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Friday, August 31, 2012


When I saw this story online, I literally laughed out loud! I mean, it really isn't a funny story. In fact, it should really make most men cringe while reading it, but come on! This is ridiculous! So, Adrian Carter, a 29-year-old from Texas, is claiming that a supplement promising to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse caused his penis to allegedly fracture, squirt blood, and require an operation that messed with his manhood. Oh, it gets better! The August 27 complaint stated that Carter experienced, and I quote, "significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror" during a Houston motel roll in the hay sometime last year. Are you cringing yet, guys? Or are you keeled over laughing?

If you're cringing, I'm not done! Apparently, Carter was taken to an emergency room where doctors decided to 'deglove' his penis, which means they had to remove the skin from his penis to repair the urethra because it had 'separated completely'! I think I just threw up in my mouth! Following the surgery, Carter had to urinate using a catheter and was warned by doctors that he may never have an erection ever again or father children. Ouch! 

These events lead to a lawsuit against VirilisPro, an 'all-natural' supplement that Carter said he took before meeting his partner. VirilisPro's website brags that their product increases sexual performance and 'penile hardness' lasting for up to three days. Wow! Three days? Does anyone really want to stay hard for three days? I mean really? How would you even be able to go out in public like that? Unless, you stayed home for three days, this pill is really useless and ridiculous! A bottle of this stuff retails for about $59.99 and is made with only natural ingredients, like epimedium, panax, ginseng and Lycium Chinese, to prevent harmful side effects.

Carter is seeking unspecified monetary damages, including medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Some medical experts aren't convinced that Carter could've suffered such anguish from a pill. One urologist said that a man's penis can become fractured during sex, but he's never heard of 'anyone being put at a higher risk for fracture because of a prescription or an herbal drug.' The doctor added, "When a man breaks his penis it can be very scary, but I believe he took his story and spiced it up." I don't see how this guy, Carter, can sue this herbal company. It's his negligence for taking the pill in the first place. When you take something and are not sure what it does, you're the responsible party! You're taking a risk! That's like going to a concert and suing the band because you were bored at the concert! This guy shouldn't get anything! It's his damn fault for taking a pill that gives you a three day hard-on!  

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So, even if you can't read, I have to ask, "How many people know who Adolf Hitler was? And what did he do?" I bet that almost all of you can easily raise your hand and give me a brief description of the fallen dictator. Well, Rajesh Shah of Ahmedabad city in India will tell you that he did not know who Adolf Hitler was when he opened his clothing store with the name "HITLER" over a week ago. Shah said on Wednesday that he would only change the name if he was compensated for re-branding costs. 

Shah's outlet, Hitler, which sells Western men's wear, opened 10 days ago in the city of Ahmedabad city in the western state of Gujarat with the name written in big letters over the storefront with a Nazi swastika as the dot on the "i". This guy still wants to insist that he has no idea as to who Hitler was? I call B.S.! He claims that Hitler was a nickname given to the grandfather of his store partner because "he was very strict." So, am I to believe that there are no history books in India? Shah is insisting that it was only when the store opened that he 'learnt Hitler was responsible for killing over six million people.' He also claims that he didn't know how much the name would disturb people. Now, either this go is a total moron or he's a pure 'evil' genius! You can't ask for more international publicity than he is getting right now because of the store's name.

Members of the tiny Jewish community in Ahmedabad condemned the store's name, while a senior Israeli diplomat said the embassy would raise the matter 'in the strongest possible way.' One consulate stated, "People use such names mostly out of ignorance." A prominent writer in India, who happens to be Jewish, said that she was disturbed and distressed by the shop, but added that some Indians used the word "Hitler" casually to describe autocratic people. The writer also said that residents have tried to change Shah's mind about the store's name by educating him about the Holocaust. 

A similar situation happened in Mumbai six years ago when a restaurant owner called his cafe "Hitler's Cross" and put a swastika on the storefront because he thought the name Hitler was catchy. He eventually agreed to change the name after protests by the Israeli embassy, Germany and the U.S. Anti-Defamation League. Apparently, Hitler carries an unusual degree of respect in some parts of India with his book Mein Kampf, a popular title in bookshops and on street stalls. No wonder why India is so screwed up! Gujarat schoolbooks issued by the Hindu nationalist state government were criticized a few years ago for praising Hitler as someone who gave "dignity and prestige" to the German government. 

Maybe Shah isn't to blame for his ignorance because it sounds like parts of India praise Hitler and don't shed him in a negative light like they do here or any other part of the world. It just baffles me that this guy still had the nerve to open a shop under this name whether he knew who Hitler was or not. Personally, I think he knew all about Hitler because why would he put a swastika on his sign if he didn't? Its one thing to be ignorant, but how can one be that ignorant?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My best bud, Scotty O, recently text me this amazing article that he found online about a nurse from New Jersey, who has hundreds of orgasms a day! First of all, it's hilarious that my friend Scotty "O" sent me an article about orgasms! Anyway, Kim Ramsey, a nurse from Montclair, NJ apparently has this disorder where she orgasms in the strangest places like driving in cars, while doing the laundry, or when she's buying food in a supermarket. Sounds like fun, right? Not when it happens all the time, though! Ramsey says that when she feels one coming on, many women might scream, "Yes!" while her reaction leans more towards, "Oh, no! Not again!" She says that many women wonder how to have an orgasm, but she is wondering how to stop hers. 
In fact, Ramsey could probably be the only NJ Transit commuter who can ever credit the transit line with bringing her to a climax. She remembers a recent train ride home that left her quivering! I have to say, as I write this, I am thinking how lucky this girl is and how little work her boyfriend has to put in, which makes him a lucky guy, as well! Anyway, back to the train ride, so Ramsey claims the train ride was a bit bumpy and every jerk of the train or vibration made her more aroused. It was a 40-minute train ride, so there was nothing she could do, but bite her lip and sit on her hands and hope that no one noticed. Unreal!
Ramsey's troubles started four years ago after she had sex with a new boyfriend. That guy must have been enormous because she remembers having constant orgasms for four days straight. She thought she was going mad. Ramsey recalls trying everything from squats and deep breathing to make it stop. She said that the constant orgasms also happened with a new partner, so she couldn't pinpoint it on just the one. She even tried sitting on frozen peas, but the orgasms and sexual arousal continued. Ramsey admitted to having around 200 orgasms during that time period. 
Ramsey describes the pain as exhausting and unbearable at times. She went on to say that she contracted a very rare medical condition, persistent genital arousal disorder, which makes any pelvic movement trigger an orgasm. Doctors believe that Ramsey might have come down with the condition when she developed spinal cysts after falling down a flight of stairs in 2001, but it remained dormant until her marathon sex session with her new boyfriend seven years later. Ramsey says that the incurable condition has made her life a nightmare. 
It's not clear if she is currently dating because clearly no guy can keep up with 200 orgasms a day, and she said that the unending climaxes make her feel as if she's unable to have a normal relationship. Where is Deuce Bigelow when you need him? I feel for this poor girl, but speaking as a guy, does this turn you guys on a little bit? Just wondering...... 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Okay, I'm not sure who I feel about this one just yet. You tell me what you think. So, apparently, a 49-year-old woman gave birth to her grandson earlier this month after he daughter learned that she could not carry a child due to a heart condition. That's right! A grandma gave birth to her grandson!

Linda Sirois of Madawaska, Maine offered to carry and deliver her grandchild for her daughter Angel Herbert, when she learned that it would be too dangerous to become pregnant. The 49-year-old grandmother claims that 'It was pretty simple' as far as she was concerned, as she gave birth to a 7-pound, 14 ounce baby boy named Madden Herbert on August 13. The new granny told her daughter for many years that she would carry her child if doctors told her that it would be unsafe to get pregnant. Last summer, doctors confirmed to Herbert, who's 25 and her husband Brian, who's 29, that pregnancy would be too risky, which led to the couple turning to Sirois. 

Sirois quickly began contacting local fertility clinics, but was rejected by every single one because of her age. Finally, the Reproductive Science Center in Lexington, Massachusetts agreed to the surrogate procedure after she passed several tests. On August 13, Sirois delivered a healthy baby boy, whom Herbert says is now 'eating like a champ' and 'doesn't fuss too much.' Granny Sirois, who's given birth to her own four children including Angel, said that this pregnancy may have been the easiest thanks to the absence of morning sickness and other complications. She just saw herself as a room for rent. What a weirdo! Don't get me wrong! This was a very nice thing that she did for her daughter, but does anyone else find this as weird? Do you explain to this kid how he was born when he's older or do you just let him believe that he was born naturally? Also, was this one of those turkey baster jobs with Brian Herbert's sperm in it? Or did Brian and Granny Sirois conceive the old-fashioned way? Son-in-law on mother-in-law-style? Just wondering! My guess was that it was with the turkey baster. So anyone else have thoughts on this?

Friday, August 24, 2012


Okay, so I read this story sometime last week and I really tried to shake it, but it still had some intriguing factors to me. The story is about a heart surgeon down in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who allegedly watched pornography while he was in surgery. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? So, you can listen to any type of music you want to relax you during surgery, but a doctor who finds porn relaxing to him is a "no-no"? Really? I say whatever floats your boat and can get my heart surgery done correctly! That's if I was get heart surgery. 

It turns out; a fired employee, 41-year-old Sandra Morris is suing Doctor Ahmet Cercioglu, along with another supervisor, for creating a hostile and sexually-charged work environment. Morris claims Cercioglu would call her derogatory names and ridiculed her for being an observant Jewish woman. She also alleges that Dr. Cercioglu was constantly on the phone, texting and talking while on bypass as well as watching porn or sleeping. She claims no one will say anything because he is one of the directors of cardiac surgery. She says, "I've walked in on several occasions, as well as other staff members have, where he was watching pornography on his phone."

One of Dr. Cercioglu's colleagues have defended him in saying that Morris' claims are nothing more than an act of revenge for being fired and went on to say, "She is just bitter. He is very good guy....A family guy!" Morris says she was fired from Mount Sinai after 5 years on the job with an excellent evaluation record. After slipping and falling at the hospital, she was forced to go on disability. 

Coincidentally, this lawsuit comes weeks after a Mount Sinai urologist was arrested for allegedly filming up women's skirts with a hidden camera pen on the subway! This hospital rules! Being totally serious, this does sound like an act of revenge, but even if Doctor Cercioglu was watching porno in the surgery room; who the hell cares? If he finds that relaxing to him, that's what I would want when a surgeon was working on me. It's the texting and the phone calls that would bother me. I think that cell phones shouldn't be allowed in the surgery room. Get this guy an iPad and let him watch as much porn as he wants! Last I checked this was still America, right?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's no secret that wedding are a big to-do! If you watch shows like Bridezillas, you know how hectic planning a wedding can be. It drives women crazy! One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the photographer. They're the person who will capture every waking moment of your wedding. Many brides and grooms have been known to obsessively document everything from their first kiss to their first cake slice to their first dance. Now, it seems you can add the 'morning after' to that documentation! That's right! Wedding photographers are now being invited into the bedroom for post consummate wedding shots. This is an awesome idea!

Sexy photo shoots featuring rumpled beds and steamy shower scenes seem to be all the rage within the wedding business. As the invitations, seating charts, flower arrangements, and dress fittings fade to a distant memory, intimate photo shoots take place in the newlyweds' bedrooms or even hotels where they spend their first night as husband and wife. Hey, if you're going to go that far, you might as well invite the videographer in, as well, and document the whole night! 

New Jersey-based photog, who admits that she charges $650 for this service, says that the shoot is done very sexy and the sex is only implied. It doesn't necessarily happen. Now, why did she have to admit that? It's like saying Santa Claus isn't real! The collection of photos often shares a torrid theme, like couples tumbling in the sheets naked.

One testimonial that the photog had was that she thought the idea was brilliant because when you get married, you're usually in the best shape of your life. Why wouldn't you want to save these memories? I guess, technically she's right! It's also something great that you can show your kids and your grandkids in the future. Show them how great a shape you were in!

Not all photographers are on board with this concept just yet. Some believe that there's already a sexiness to the wedding itself and 'morning after' pics are unnecessary, while some actually like the direction that these photos are taking saying that they're not raunchy or tastelessly done. To me, it just sounds like another thing to add to that damn wedding list! Plus, I would add that videographer to capture EVERY moment.