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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Who doesn't love a good perverted doctor story? You have either fake doctors injecting women with hazardous material or perverted doctors who hit on their patients. What I want to know is how and why these doctors even get a license to practice medicine? They're clearly not stable people. Take Staten Island, New York's Dr. Mark Sherman. He was a sexually obsessed orthopedist who "went from X-rays to X-rated" (I can't even take credit for that one.) with a physically attractive patient, texting her a photo of his penis to cap off a year’s worth of creepy come-ons.

Dr. Sherman targeted 9/11 widow, Wanda Arena, after grabbing her phone number from a patient file when she came to him for surgery on a torn ACL in 2009. So, of all people, he chose to stalk a woman who lost her husband during 9/11. This doctor is a real piece of work. Arena, a toned fitness competitor, who flaunts her physique in string bikini contests, freaked when Sherman texted the perverse photo in the wee hours of October 5. Arena says that she was enraged and scared at the same time and asked, "Who does that?" Seriously, who wants to enrage a woman with muscle tone like Wanda Arena? She could probably kick Sherman's ass!

 Arena, who is now three months and engaged, angrily responded to Sherman's perverse text with "You're a sick, filthy animal! Don't ever call or text me again or I'll go to the police." Dr. Sherman responded with a nonchalant, "Ok, sorry." Arena filed a harassment complaint with cops at the 122nd Precinct, but didn't really pursue it further, thinking that would be 'going too far.' It was her fiancée who referred her to Dr. Sherman, who is actually a well-known Staten Island surgeon and civic leader, honored several times for his community service.

42-year-old, Arena said Sherman's three years of relentless wooing began with random phone calls and romantic poems sent by text before escalating to the penis photo. Despite Arena's cold shoulder, the messages continued. When they first began, Arena thought Sherman to be 'a little kooky' and tipsy, but she would eventually grow outraged and afraid. The midnight photo of Dr. Sherman's penis was accompanied with a message that read "Where R U?" with four phone calls to follow that she just ignored. Could it be that these drunk texts?

Dr. Sherman is a high-profile surgeon who led a team of local doctors into Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake. He's also the co-founder of the Unity Games, which blends basketball with workshops to eliminate ethnic tolerance among Staten Island middle school students. He divorced about a year ago and lives alone, which kind of explains some things, but this behavior is still intolerable for a respected doctor, such as himself. 

Wanda Arena is a part-time EMT, who lost her FDNY hero husband, Louis, in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. She's now engaged to a police officer, who also had knee surgery done by Sherman. She says that Sherman's behavior is insulting and it's also kind of put a little wedge between her and her fiancée at the moment. When stuff like this happens, it does suck, but I'm sure their relationship will survive. As for the doctor, I hope who loses everything that he worked for because who does this? He literally stole a phone number that was meant to be confidential and used it to virtually stalk one of his patients. He deserves to lose something and should definitely not get away with this. Did Dr. Weiner? He was ridiculed for months after his scandal. Let this be a lesson to any guy out there! Be careful who you send your penis shots to!

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