get this straight; that part I didn't like about the burger, but the fact that this restaurant had the cojones to name their sandwich after Rihanna and her black and blues was kind of entertaining. Come on! It's fun to poke fun at celebrities!

Anyway, someone from the Georgia restaurant, Chops & Hops posted a photo on Friday of the bleu cheese smothered steak sandwich on Facebook, along with a caption that said "@chrisbrown, @rihanna and us teamed up for an award winning celebrity sandwich. Put your hands on this Caribbean black and bleu sandwich." The post also stated, "Chris Brown won't beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with an R and ends with an A." Come on! That's clever copywriting!

Unfortunately, locals quickly pounced on the promotion saying that the chophouse showed bad taste in joking about Brown's 2009 Grammy evening attack. Why? I mean, don't get me wrong, I see the point in getting upset because it jokes about domestic violence, but by eating the sandwich, some guy is not going to go beating up a woman. It's just a name with obviously poor timing when it comes to jokes. One customer wrote: "What a thoughtless thing to write. Think about all of the battered women trapped in abusive relationships. Mark us down as 2 lost customers." Really? Did these people personally know Chris Brown or Rihanna? It sounds like some people are taking this a little too personally. The sandwich was based on those two personally and not all women who have been beaten.

Chop & Hops, who has a history of naming menu items for celebs, quickly apologized and yanked the sandwich from its menu. In fact, the owners of C & H put in a statement, "We and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke." The managers went on to say that it would donate six times the amount of money it made on sales of the sandwich to Project Safe Team 6, a non-profit that fights domestic violence. Um, hello? Whoever is handling the restaurants marketing is a complete idiot! That should've been the promotion from jump! Name the sandwich the same thing for the same reason, but all proceeds from the sandwich get donated to fight domestic violence. That would've brought customers in from all over to have your sandwich. Dumb move! In any event, the restaurant seems to be suffering the repercussions, and now they have to fight to make it right. One customer suggested that if they bring the sandwich back, which actually looks good and fits the name 'black and bleu', they should name it after an MMA fighter or a hockey player; anything except a woman who was beaten. I still think the name is great! But I am not for domestic violence!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


With all of the hoopla over same sex marriages, this was the last thing the gay community needed to read about. Even as a hetero, I think this story is a bunch of garbage, but I guess when you're on international waters, you're kind of at the mercy of another government. Let me tell you what happened, and you tell me what you think about this whole mess.

So, two California men on a gay cruise of the Caribbean were arrested on Wednesday in Dominica, where sex between two men is illegal. Here's what I don't get, though; why would a gay cruise port at a destination where it's illegal for two men to have sex? Does that make any sense whatsoever? It sounds to me these two might have a case against the cruise line. Anyway, police boarded the cruise ship and arrested the two men on suspicion of indecent exposure and I quote, "buggery," a term often used on the island to describe sodomy. Though, other news sources released the names of the two men, I'll spare these guys the embarrassment. According to police, the men were seen having sex on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship by someone on the dock. I still don't get it! This was a gay cruise, right? Why are other gays reporting that they saw two men having sex on a gay cruise? What is wrong with people? Maybe this was the act of a jealous ex-lover? At any rate, both men were later charged with indecent exposure and are scheduled to appear before a magistrate Thursday morning, but if found guilty, they could fined $370 each and face up to six months in jail.

The ship carrying about 2000 passengers departed from Puerto Rico on Saturday and arrived in Dominica on Wednesday. The ship departed for St. Barts without the men, who are being held in a cell at police headquarters in the capital of Roseau. The cruise was organized by Atlantis Events, a Southern California company that specializes in gay travel. I think these guys should be held liable for the two men being in jail. Before sending a "gay" cruise to a destination that doesn't allow gay sex, maybe you should learn the laws of the land! This is so dumb!

Atlantis Events President, Rich Campbell, who was aboard the cruise, stated that many countries and municipalities that gay men visit and live in have antiquated laws on their books and that those statutes don't pose a concern to his company planning a tourist visit. He also went on to say that the two men would probably be released facing only misdemeanor charges. “Only”? Did they really need to face any charges at all? Gay aside, many people pay a lot of money in this economy to go on vacation and enjoy themselves. The last thing that anyone wants to do while they're on vacation is go to jail, and the fact that these two men paid Campbell's company a lot of money to be on this gay cruise and he's being so nonchalant about it, tells me this guy is just a plain idiot! The only thing that I do agree with about this is that these men should not have been having sex in public. Even a straight couple wouldn't do that in broad daylight! Well, maybe....

Anyway, the presence of gay cruises in the Caribbean has riled up several conservative islands including Jamaica and Grenada, where anti-sodomy laws are enforced with strong backing from religious groups. According to Cruisemates.com, no gay cruise lines sail to Jamaica or Barbados for fear of homophobia and possible violence, where places like the U.S. Virgin Islands welcome gay cruises. In 2010, the Cayman Islands rejected the arrival of an Atlantis gay cruise amid protests from religious groups even though homosexuality is legal on the archipelago.

Were these guys rightly arrested? Or should it have been the Atlantis Events planners who planned their trip better? What do you think? Who should take the blame here?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush here and lie to anyone reading this. When I was younger and all throughout my twenties and thirties, I did smoke marijuana. I inhaled and exhaled a lot of it and on many occasions. I even did a lot of research on the legalization of marijuana because I don't drink, so I wanted to find a way to get just as messed up as my drunken friends. I even went as far as wanting to become a member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) because at the time, to me, marijuana was not a deadly drug like cocaine, crack, or heroin because it was all-natural. Also, you never heard about someone dying or killing because they were high on marijuana. To be honest, smoking marijuana just made you tired, lazy, and if it was really good, it made you giggly. So, there was no way anyone was getting up to kill anybody. They only thing that was getting killed here were brain cells.

Well, here in 2012, not so much the case anymore. Now, there is something legal on the market that is as easy to buy as aspirin. It's called 'synthetic pot' and is sold in corner stores as herbal incense or potpourri, and doctors and politicians are saying it's becoming a dangerous plague in New York City. A number of people looking for a quick high are winding up in emergency rooms with alarming symptoms ranging from hallucinations and seizures to panic attacks and violent behavior. Now, anyone who's smoked natural marijuana, do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Because I don't ever remember hallucinating, having a seizure or panic attack or even acting violent when I was enjoying the natural herb, which means there is something very wrong with this synthetic stuff.

This problem seems to be growing so fast that a major medical journal issued a warning last week about the substance, which is often referred to as K2 or Spice. New York Senator, Chuck Schumer is actually pushing for a nationwide ban that would make it illegal to sell the condom-sized packets that sell for $15 to $75 at stores and online.

According to an NYU medical toxicologist, most people are treating the synthetic weed like its 'just pot', but it's not. He went on to say that synthetic marijuana is really quite different and its effects are much more unpredictable because the synthetic cannabinoids, which is sometimes sprayed with toxic chemicals, is supposed to mimic marijuana's active ingredient, THC, binding to similar brain receptors. Guess what? It's not hitting the similar receptors and that's why people are having these ill effects.

 The packets, which come with names like Aroma and Killer Buzz, are labeled "not for human consumption", but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone buying them as incense. In fact, several teen deaths have been blamed on the marijuana substitute. Just last week, a 17-year-old, who was reportedly high on it, fatally stabbed a sleeping schoolmate in Washington State because he felt the urge to hurt someone. Last June, a 19-year-old was killed after he bought Aroma at an Illinois Mall and crashed his car into a house at 100 M.P.H., and in June 2010, an 18-year-old from Iowa committed suicide in a frenzy of anxiety that his parents believed was triggered by K2. In New York City, the first four cases were reported to the Health Department's poison control in 2010. There were 71 cases in 2011 and 44 more so far this year. Fifty-seven people have ended up in the emergency room in the past 12 months because of this synthetic pot. Last I checked, this never happened with the illegal stuff. Going by these stats, synthetic marijuana is not good for you, people! Find a good dealer and get the real stuff! Yes, it's a little bit more expensive and illegal, but your health depends on it! Besides, how deadly can the natural stuff be if doctors prescribe it to treat patients?

New Yorkers who have tried it say that there are only two reasons to use the synthetic stuff rather than real pot: "It won't get you busted by the cops, and it won't make you fail a drug test." Here's an easy solution to that! Don't smoke the real stuff in front of cops and if you're so worried about a drug test, don't smoke it! It's that simple. For those of you who have tried this synthetic garbage, God Bless! I'll stick to the real stuff because it's better for you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If a company asked you for your Facebook password because it was a requirement during their hiring process, would you give it to them? As desperate as I am to find work right now, I don't think that I could do it. That's an invasion of privacy and no better than the company asking for the password to your email accounts.

When a New York statistician named Justin Bassett recently interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So, he was a little taken back when the interviewer asked him for his Facebook username and password. That's right! Bassett had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook, which was set to a private profile, she turned to him and asked him to hand over his login info. He refused and withdrew his application, saying that he didn't want to work for a company that would seek such personal information. Who would? This is not a Communist Country....yet! There's no reason for a company to ask for private information like this, but as the job market, which is said to be steadily improving, other job candidates are confronting the same questions from prospective employers, and some of them cannot afford to say no.

Why are these companies taking advantage of the unemployed like this? They are treating the unemployed like that have them by the balls, by asking questions like this. So, basically, if I was to not give my username and password to a company, I couldn't work there? How is that fair at all? Its equivalent to a prospective employer asking you for your house keys because they'd like to take a look around your house to see how you live. Its privacy violation, and the fact that this is happening to people, like me, who are desperately seeking work, makes me sick to my stomach!

Questions have been raised about the legality of this practice, which is also the focus of proposed legislation in Illinois and Maryland that would forbid public agencies from asking for access to social networks. It's no secret that since the rise of social media, it's become common for managers to review publically available Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and other sites to learn more about job candidates, but many users, especially on Facebook, have their profiles set to private, making them available only to selected people or certain networks. Here's a good idea! In the age of Smartphones, instead of the interviewer asking for login information, what if they just asked to be temporarily 'friended' so that they can see their profiles. This way it can be done right there on your phone, and you can delete them once they're done snooping around.

Companies that don't ask for passwords have taken other steps, such as asking for applicants to friend human resource managers or to log in to a company computer during an interview. Once employed, some workers have been required to sign non-disparagement agreements that ban them from talking negatively about an employer on social media. Well, that would be dumb to talk negatively about your job on a public forum, wouldn't it? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for companies doing background checks on prospective employees because technically, you want to make sure you're hiring a stand-up person, but to ask for login information, I feel that is just uncalled for and to not hire someone because they refused to give you that information is just ludicrous! What do you think?

Monday, March 19, 2012


 This is absolutely outrageous! In a high school parking lot last Friday, a Philadelphia family disrobed and began praying on school property! What? That's right! Police arrested 43-year-old, Sara Butler and her children, Joanne, 23, Bessie, 22, and a 14-year-old boy after all four stripped down to their birthday suits in front of Upper Darby High School in Philadelphia.

According to authorities, the bizarre incident began when Miss Butler showed up at the school at about 10 a.m. demanding to see a student, who was said to be her biological child. Because she had no parental rights, school officials would not release the child to her. After school officials refused to allow the woman into the building, she and her children, okay, I wouldn't exactly call them children since they were 22 and 23, so, she and her daughters left, only to return later to shed their clothing and begin chanting "God is Great", before they climbed back into their van. Does any of this make sense? I don't even know what to make of this.

The adult family members will be charged with disorderly conduct, open lewdness (or nudeness), and defiant trespassing. Miss Butler faces charges of corrupting a minor. What I don't get is that they couldn't have been Muslim because they were chanting "Allah is Great", because then this somewhat would've made some sense. Was stripping down to nothing supposed to be in protest of not getting the child out of school? This whole ordeal just seems crazy! The fact that there are photos of it is even crazier! Sorry, slow news day and I really have nothing on my mind to bitch about! So, feel free to comment about this if you can explain what sense this whole thing makes.

Friday, March 16, 2012


What a way to end the week, and find this story! I cannot stop laughing about it, and I hope that it sets the tone for the rest of the weekend! So, it turns out, cops in Western New York arrested four young Amish boys on Sunday and charged them with underage possession of alcohol after they allegedly drank booze and crashed their horse and buggy into a deputy police car. Are you laughing yet? Just picture, a horse and buggy swerving in and out of the car lanes, and crashing into a cop car! Too funny!

Police said that the car had arrived on the scene to respond to complaints of Amish people drinking in their buggies. The unidentified men were riding down the rural road in Sherman, NY, which is about 80 miles southwest of Buffalo, at around 7:15 when the buggy hit the Chautauqua County Sheriff's patrol car and flipped on its side, leaving all four young men with minor injuries! There are conflicting reports, however, stating that the patrol car hit the buggy when the riders tried to change lanes. Wait! Isn't that the same thing?

 There were several other buggies said to be in the caravan, but fled the scene in hopes of not getting caught. This is the second of two buggying and driving incidents in the same general area of New York in the past 8 months. Back in July, 17-year-old Lewis Hostetler allegedly led a patrol car on a low-speed chase after a cop saw him drinking beer in his buggy. Hostetler was arrested after the short chase. Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? "Low-speed" chase? Really?

Hey, you can't really blame these Amish kids for trying to drinking under the age limit. We've all done it and they're just kids being kids! My rambling today isn't about the underage drinking because 'been there, done that!' My rambling today is about the comedic value of driving a horse and buggy while under the influence! That is just too funny! What's next? They found out that the Amish are growing their own marijuana? Now, that would rock! And by the way, what would they call it when a buggy driver is caught drinking? BWI?

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This morning when I was scanning the wire for some news to write about, I couldn't stop my eyes from being attracted to this story. Was it the two almost naked girls holding each other covered in paint that drew me in? Or was I fascinated with fact that a New York City artist came up with an idea to have people make love on a canvas to create art? I guess both reasons were more than enough to make want to know more about this story.

So, thanks to 30-year-old artist Alexander Esguerra, New York City couples can now make love and art at the same time. Esguerra spent the last two years inviting couples to create their own masterpieces by making love on a paint-covered canvas. The Parsons' grad states, "Love is a powerful, creative force, and it really makes everybody feel like artists."

Esguerra started "Love & Paint" back in 2010 after a particularly powerful night of lovemaking saying that he wanted to 'artistically capture those moments through the act of sex that our bodies interacted and affected the space around us without bringing the whole played-out porn spiel.' Esguerra has since helped nearly 50 couples do the 'dirty' in various colors of nontoxic, water-based paint. He states, "Sex is basically the great equalizer. You look at these paintings and you can't tell if the couple is gay or straight or old or young or married or cheating."

Esguerra enjoys exploring the power of sex and has even created his own sex painting, but he's no voyeur. After covering the floor in plastic, setting up the canvas on a heated surface, pouring carafes of paint, and lighting candles for mood, he leaves the couples to their own devices, telling them to take the paint, lay on top of the canvas, and pour in on each other. He also tells them to have fun with the paint, but not to make it all about the paint.

One New York City couple in their 60s were so intrigued by the opportunity to participate in Esguerra's project, saying that they found it very relaxing, pleasurable, and freeing. They also thought that it was cool to use their bodies as a paintbrush calling the experience, "Adult Finger Painting." Can I say "Ew" now? The thought of my parents doing something like this just popped into my head.

The art project has proven so successful that Esguerra recently turned it into a business, and now sells "Love & Paint" packages starting at $2500, in which couples can experience making their own sexual masterpiece in an upscale New York hotel. I think this whole experience would be awesome for a couple to do! Think about the cheating couples who do this and buy the painting for the person they're cheating on. Now, that would be a slap in the face, huh? If you'd like more into on this, log onto Alexander Esguerra's website, loveandpaint.org.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


How many of you still text while you're behind the wheel? It's okay to admit because I'm guilty of it too. The only thing is, I'm good at it! Don't listen to me! I hate it when I'm driving behind a person who is texting while driving because they tend to slow down or they even swerve in and out of their lane. In fact, I recently had to take a defensive driving course (for the U.S. Postal Service, not because I'm a bad driver!), where they tell you that texting while driving now is equivalent to a D.U.I. because it's the cause of just as many accidents as a D.U.I, and now it's becoming the cause of many deaths, as well.

In a recent campaign against texting while driving, a Canadian man, who was texting with his girlfriend (photo above) minutes before she was killed in a car wreck, has recently published their final, heartfelt exchange on Facebook for the world to read.

20-year-old, Emy Brochu died on January 18 after her car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer in Victoriaville, Quebec. According to her boyfriend, Mathieu Fortin, the two had been texting back and forth before the crash, and he recently posted the private messages to warn drivers "to think twice before texting and driving." I tell Laila all the time not to text me while she is driving because if anything happened to her, there would be hell to pay. Then again, am I a hypocrite for texting while driving myself? I mean, I've mastered the art of texting while driving. It might even stem back to the days when I used to smoke cigarettes and I would train my eyes to stay on the road while I lit my cigarette. Either way, it still should not be done!

In the couple's final message to each other, at around 10:45 a.m., Fortin text Brochu that he loved her, where she replied, "I love you too, and I'll try to make you happy!" Fortin sent back a long string of "x's", as in to send kisses to Brochu. He then wrote, "I have a meeting at 12:30, I would have liked to hear your beautiful voice before, but we'll talk tonight." He never heard from her again. A few hours later, he text her, "Is all well, my heart? I'm a little worried here..."

On the Facebook page where the text exchange was posted, Fortin stated that the police investigation showed that the use of a cell phone while driving was the cause of the accident. He then posed the question, "At what time is a text or email more important than life itself? At what point is something on your cell phone more important than the people that you love?" It sounds here that Fortin is now blaming Brochu for texting him back, but if he knew she was driving, why would he text her to begin with?

I'd hate to go on about this because like I said, I'm guilty of doing this myself, but it really is bad to do. You, like me, might be good at texting while driving, but it takes that "one time" to not be paying attention to the road that can change your life and those around you forever. Without sounding like a public service announcement, please be careful on those roads, and think before you text while driving!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Anyone who has paid for porn on the popular porn site, Digital Playground, you might want to cancel your credit cards. It turns out; a hacker group called the Consortium has forced the site to time-out as they took the site hostage along with the names and personal information of 73,000 members.

That's not all! The group also snagged 40,000 credit card numbers and expiration dates, and they've also hacked the company's severs, which gave the marauders access to the firm's emails and files. The Consortium claimed Digital Playground as its first hack job, poking fun at the California-based company for its poor security. According to a message from The Consortium, the group did not set out to destroy the site, but they made it too enticing to resist. So, now their humble crew will leave "lulls and mayhem" in their path.

The Consortium also noted that Digital Playground had "no shortage of .mil and .gov emails on their user list." Now, that's hilarious! The group, which also seems to be associated with the notorious hacker group, Anonymous, released the names, but not the credit card numbers of the users, along with pornographic content on the site from its members and fan base. I guess using the word 'members' is a little odd in this particular blog. The group also issued personal information about some adult film stars.

The Consortium is punishing Digital Playground for 'allowing this to happen," but also said that the goal was not to punish people whose 'only crime was wanting some porn." Digital Playground stated that they had shut down on March 5 due to 'an alleged security breach" and are not taking in any new members while they upgrade their entire system in order to better safeguard their information.

Incidentally, this is the second time in a month that the porn world has been the victim of a hacker. Back in February, thousands of user emails and passwords were stolen from the adult site, YouPorn, who blamed a third-party chat service, which 'failed to take the appropriate precautions in securing its user data.' To be honest, it's not just porn sites that you need to worry about, though they seem to generate the most traffic. It's all websites with poor security! You should always be careful when you're placing your credit card number on the Internet. Stuff like that always scared the crap out of me because of Identity Theft being so high. So, be careful, people!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week, I blogged about two young gents, who were planning a Columbine-style mass murder at their former high school. Today, I pick up the paper, and read this story about the moron in the picture above (who actually looks like a relative, but he's not! Thank God!), who plotted to pull off a Virginia Tech-style killing spree and posted his plans online. What is wrong with this world?

It turns out, a University of Maryland student has been arrested and charged with posting an Internet threat claiming that he planned to go on a shooting rampage on campus hoping to kill as many people as possible. Really? I feel that those who post stuff like this online, really aren't going to follow through with their threats because it sounds like cries for help from kids just seeking attention. I mean, who in their right minds would actually post the fact that they're going to kill as many people as possible, unless they take the short bus to school?

Anyway, in a statement made by campus police, 19-year-old Alexander Song of Fulton, Maryland, was identifed as the person who posted on a website his plans for a rampage that would "kill enough people to make it to national news." The message also warned people to "stay away from the mall." So, now this kid has become Al-Queda? What an idiot!

Song was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation after his arrest on Sunday. He was not armed at the time of his arrest and he faces a misdemeanor charge of disturbing school activities. That's all? Man, if this kid wasn't pissed off the University before he made those threats, he will be when he gets out of jail! How are they not keeping this kid behind bars for everyone's safety?

According to the University website, Song is a member of a campus research program for select honor students who explore how science and technology relates with society. The Gemstone Program lists song as scheduled to graduate in 2014. The University has moved to immediately suspend Song and ban him from Campus pending review. I ban him indefinitely! Why would you need to review that? The boy is a psycho, who apparently has some serious mental issues. Would you let this kid off that easily?

Friday, March 9, 2012


Ending the week on weird note, a lottery winner in Michigan continued to receive food stamps after banking her $1 million dollar prize! Is this really double dipping, though? She won money from the state lottery, so she banked it, but she's still unemployed, so she decided to continue collecting food stamps to feed her family. Is that bad? Considering many others are stealing for this country as well? She just happened to get caught!

The story that went viral this week goes like this.....Michigan's Department of Human Services recently cut off benefits for 24-year-old, Amanda Clayton, who banked half a million dollars playing the state's lottery, while continuing to pay for her groceries with food stamps. Clayton was busted by a local television station using her public assistance benefits, which was worth $200 a month for five months after winning it big. A smart person might have invested a portion of that million somehow to make more money rather than just letting it sit in a bank.

Clayton stated that she thought the state would cut would cut her off, but since they didn't, she deemed it okay to continue using it because she's not working. She also claimed that she needed the money because she, just like the rest of America, is unemployed and had bills on two houses to pay, and that she's struggling! You're not alone, sister! I'm sitting here writing a blog for crying out loud!

Clayton won $1 million dollars, but took the $700,000 lump sum and said that she pocketed $500,000 after taxes. Michigan's Department of Human Services say that they depend on people to be honest about their income levels. Yeah, well hello! He income level hasn't changed! She's still unemployed! The girl just got lucky one time and had a one time pay off of $500,000. What happens when that money runs out? She can't apply for food stamps anymore? That's kind of screwed up!

Department of Human Services say that they rely on clients being forthcoming about their actual financial status. If they are not, and continue to accept benefits, they may face criminal investigation and be required to pay those benefits back. Okay, wait! So, the girl won a million, chose the lump sum to only receive $700,000, and then after taxes only received $500,000. She only received half her prized because of the state. Don't you think that the state already took enough from this poor girl? In total, after her winning, she used $1000 in food stamps? Take it as a loss considering the state already took $500,000 in taxed from her. And criminal investigation? Amanda Clayton seems no more a criminal than I am. She was just doing what she thought she needed to do to survive.

A lawmaker in the state is now trying to pass a legislation that would make it illegal for people like Clayton to collect benefits. They stated, "We need to continue to protect our taxpayer's dollars....and taxpayer dollars should be going to those who really need assistance." Hey, ding-dong! If you're going to talk about protecting taxpayers, then protect the girl who just paid half a million dollars in taxes on a million dollar prize she just won. If you're going to complain about her, then just give her back the half a million you took from her to pay taxes on her winning! Uggh! I have a headache! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Before the jokes start, "No" this is not my sister or me in drag! Anyway, for the second day in a row, it seems Facebook has nabbed another idiot to put in jail! It turns out, a disgraced Portland nursing assistant has been banned from Facebook and other Social Media sites after posting a photo of her dying patient's buttocks. That's right! You read correctly! She posted a photo of her dying patient's ass! Why? What would possess someone to do such an idiotic and juvenile thing at her age? Was it meant to be funny? Is there some sort of 'Dead Asses' club that we don't know about? I just don't get it!

In addition to being fired from her job, Nai Mai Chao also recently spent eight days in jail and had her nursing license revoked following the two-day trial. She was convicted of invasion of personal privacy after she posted graphic photos of patients on Facebook and writing derogatory comments about them. A coworker, who recognized the dying patient by the bandages on his bedsores, reported Chao to her supervisors, and she was arrested back in September. The 26-year-old nursing assistant denied taking the photos, but admitted to posting them.  

During the trial, the jurors were shown a handful of photos including two that contained human feces. The jury ended up deliberating for only 30 minutes before they came to their decision. As part of Chao's conviction, she must avoid all Social Media sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and MySpace. She also cannot take pictures of anyone without their consent. Okay, that might be a really tough one considering she's Asian and all! Her name was also entered into a national database that prohibits her from obtaining a nursing license anywhere else in the U.S.

Chao, who was release from jail last Friday, must also write a thousand word letter of apology, even though the victim won't be able to read it since he died two months after the incident, but I'm sure his family will be thrilled to read it. This girl is a moron! She might as well go back to the country she came from because here in the U.S. she is screwed! People really need to start thinking before doing. The world might be a better place!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


How dumb do you have to be plot a mass murder on a public Facebook chat? I'm guessing as dumb as the two imbeciles, Natick Sands, left, and Ryan Ringuette, right. The pair of idiots in south Massachusetts are facing prison time for plotting a "Columbine"-style massacre at their former high school, while on Facebook. Wait a minute....their former high school? So, these guys don't even go this school anymore? That makes this story even dumber!

According to Attleboro police, the students at Attleboro High tipped them off on Monday about the graphic Facebook chat that Sands and Ringuette had about attacking their "former" school. Prosecutors said that the two talked about carrying out a "Columbine"-style massacre and even discussed potential targets during the public online chat.

Sands reportedly wrote that he wanted to take the first shots at the school's resource officer and front desk, while Ringuette predicted that the killing spree would be "Columbine" all over again, as he reminded his partner to 'lock all the doors'! At one point, Sands posted on his own page, "And people wonder why I talk about random mass killing sprees all the time." Okay, now that is a young man with some serious issues, and I think that we'd all be safer with him behind bars. I mean, I'm sure that we all thought at one time or another that we'd like to kill someone, but we all know in reality that we really can't nor would we unless we had mental issues like these kids.

The suspects families brushed off the threats, saying that the two weren't serious. I'm sorry, but if you see two people chatting in a public forum about a mass murder similar to a great tragedy like Columbine, you have to throw caution to the wind. These two could've been chatting about crashing planes into buildings! Should they be taken seriously then? Of course! Anyway, Sands' mother reportedly defended her son saying that the two boys were just 'two idiots having a conversation and that her son was merely blowing off steam after a fight with his girlfriend, while Ringuette's father said that his son was a good kid who just messed up. Well, court records tell us differently.

Apparently, Ringuette, who graduated from Attleboro last year, is on probation for a drug bust in 2010, while Sands is also on probation for assault and battery. I have to be honest, if I was Sands' girlfriend, I would steer clear of this psycho! As for Ringuette, how many times can his dad use that excuse, 'he's a good kid, he just messed up'? That runs it's course after awhile! The Bristol District Attorney stated that the threats were credible and are always taken seriously.

Both Sands and Ringuette pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to threatened use of a dangerous weapon at a school, and were held on $7500 bail. Ringuette openly wept during court as seen in the photo above.

According to Attleboro High School students, the news of the threats spread like wildfire through Facebook and Twitter, but they doubted that the duo actually meant to kill anyone, and that they were just trying to look tough on Facebook! You have to love "Facebook Muscles"! Hey, Ryan Ringuette! Your "Facebook Muscles" look pretty big in the photo above you big crybaby! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I know that I just made fun of this guy in my title, but to be honest, after watching his YouTube video, I felt really sorry for him. I can't stop thinking to myself, though, how does one let themselves get that big? Is there some sort of disease that won't let you control your eating habits? I guess I just don't understand since I, personally, have a super fast metabolism and can pretty much eat large amounts of anything without putting on any weight. Then again, that could be an Asian thing.

Anyway, Robert Gibbs, who recently turned 23, felt hopeless with nowhere else left to turn, so the 600-plus pounds man pleaded for help using YouTube, and his prayers might have been answered! Gibbs, who also suffers from diabetes and cannot stand for more than just a few minutes at a time because his body is covered in sores. He currently lives in Livemore, California with his mom, sister, nephew, and niece.

In his YouTube video, Gibbs explained that he's fought repeatedly to lose the weight without any success. My guess is that the 30 soft tacos from Taco Bell and washing them down with Diet Pepsi wasn't working. Sorry, I had to! Anyway, in his video, Gibbs stated that he's tried to lose weight on his own, trying everything possible from diets, being hospitalized, and claims that he'd always done what needed to be done at the time, but he'd gain the weight right back. Creating a YouTube video was his last ditch effort to find help, as he stated, "I'm making this video to try and get it to go viral."

His clever gimmick may have worked! In just one day, the video racked up 200,000 views, and got the attention of the "Dr. Phil Show", who's already reached out to Gibbs and offered to connect him to weight loss guru and transformation specialist, Chris Powell. When Gibbs was told this news, he said, "I would love his help, he works miracles! I'm getting the exposure I needed. I better start getting ready for the tornado that's about to become my life. I guess it is a good birthday for me!" Well, ask and you shall receive, buddy!

Since the video went live a few days ago, it's scored nearly a million views and 20,000 likes. The positive response to his video has given Gibbs a renewed desire to get healthy for his family and his future. I think this is an amazing story! Not to mention, it's a Social Media Marketer's wettest dream to see something go viral like this. It is absolutely insane how Social Media can really get your results as long as you hit upon a topic that people will talk about. I'm happy that Robert Gibbs is getting the help he needs and I hope he posts video of his progress because I, personally, would love to see the end result! By the way, if Robert Gibbs reads this, sorry for the Jabba The Hut name in my title. There's nothing, but tough love here!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Here's a very odd story for you to kick off the week! Who the hell hasn't had sex in college? Who the hell hasn't experimented with different things in college? Well, apparently Lindsay Blankmeyer hasn't! Blankmeyer is a former student at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, who recently filed a suit against the school because, get this, her roommate's alleged inappropriate sexual behavior drove her into a deep depression. WHAT?

Blankmeyer is seeking $150,000 in damages in the lawsuit that was filed last Wednesday at a U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, citing violations of the Rehabilitation Act, the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments, and Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws. It sounds like she's not only depressed, but she's also a little cuckoo!

According to court documents, Blankmeyer claims that during her senior year, her roommate engaged in online and actual sex right in front of her. Supposedly, the roommate would have sex with her boyfriend while Blankmeyer was trying to sleep a few feet away. Her roommate would also engage in sexually inappropriate video chatting while Blankmeyer was in the room. Do any of you, reading this, actually see a problem yet? Because I don't. Isn't this all part of the college experience? And what if her roommate was just trying to find a way to make extra money to pay for her schooling with the explicit video chats? Maybe she was having sex with these guys for money....Wait! I guess that would be illegal, right? Try living in a frat house, Lindsay! Sex a few feet away from you was an every night occurrence! Well, that's if you weren't the one having the sex.

Stonehill College claims that they responded swiftly and professionally to the concerns of the student in this case, seeking to help resolve the matter. The issues between Blankmeyer and her roommate were first attempted to be resolved through mediation with the dorm's residence director. Blankmeyer was then presented with a number of housing options on campus including a private room. The College even made special arrangements for Blankmeyer to complete her degree while living at home. According to a Stonehill spokesperson, at no time did Blankmeyer notify staff that her concerns involved sexual activity by her roommate. However, she did allege in her lawsuit that the R.D. did nothing to alleviate the problem and that her mental health began to deteriorate as a result. She also alleged that before a scheduled group mediation, her roommate grabbed her while she was sleeping and began shaking her and yelling at her. Blankmeyer said that she was terrified and pretended to go back to sleep. This all seems too far fetched!

According to the lawsuit documents, Blankmeyer had already suffered from previous diagnoses of depression and attention deficit disorder, for which Stonehill had agreed to grant her extra time on her exams and papers. She was also hospitalized during her freshman year for these diagnoses. Blankmeyer's parents and psychiatrist also requested that she get a single room, but supposedly, the school refused the request and offered her two unattractive options: she could've moved to a different dorm that had a hard-partying reputation and room with a girl that she didn't know, or she could've moved to a 'small cubicle-like space' that was previously used as a study lounge. Apparently, the refusal caused Blankmeyer to fall into a dark suicidal depression, which required here to take a leave of absence from school and undergo psychiatric and medical treatment. Blankmeyer completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree from home in New York in September of 2011.

Okay, I call "Bull Sh*t" on this one! It sounds like someone is out to make a quick buck. First of all, it sound like this girl didn't fall into a depression because of her roommate. It sounds like the problems have already been there since she was a freshman. So, she can't keep blaming her roommate or the school on that. Secondly, if her roommate was, indeed, doing what she claims while she was in the room? Then why wouldn't you set up a camera somewhere in the room to catch her, this way you have evidence and something to back up your case? I wouldn't have recorded my roommate to distribute, but I would've used it as evidence, and if the school  or the roommate didn't play along with what I wanted, then I would've threatened to distribute the recordings. Because she didn't do this, I really don't believe that sex or anything indecent was the cause of her 'deep dark depression' except for the fact that she probably wasn't getting laid as much as her roommate. Now, that would be cause for a depression! One more question, I keep looking at the photo above, and I keep trying to figure out which girl is Lindsay Blankmeyer. According to the lawsuit, my guess would be the 'fugly' one on the right, but most captions in the papers say that she's the one on the left, which would surprise me that the girl on the right was getting all that action while the girl on the left got none. This is a crazy, crazy world!

Friday, March 2, 2012


I didn't know that it was a crime to speak American Indian in America. Well, in Milwaukee, it's apparently a punishable crime in school. A Catholic Diocese of Green Bay had to apologize to the Menominee Tribe recently, and the family of a seventh grade girl who was punished for using her native language at school. The mother said on Tuesday that she still wants her daughter's teacher fired for the unnecessary punishment.

Tanaes Washinawatok (try saying that name 10 times very fast!) said that teacher Julie Gurta did not accept blame for her actions in a letter that was supposed to be an apology. Washinatawok said that her 12-year-old daughter, Miranda (pictured above) interpreted the words "Hello" and "I love you" and then added how to say "thank you" when talking to two girl in class back on January 19. She said that Gurta overheard the interpretation and slammed her hands down on the desk and stated "You are not to speak like that! How do I know you're not saying something bad? How would you like if I spoke in Polish and you didn't understand?"

Later that day, Washinawatok's daughter was benched from a basketball game for having 'an attitude problem'. Washinawatok said that she's met with diocese and school officials, including the teacher, over the past month and they agreed to send apology letters. Washinawatok went on to explain that the issue is sensitive because tribal members used to be beaten for speaking their language in school, which is part of the reason they are losing their language. The thing here is that the girl wasn't speaking the language in the school, she was teaching fellows students a few words. If the teacher actually listened instead of jumping in midconversation, she would've heard what the words meant and that they weren't bad words. Sounds like someone needs to lighten up a bit! Also, I thought school was a place to learn? It sounds like the two other students were 'learning' words in Native American.

In the mid-1880s, the federal government established boarding schools that prohibited Native American students from acknowledging their culture, including language. Students were punished for using their native languages until the 1960s, and many elders, whom are still alive are afraid to teach the languages to children! I have to say this is a shame. The United States is a melting pot of nationalities. Do I hate it when people speak different languages in front of me? Sometimes. I'm guilty of not learning my family's native language of Cantonese, and unfortunately, that will die with me unless I spend the money on Rosetta Stone or something, but to be punished for using your native language is absurd!

In this day and age of being multi-cultured, it's hard to believe that this even happened. It really shows that the Midwest is still way behind in society. Can you imagine people were punished for speaking Spanish here on the East Coast? Man, we would be in trouble! I really don't see a problem with a Native American speaking Native American in America. What are your thoughts on this?

Thursday, March 1, 2012


If you don't 'hate' the man in the photo above, you will when you're done reading this! Down in Phoenix, Arizona, a grandfather.....Can I stop right there, real quick? This guy is a grandfather? ALREADY? I'm baffled! Anyway, a grandfather was found guilty on child abuse on Wednesday for forcing his grandsons on grueling hikes through the breathtaking Grand Canyon in scorching August heat, withholding food and water from them, while choking and kicking them during their long treks. Now, if you've ever been to the Grand Canyon, you would know that there are signs everywhere on the hiking trails to stay hydrated because that desert heat will get you. To read that he withheld water and food from them and proceeded to choke them, this guy is an animal! I think his 'grandsons' are very lucky to be alive!

All three boys testified during the trial with the oldest describing that he secretly asked a hiker to call 911 toward the end of a 19-mile hike on August 28 after he started throwing up and falling down because of cramping and blurring vision. The boy stated that he needed medical attention, but all he received was hitting, pushing, and being called 'fat'.

The Arizona judge found Christopher Alan Carlson of Indianapolis guilty of three of the six charges of child abuse against him stemming from the August 15 and August 28 hikes. One criminal complaint suggested that Carlson put his grandsons in circumstances 'likely to cause death or serious bodily injuries.'

Prosecutors told the jurors that Carlson deprived the boys of food and water during the hikes, but the boys, who were 8, 9, and 12 at the time, reported that they did get some water, but not always enough and they ate celery and other snacks during the hike. Investigators stated that Carlson told the boys that they were overweight and he thought hiking the Grand Canyon would help whip them into shape. Um, so he had to travel all the way from Indianapolis to Arizona to make the boys exercise? There are no gyms in Indy? And I suppose choking and kicking the kids was part of disciplining them?

His defense attorney portrayed Carlson as a 45-year-old (and he's a grandfather?) active health nut who had a firm hand and wanted to show the boys the world. He went on to say that like anyone after a long hike, the boys were tired, hungry, and thirsty, but Carlson only allowed the boys to eat healthy food like tofu, hummus, and veggie burgers. Well, the defense attorney had one thing right! This guy was a NUT!

The middle grandson, now 10, said that Carlson discovered the kids had hidden unwanted cauliflower, asparagus, and fish in their van, and he made them eat it even though the food had hair and other debris on it. Another time, the boy said that Carlson made him eat broccoli that he'd tried to flush down the toilet. The oldest child told jurors that he threw up several times and Carlson denied him water, while taking sips from a jug himself. He went onto say that their grandfather would get mad whenever he started walking too slow, and at one point, hit him in the face with a rock causing his lips to bleed. He also stated that Carlson was in a hurry to get to the top of the Grand Canyon, so he could see the sunset.

A ranger with binoculars spotted the grand kids and their grandfather during their August 28 hike, which was the same day a man died on another trail from heat exposure. The ranger reported seeing Carlson shoving the oldest boy and whipping him with a rolled-up t-shirt. Rangers got to the boys, fed them and gave them water after one showed symptoms of heat stroke and the other two had signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Investigators also said that the boys were covered in cuts, bruises, and scars that backed their stories up. A nurse also testified that the boys had severely chafed thighs because Carlson wouldn't let them wear underwear, and that the boys were indeed dehydrated and had signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. What an animal!

Carlson is scheduled to be sentenced on June 1, but it's unclear if he could face up to life in prison for his convictions. At the end of the article, there was finally an explanation as to why Carlson was such a young grandfather. Thank God! Turns out, he had his first child, Tara Danaher, the mother of the boys, when he was 15 years old. His daughter, Danaher, had her first when she was 17. Here's another question, where does the mother fit in in all of this? Why hasn't she testified? Does she even care that this happened to her three sons? You have to love White Trash America!