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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This story is absolutely amazing, though these brothers are not totally out of the woods yet! It's just more evidence as to how social media can be your friend. It turns out; two brothers from Detroit jailed for murder back in 1987, might be getting set free after 25 years of claiming their innocence, all thanks to an old friend's Facebook post. Back in 2009, Mary Evans wrote a message about her former classmates, Raymond and Thomas Highers, on the Northeast Detroit alumni page on the super popular social media network.

Evans claims all she posted was that it was sad that the Highers brothers were in prison for life and that caused a domino effect of events. The brothers were sentenced to life behind bars in 1987 for the murder of a Robert Karey, who was shot dead in his home, near the back door where he sold pot to local neighborhood teens. Another one of the school's alumnus saw the post and remembered hearing that someone else had committed the murder, and sought out witnesses to defend the Highers brothers. 

This past Thursday, Judge Lawrence Talon overturned the murder convictions after new evidence surfaced about a group of teenagers claiming to have been in a car outside Karey's house the night he was shot. Two witnesses say that they showed up to buy weed, but were rushed by a group of black men who ordered them to "Get the fuck out of here!" One of the witnesses testified that he even heard a gunshot. A lawyer for the Highers brothers said that the witnesses didn't even know that the brothers were serving time for Karey's murder until they read the more recent post on Facebook, and at the time, they were 'just kids' who hadn't yet developed their 'moral compass.'

 Prosecutors are claiming that there could be a conspiracy to free the brothers who are now 46-years-old. Another prosecutor pointed to another witness who identified Raymond Highers and another white man fleeing the house with what looked like a shotgun, but Judge Talon called the new evidence 'credible and reliable,' when he decided to toss out the old convictions. 

Younger brother Michael Highers says these new claims are 'overwhelming' and he only wished that their mother was still alive to see it because she knew her boys didn't do it. The Highers family matriarch passed away 5 years ago. The brothers will remain behind bars while they await a bond hearing on August 13. If in fact the Highers brothers are found innocent, how do they get the past 25 years back? They lost an amazing part of their adulthood and not to mention, they weren't able to be around when their mother passed away. If it does come out that they are innocent, I feel that the judicial system owes these two brothers a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if they sue the Detroit judicial system. I know I would! It won't give me back my 25 years, but monetarily it might help!

Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm sure at one time or another; we've all wanted to see our exes hurt in some way. I guess it depends on the severity of the break-up. Some relationships end mutually, while some end bitterly. Well, 19-year-old Margaux Tocci of Wyckoff, NJ proved that breaking up is not too hard to do. This smiley-faced psychopath devised a plan to lure her ex-boyfriend into a dark area, while she hired two thugs to beat the hell out of him with baseball bat and a lead pipe. That's right! As you can tell from her mug shot, she showed not a bit of remorse, grinning from ear to ear, about the bloodied beating.

Here's what allegedly happened; Tocci invited her ex-boyfriend for a ride in her brand new car. So, apparently, though broken up, the couple was still talking. The former couple drove to an elementary school in Ridgefield Park, NJ, where Tocci then suggested that they take a late-night stroll. As they walked around the schoolyard, two men supposedly emerged from the shadows and attacked the ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat and a lead pipe. The victim suffered several severe blows to the head. One of the assailants has not been identified, but the other has been identified as 20-year-old David Chaupiz. The two removed money from the ex-boyfriend's wallet and smashed his cell phone before driving away with Tocci in her new car. 

The battered young man mustered up enough strength to walk over to a nearby house on Lucas Lane, where the homeowner quickly called 911 after seeing the bloodied 19-year-old victim. The young man was transported to a local hospital for stitches. Police found Tocci in her vehicle parked on Franklin Avenue at around 3 a.m. that morning and Chaupiz was arrested later that day, as well. Both Tocci and Chaupiz were brought into Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, NJ where her bail was set at $50,000 and his at $100,000. She only faces robbery charges, while he faces robbery and aggravated assault charges. Really? She should be getting more than just robbery considering she planned the whole thing. Don't you think?

Authorities also said that Tocci was extremely uncooperative and provided absolutely no information concerning the attackers or any reason for her apparent happiness. Um, isn't that blatantly obvious? She, apparently, got the revenge that she wanted on her ex that consisted of a beating. Who knows why the couple broke up? Maybe he cheated on her or even stole from her. Did he have it coming? No one knows the motive, but I do have to say that the smile in her mug shot is a bit psychotic!     

Friday, July 27, 2012


Get ready to grab your nuts after you read this story! So, apparently, a Peruvian teenager, who shot himself in the groin when he was a child, will be undergoing penis replacement surgery in Miami. Um, what? 17-year-old, Luis Canelos was 9-years-old when the accident almost entirely destroyed his genital region. Wait a minute! So, this kid from Peru waited 8 years to have this surgery done. What the hell has he been peeing with for the past 8 years?

In August, Luis hopes to have a fully functioning penis once the operation is complete. The surgery, which is called phalloplasty, will be paid for through a donation from the International Kids Fund Wonderfund, a charity that helps foreign kids get medical treatment they normally wouldn't be able to afford or be able to access. Luis's treatment will cost roughly $50,000. Well, that answers my question about him waiting so long to get this surgery. 

The Canelos family lives in a small remote town in northern Peru, near the borders of Colombia and Ecuador. Both father and son have never been to the United States before, but a doctor from the University of Miami heard about Luis's story and wanted to help him "not because of the physical situation, but also the emotional side effects that come with the situation." I'd have to agree with the doctor. If I was that kid, I would ask for a penis that was so big, John Holmes would've thought he was Chinese. That would totally help my emotions and my sex life in one fell swoop! This kid has the opportunity to really become a true legend with this surgery.

During the phalloplasty, medical teams will build a penis using a small calf bone from a cadaver. These surgeons have already completed this kind of procedure before, so Luis is in good hands. In a really sick and twisted way, I kind of want to see the finished product. Just out of curiosity to see if this kid took advantage of this penis reconstruction. I swear! You can only find the weirdest stories on the Internet!      

Thursday, July 26, 2012


If there's any way for me to choose the way my life to ends, please let it be this way! It turns out; a wealthy Nigerian businessman was raped to death by five of his wives because they were apparently jealous that he was paying way too much attention to the sixth wife. That's right! I said he was raped to death! Last I checked, "rape" by definition is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse. By a show of hands, how many guys never want sex? I didn't think so! As for the six wives, it's bad enough that we have penis thieves in China stealing men's penises (petty thievery) while they sleep, or cannibals in Papua New Guinea castrating witch doctors and making penis soup. Now, us men, have to worry about being gang raped by a crew of women? Oh, God! Please don't let this happen to me! (Said with a hint of sarcasm)

Uroko Onoja from Ogbadibo was having sex with his youngest wife when the remaining five wives reportedly entered the room with knives and sticks and demanded Onaja to satisfy them too. According to one source, and I'm not sure how they know this, Onoja went on to have sex with four of his wives in a marathon sex session, but stopped breathing as his fifth wife made her way to the bed. Two of the women have been caught and arrested since last week's incident. 

Onoja, who was understood to have returned from a bar at around 3 a.m. last Tuesday, headed for the bedroom of his youngest wife. His other wives, allegedly, held a meeting to discuss their intentions before he returned home and ambushed him for their conjugal rights. Although, it's believed that he attempted to resist, the women eventually overpowered him. Onoja's youngest wife said that the other wives ran into the forest when they realized their husband was dead. 

Village head, Okpe Odoh said that the matter is now in the hands of the police, who have already arrested two of the five wives. Onoja's body has been placed in a nearby mortuary. Here's my question, did he have smile on his face when he died? I mean seriously! He was raped by five of his six wives. This means he was able to have sex more than one time in a night! Any married man would applaud that! The fact that his body couldn't take it shouldn't be a crime. Besides, why would you resist women trying to have sex with you unless you wish it was men? This Nigerian man got to live out every man's fantasy! Too bad he had to die for it. Has anyone wondered about the fact that he had six wives? Just wondering.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This has to be one of the most disturbing things that I have seen in some time! Okay, who am I kidding? There's been some pretty disturbing things happening lately, but this may be at the top of the list. So, let me explain this to you the best that I can. Apparently, a young transgendered man was such a fan of the lovely Britney Spears that he went under the knife to prove how much a fan her really was. The 26-year-old, who now goes by the name Kara Nicole Hays, spent close $70,000 to look like Britney. She went on to say that she spent around $30,000 in 2002, and the rest of it went to pay for therapy, hormones, clothing, cosmetics, and everything else needed to make the transition. According to Hays, her face is all natural and any resemblance to Britney is pure coincidence. This is way too funny! You have to be cracking up as you read this.

Hays, who used to go by the name Kody growing up in Southeastern Ohio, said that Britney, the new judge on Fox's The X-Factor, and her music brought him solace during some really tough times. Hayes said that Britney was someone who aided her through depression and dancing to Britney's videos also aided her in losing weight and feeling better about herself....Or shall I say himself?

 Hays's family initially had trouble accepting their son wanting to live life as a girl, as they feared the backlash from their narrow-minded neighbors. It wasn't until Hays had her doctors and psychiatrists talk to the family to help them get a grasp on the situation. Hays went on to say that growing up in that kind of a neighborhood didn't help, so she kept a low-profile while she went to high school due to death threats. 

Through all the negative outbursts, his resemblance to Britney has been a comfort to him and is so strong that he even once fooled seasoned paparazzi back in 2007 when he left a party in Hollywood on the same night as Kevin Federline's birthday. In his efforts to show solidarity, when Britney went nuts and shaved her head, Hays went and did the same exact thing! Can anybody say "Coo-Coo"?

When asked if she or he will ever change? Hays joked in a Tweet, "Yeah, maybe I'll spend $60,000 to look like Justin Bieber!" This dude is one sicko! Though, Britney does look hot when she is really done up, why would any guy want to have surgery to look exactly like her. Take a look at some of these photos. They will make you sick! Anyone who doesn't find this the least bit disturbing might need some help themselves! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Who is this idiot and why am I wasting my time writing about him? Because after the tragedy that happened last Friday morning in at a Dark Knight Rises premiere in Aurora, Colorado, what kind of a moron would try to cause a raucous in a movie theater during the same movie only days after the tragedy? Well, I have two instances for you! One story is about the California man in the photo above, 52-year-old Clark Tabor. 

Apparently, an impatient Tabor began shouting at around 5:15 pm, right before The Dark Knight Rises even started. Tabor was voicing his frustration that the movie hadn't started yet and allegedly held his cell phone in the air and yelled "Does anyone have a gun?" and continued with "I should go off like in Colorado!" What an idiot! Witnesses were afraid the suspect was going to remove a gun from his backpack and open fire. One of the AMC Theater's security officers found Tabor wearing a back pack and kneeling in the second row of seats. No weapons were found on the suspect, in the movie theater, and its surrounding areas. There were no guns recovered at Tabor's residence. He was just trying to be funny with some really horrible comedic timing. Tabor was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and held in county jail for more than $51,000 bail. I say well-deserved considering the timing to pull a stunt like that! As a matter of fact, that behavior should not be acceptable anytime in a movie theater!

That wasn't the only incident to happen over the weekend. Out in Pittsburgh, PA, a fight broke out during a Sunday night screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Apparently, the crowd got nervous when two people began shouting at each other during the early evening showing at the  AMC Theater. According to one witness, "There were two people who got into an argument, and one person yelled something that induced people to get into a panic." The fight sparked a stampede for the exits causing some theatergoers to be trampled in the frenzy. Other witnesses admitted that the scene was a scary one with people screaming, running, and kind of pushing each other out of the way. They also said that it was chaotic! At least two of the moviegoers were hurt. Police arrived on the scene, but no one was arrested. Why not? What about the two people who got into a fight? Ever hear of public disturbance? Homestead police stated that theatergoers were likely still on edge from Friday morning's massacre in Colorado. You think? How is causing a raucous in a movie theater acceptable? 

This is why pirating newly released movies and watching them in the privacy of your own home theater should be legal. Nobody gets shot at and we're all comfortable! Not to mention, no screaming kids when you watch movies at home! It really sucks that now we have to stay vigilant even when we go out for dinner and a movie. Why can't the crazies and the trashies just stay home, while the normal get to go out and enjoy their lives? I guess that's a pretty stupid question, huh?