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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today, I'm not going to waste your time with the usual filth that I normally waste your time with like the cat fight that happened at the Hector "Macho" Camacho funeral or the other cat fight in Chelsea where Lindsay Lohan punched some girl in the face or the fact that the big Power Ball winners are from Arizona and Missouri. Instead, since I won't be blogging tomorrow, I wanted to share this amazing story that came out of the NYPD. 

It turns out; not all New York City police officers are worthless! Officer Larry DePrimo proved that there still is humanity left in the NYPD. You see, back on November 14, DePrimo encountered an unidentified, shoeless man on the sidewalk on Seventh Avenue near 44th Street. In other words, he found a bum on the corner of 44th and Seventh. Anyway, DePrimo offered to get him socks and shoes because he remembers wearing two pairs of wool socks and combat boots, himself, that day and he was even cold and here's this guy with no shoes or socks on. The officer, who's been on the force for nearly three years now, walked to a Skechers store on 42nd Street and shelled out $75 for insulated winter boots and thermal socks, He returned to the homeless man, knelt down and put the footwear on him. DePrimo remembers the man smiling from ear to ear, "It was like you gave him a million dollars." DePrimo then asked the man if he wanted a cup of coffee, but he graciously declined and went on his way.

At the time, DePrimo didn't realize it, but a tourist from Arizona snapped a photo of him giving the man socks and boots to ward off the cold and posted the image on NYPD's Facebook page. The photo went viral and became an instant hit garnering over 260,000 "Likes". A number that keeps growing every day! DePrimo, from Holbrook, NY, remembers having dinner that night and getting a text message from a friend saying that his photo had gone viral. He was absolutely shocked because he thought nothing of it. It was just mindless generosity. This is why there is still hope for humanity! And this is how you know that there are still heroes within every police department, especially the NYPD, who definitely gets a bad rap! Officer Larry DePrimo, you truly are a hero and should be a model for every police officer moving forward! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When does this popular Philly weatherman get a break? First, I remember hearing a story back in 2010 through my friend Elliot on Elliot in the Morning in Washington DC, that his friend John Bolaris, a weather anchor for the Philadelphia FOX affiliate, was drugged while on vacation and robbed by beautiful women in Miami, Florida. I know. The story sounds very fishy! Well, he's in the headlines again! It turns out; his fiancée drunkenly took over his Twitter account while he was sleeping and unleashed a barrage of racy messages promising nude photos of herself for his fans.

The former Playboy model, Erica Smitheman, started her Twitter binge on Sunday night, writing, "Hello this is Erica...love John, he loves you all, I guess it's ok if I send you all a naked photo or two...don't tell my love." Is this girl crazy? Doesn't she know how many perverts are out there? And why didn't I see these tweets sooner? Dammit! Smitheman continued to write suggestive tweets referring to her modeling past and hinting that she'd taken over Bolaris's account behind his back. This guy can't catch a break! First his credit cards and money are stolen by beautiful women and now his fiancée is breaking into his Twitter account! Hilarious! Another tweet read: "This is Erica; I did pose in Playboy...so what? I will post my naked pictures...John has no clue." She then posted sexy pictures of herself for those who didn't believe she would do it while bragging how great the sex is with Bolaris. 

 Bolaris made headlines last May when he revealed that he'd been the victim of a scam by an Eastern European crime ring, which used beautiful women to take advantage of him at a club in Miami. Bolaris said he was drugged twice in March 2010 by two "bottle girls" who pressured him to do shots and go out with them, and then charged over $43,000 to his credit card. He claimed to have no memory as to what happened on either of those nights spent with them, but the FBI says he was one of nearly 90 victims of the same scam. Bolaris was recently called to testify against the organizers. He was fired from his job at FOX over the scandal, but ultimately won back the money he lost in the scam from his credit card company American Express, as well as damages. Since losing his job, Bolaris made occasional appearances on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show, where he proposed to Smitheman earlier this year and thanking her for her support through his ordeals of the past few years. 

Bolaris stood by his woman this week in the wake of the Twitter mayhem she caused, making light of the situation and defending her against those who criticized her behavior. Hey, who wants to be critical when a hot chick is threatening to post nude photos of herself? Anyway, Bolaris defended his fiancée by writing: "Obviously my fiancée had a little party on Twitter last night, she has been by my side through everything, and I love her. (Hmm interesting tweets)" To the disappointment of many of Bolaris's fans, Smitheman did not follow through on the naked photos and Bolaris said none would be forthcoming either. Having already weathered his share of public storms, Bolaris doesn't seem interested in hiding anything and left all the tweets Smitheman posted visible on his account. Let this be a lesson to you men out there with Twitter accounts! It can be dangerous to leave your smart phones unattended. Luckily in Bolaris's case Smitheman wasn't a woman scorned. She was just looking to have a little fun. Unfortunately, it was at his expense...Like he hasn't already been through enough!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This story is pretty bizarre! It reminded me of that whole Madame Butterfly scenario, where man falls in love with a woman, marries her and then finds out she's a man, baby! That's what happened to this Belgian man, who we'll just be calling Jan. He's apparently pulling the plug on his 19-year marriage after he found out that his wife was born a man. 

Jan told one newspaper that he felt violated and assaulted. He thought she was an attractive woman and that she had no male traits whatsoever. Jan, who is 64, met Monica, who is from Indonesia, when she worked as an au pair for his family nearly 20 years ago. He would bring Monica, 48, back with him to Belgium, which was a task that he says 'wasn't easy' because the Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth certificate and identity, but they accepted it anyway. There's red flag number 1. The couple also decided not to have kids because Jan already had two kids from a previous marriage. Um, that should have been red flag number 2! Jan went on to say that Monica would trick him using sanitary napkins while pretending to have her period. He claims even during sex, he never noticed anything! How about the fact that she always wanted the lights off during sex, Jan? That would've been red flag number 3! Get her, I mean him, out of here!

It wasn't until Monica got a full-time job that Jan said he saw another side of his wife. His eldest son saw her sometimes at a night club, virtually dresses like a slut, showing more skin than a married woman should be showing. Jan also caught her sending suspicious messages to other men. When he finally had enough, he decided to confront her about the rumors he's heard that she was born a man. He says that he pushed her against a wall and demanded the truth, and that's exactly what he got. She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on to remove her boy parts. (Ouch!)

Needless to say, Jan's world came crashing down around him and after hearing her confession, he got a little physical with Monica until the police came to their house. Jan is now receiving psychiatric treatment, which I can't blame him for, and has since tried to annul the marriage, but Belgian courts have rejected his requests and the couple, unfortunately, still lives together. I would make her life a living hell so that she would want to leave. What a dishonest, b**ch! Jan's lawyer is claiming that his client was scammed and that Monica forged her documents to get a residence permit. Jan's children, who lived with her for years, are also said to be devastated. I have to say this lady is a psycho and I think Jan should be able to punish her any way he sees fit because of the 19 years of deceit that he's had to live with! 

Monday, November 26, 2012


So, when they first passed the law to make medical marijuana legal, I was all for it! The problem is that I never saw this coming, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Personally, I'd love to see what you guys think about this. It turns out; a seven-year-old girl who is suffering from leukemia is one of Oregon’s youngest medical marijuana patients. That's right! Now, she doesn't smoke the marijuana like most of 'you' do. Her mother says that she gives her daughter marijuana pills to combat her side effects of chemotherapy, but her father, who lives in North Dakota, worries about the effects of the drug on her brain development, and at her age, he might have a point. 

Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with leukemia last spring. Her mother treats her with a gram of cannabis oil daily. She also credits the drug for the leukemia's remission and says she will try anything help her daughter. Mykayla says the drug helps her eat and sleep, but also makes her feel "funny." Her father, who is divorced from her mother, was so disturbed by his daughter's marijuana intake that he contacted child welfare officials, police and her oncologist. His concerns prompted a visit with Mykayla in August, where he says she was stoned out her mind, and all she wanted to do was lie on the bed and play video games. 

The father, Jesse Comstock, who works in a North Dakota oil field, pays child support to Mykayla's mother and covers Mykayla's health insurance. He said that he noticed strange behavior during an August visit and took Mykayla to a private lab, where technicians detected THC levels of an adult daily marijuana user. Gladstone police contacted Mykayla's mother, examined the little girl's medical marijuana paperwork, and told Mr. Comstock that there was little that they can do. Comstock, who admitted to using pot in the past, said he doesn't object to people over 16 using medical marijuana, but worries about his daughter's well-being and the potential for addiction. 

 Orgeon law requires no monitoring of a child's medical marijuana use by a pediatrician. The law instead invests authority in parents to decide the dosage, frequency and manner of a child's marijuana consumption. Yeah, I don't know about this. I'm all for people who are responsible adults smoking or using marijuana, but I'm not sure that I am okay with a 7-year-old using it. At that age, are their brains really fully developed? I don't even believe a 13-year-old's brain is fully developed. Then again she is only taking it in pill form and it's to combat her chemo side effects. This is why I am torn and am not really sure how I feel about this? I'd really like to hear from you parents out there......Who is right here? The mother or the father?  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Okay, I watched and read this story develop all week and I can't keep my mouth shut about it any longer! I never grew up with Elmo, but my younger cousins and niece and nephews were huge fans! I bought them the very popular "Tickle Me Elmo" dolls, which they still have to this day. Elmo had become an icon on Sesame Street exceeding the popularity of Bert and Ernie or even Big Bird. That's what makes this a sad say on the street they call Sesame. It turns out; Puppeteer Kevin Clash, the longtime voice of Elmo, resigned on Tuesday after a $5 million dollar lawsuit labeled him a pedophile who trolled telephone chat rooms in a hunt for underage lovers. Yeah, right! The lawsuit was actually the second filed against Clash this month. Earlier he was hit with allegations of a sexual relationship with an underage teenage boy. Those allegations were later recanted. 

This new suit filed by a Cecil Singleton, claims he was just 15 when the award-winning voice of the popular kids' character seduced him. Singleton recalled his first meeting with Clash in 2003, "He presented himself as the perfect gentleman. He told me how beautiful I was....After dinner, we walked and talked. He asked me if I might come to his apartment so he could give me a proper good-night kiss. He gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had experienced." Supposedly, a two-week romance ensued marked by mutual groping, masturbation and heavy make-out sessions followed despite Singleton's admission that he was just a high school sophomore. Not for nothing, but this sounds like a mutual relationship. It doesn't sound like Clash held a gun to the kids head and did all these things to him. If all of this is indeed true, I do agree that Clash was wrong to touch anyone less than 18 years of age, but according to the details given by Singleton, it sounds like two consenting adults, regardless of his age, on a date. Not once did he say that he didn't want to be kissed or groped. Why is he crying about it now? Because he needs money for school? Or maybe he's an attention whore. 

Anyway, Clash, who is 52, divorced his wife in 2003, and has a 19-year-old daughter. He's also been openly gay for many years, but that doesn't make him a kid-toucher. I've personally met Clash a few times when he came up to WKTU in New York City for an interview during our morning show, and I thought that he was this amazingly talented guy who can turn the Elmo voice on and off at any time! It was insane to watch. Regardless, I cannot picture this guy who held a 28-year career as Elmo looking to grope little kids! His sexual preference really doesn't matter. If these men, who say that they were touched by Clash back then, are telling the truth, why did they wait so long to say something? If I was molested or touched when I was underage, I would've told the authorities right away! I wouldn't have waited 8 years to start pointing fingers unless I wanted money from this celebrity!

Sesame Workshop granted Clash a leave of absence after the first allegation of sex with a minor, but it was Clash who resigned when the second allegation came out because he did not want anything to divert the Workshop's attention from their focus on serving as a leading educational organization. The Workshop noted that it was a sad day for Sesame Street and I have to agree. 

The first accuser, who recanted his allegation, just yesterday, said that he received a $125,000 settlement in return for recanting his charges. He is now saying that the relationship did happen and wants to return the settlement money. To me, this sounds like his lawyer saying, "We can get more than $125,000 from this guy! Return the money and let's get more!" I think that these two accusers are a couple of gay douchebags who are just looking for a quick pay day! They're obviously not realizing by making this a public affair, they just ruined a man's livelihood. Not to mention, they might've have ruined an icon for many kids growing up! Way to go, douchebags! Like I said, touching kids is extremely wrong! Why did these guys wait so long to press the panic button! Just wondering.....