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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My friend, Richie, who's a Bergen County Police Officer, sent me one of the grossest news stories that I've heard in quite some time. He sent me a message about it on FaceBook and I almost threw up just reading about it! We can chalk this one up to 'what the hell is wrong with people?'

It turns out, a Hackensack, NJ man remains in critical condition on Wednesday after repeatedly stabbing himself with a 12-inch knife and proceeded to throw his intestines at police officers. Wayne Carter (No, that's not him above! That's a shot I grabbed off of Google images!), who has a history of psychiatric problems, had secluded himself inside his Hackensack home when the gnarly event took place late Sunday. 

Police were called to the house after the 43-year-old was spotted cutting himself with the knife. When they arrived at the scene, Carter refused to drop the knife and began waving it, along with a hammer, at the officers. He then repeatedly stabbed himself in the legs, abdomen, and neck. According to the Hackensack Police Lieutenant, they tried to talk Carter down, but were having no luck as he began slashing at them with the weapon! It was when he began throwing pieces of skin and intestines at the officers; they called in the SWAT team. By the time they arrived, Carter's guts were literally hanging out of his body. The scene was said to be a bloody mess and a 'crappy' situation! The SWAT team members had to be decontaminated due to the amount of blood. 

Carter was eventually disarmed after being sprayed with two cans of pepper spray and was rushed to the hospital, where they had to put Humpty Dumpty back together again! What an idiot! What is going on with this world we live in? First, a cannibal is shot dead after being caught eating a naked man's face in Miami? And now this? What the hell is going on? What's next? A real Zombie Apocalypse?  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Have you ever been so drunk that you drove into an inanimate object? First of all, what the hell were you doing the behind the wheel if you were drunk? What's wrong with people? Anyway, 21-year-old, Sophia Anderson from Bushwick, Brooklyn, got herself into a heap of trouble this past holiday weekend when she tore through a 96-year-old woman's Long Island house! According to police, the destruction was so bad, that a stove ended up in the backyard. 

Anderson was behind the wheel of a red convertible Mercedes at about 4 a.m. when she failed to turn at a T-shaped intersection and slammed into the Huntington home of Helen Indiere. The car tore through the kitchen and busted through the rear wall. It finally came to a stop when it hit a tree in the backyard garden. The vehicle struck with such a force that it shook neighboring homes. 

Anderson's mother, Susan, was said to be in shock, saying that this was unlike her daughter and that she doesn't even own a car in the city, so she has no idea whose car it was. Anderson, who grew up in the Connecticut town of Deep River, left for NYC two years ago, moving to Queens then to Harlem and landing at her current digs in Brooklyn. She currently works as a waitress at the Union Square Restaurant, Kibo, but was informed this past Sunday that the restaurant was closing, though this accident had nothing to do with that. 

96-year-old Indiere and her live-in caretaker were not injured, while Anderson and an unidentified man riding in the car suffered minor injuries. My guess? The Mercedes belonged to the unidentified man, and Anderson told him that she was okay to drive, though she was obliterated too! So, he let her drive because she was less drunk of the two. Here's an idea! Call a cab! Idiots! I have no respect for anyone who gets behind the wheel drunk, and I especially have no tolerance for people who get behind the wheel drunk and cause damage like this! Anderson even refused to take a Breathalyzer or a blood test and was charged with a DUI. Really? Did she really need a Breathalyzer or a blood test? She drove through someone's house! 

 If I was the judge, which I'm not, this girl's punishment would be to rebuild this poor old woman's house, or at least pay to have it rebuilt! This poor 96-year-old woman probably wanted to live her last days in her own residence and now she can't because of some idiot who decided to get behind the wheel drunk! I have no sympathy for this girl and I hope she gets the worst punishment imaginable because not only did she put her life in danger, she also put other lives in danger, and if she doesn't care about that, then neither should we!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Okay, when I first read this story, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I thought it was some sort of Madame Butterfly moment, but it wasn't. In fact, this is a pretty weird one, but I feel like I've heard this story before, only this time there's a happy ending.

It turns out; five years ago, a Denver Colorado man named Steve Crecelius, who was married for 25 years and had six kids with his wife, made a life-changing discovery about himself from a visit to the emergency room for a kidney stone, of all things! He found out that he is a woman! WHAT? How do you not know this at your age? Did you think that all men had vaginas? Funny that I ask that! Steve was happily married to his wife and working as a photographer in Denver when he learned he was intersex, which is just another word for hermaphrodite, a person born with both male and female anatomy. Does this mean he had boobs too? This is all very confusing to me!

Stevie, as he is now being called, told a TV station that he had a kidney stone and was taken to the emergency room, when the nurse reading the ultrasound said, "Huh, this says you're a female!" Stevie said that he was shocked, but not incredibly surprised because he felt that it validated everything he felt inside. I'm afraid to even touch that one with any sort of dirty joke! 

He went on to say that the diagnosis made perfect sense. Stevie remembered wearing his mom's clothes and makeup in private. He said that when he was 17, he worked his first part-time job at a TV station as a floor cameraman and the person in charge said to him that he walked like a "Queer". That's not nice! 

So, after the diagnosis, Steve decided to live his life as Stevie, a woman. Part of the process was explaining the decision to the six children, which she felt was a problem. "How do you tell your kids that, well, it's no longer dad, it's dadette?" she said. Stevie did say that everyone was supportive of his decision, especially his wife. All of them said to him, "I don't care, dad! I love you for who you are!"

Five years later, Stevie lives happily as a woman. She takes hormone pills, but has no plans to get rid of her male parts. Why would she? If I had both, I know what I would be doing every time my other half told me she had a headache! Anyway, Stevie is still happily married to her wife, Debbie. The couple still lives together and shares the same bad, and why not? Debbie can have the best of both worlds in bed! Okay, now I'm getting out of hand with this! All I have to say to end this blog is one word.....WEIRD!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The question here is should she be fired for her sordid past? Here's the story.....A California junior high science teacher was dismissed last month after her students uncovered her porn star past, which she worried in a 2006 porno appearance that she'd eventually get fired from the classroom, but also in the video, she swore off ever hooking up with one of her students. 

In a behind-the-scenes bonus included in the 2006 skin flick, Stacie Halas, then known as Tiffany Six, stated, "I have to say I'm not into the students, though. At least, I don't do that!" Halas is trying to win back her job at an Oxnard, California school, and is awaiting a hearing. Her lawyer, who hadn't seen the footage (yeah, right!) added that Halas no longer appears in adult movies and is entitled to return to the classroom. He stated that Halas has done everything that she can to put her past behind her and made it ad confidential as she possibly can. How are you supposed to keep a porn star past confidential when you are teaching horny young boys, who have easy access these days to Internet porn? At least when I was younger, we had to sneak through dad's stash! This whole thing reminds me of the movie Boogie Nights, where these old porn stars couldn't find legit work because of their pasts. 

In the video, Halas also answered that she was a little bit worried about people finding out about her moonlighting in porn, but she did because of "money and it's fun and exciting!" You know, after seeing that she was a porn star, I needed to do some of my own research to see what the fuss was about and all I have to say is "Yes, she definitely enjoyed it!" Sometimes she enjoyed it for a good sixty minutes!

Halas worked at a California public school when she conducted the interview. She was supposedly active in the porn industry from 2005 to 2007, but took another job at Oxnard in 2009, when her past was discovered. School administrators learned of her porn past in March, and in April, the board suspended her and then voted to fire her, saying her return would be a disruption. Now, what would they be worried about? A disruption or that she would sleep with one of the students? I have to be honest, if I found out that one of my teachers was a porn start, I wouldn't be able to concentrate in class either. I'd be too focused on the fact that she has sex for a living! So, I guess I see their point, but there is a solution to all this! Let Miss Halas teach in an all-girl school or let her teach grammar school, where there are no horny young boys looking up porn. Then the distraction is gone except for the horny fathers! Just a thought! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Is it a crime to be too sexy and have big boobs when you're at work? She someone be fired for being blessed in the breast area? Well, according to Lauren Odes, of Manalapan, NJ, it is possible to be fired for being too sexy and have big boobs! And here's the kicker! She worked at a lingerie distributor in the garment district of Manhattan! So, let's do the math really quick; she claims that she was fired from her job at a lingerie distributor for being too hot and too busty? Does this even make sense? I had to take a look at this girl to see if she even had a case, and what did I see? A beast! Who the hell told this woman that she was too hot or too sexy? Big boobs? Yeah, because she needs to hit a gym! Who the hell is this girl fooling? Can someone tell her that people get fired when they don't know how to do their job, and whomever it was that told her to sue because she was fired for being too good looking, should be shot!

 Anyway, her story is that after getting hired in April, a supervisor told Odes the Orthodox Jewish owners were not happy with her attire, saying that she was "too hot and her breasts were too large!" Odes claims that she was in shock because she thought that she was dressed appropriately every day for her job as a production assistant. According to Odes, she was dressed in a purple mini-dress with side zippers when she interviewed for the job. 

Odes has since filed a federal complaint, but intends to file a lawsuit alleging gender and religious discrimination. The pint-sized brunette with platinum streaks said she was wearing a dress when the female supervisor first said that she was too sexy for the job. The next day she wore a gray t-shirt and black leggings with rain boots, but the bosses still complained. The supervisor suggested taping down her breasts to make them appear smaller. Wait what? So, does this mean she's the only woman in the workforce with big boobs? I don't think so! This girl obviously had them out for the world to see for this company to ask something so silly! My girlfriend is well-endowed and she covers up pretty well when she's in a professional office. It starting to sound like Miss Odes has no idea what it means to dress professionally. 

Odes was also given a choice to buy a sweater that comes to her ankles or cover up in a bright red bathrobe (pic above) the supervisor pulled off the rack. When she chose the robe, her co-workers laughed at her all day. So, she went weeping to buy another outfit, and was fired while she was out shopping! Okay, that's not right! You make the girl go out to shop for another outfit and then you give her the axe? Odes, who is also Jewish, stated that she doesn't feel that any employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on her. Well, in this case, it doesn't sound like they were. It sound like they hired her to be a professional, and she kept dressing unprofessionally. To me, it sounds like she has no case here. As far as being too sexy? Get over yourself! Try going on a diet and losing some of that weight. Maybe your boobs won't be as big! And if you do lose this case, good luck finding another job! No company in their right mind will hire a liability like you now.

If we remember back in 2010, Debrahlee Lorenzana had a similar case. She was a banker who was supposedly fired by Citigroup for her killer curves. Though, I doubt that was the reason either, at least, Lorenzana had a good enough reason to believe that she was because she was a great looking girl compared to this beast! Some people have some nerve, and the irony is that she'll probably get a huge pay day because her former Orthodox Jewish employers won't want the attention. Then again, you know the stereotype! Good luck getting any money from your Orthodox Jewish former employers!