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Friday, August 30, 2013


This might be a bit silly of a story, but what the hell it's Friday! So, how long do you think you'd be able to hold a grudge for someone...or something that killed your pet cat? Well, apparently, Richard Moller of Boulder, Colorado couldn't hold his grudge any longer. He recently killed a raccoon while injuring another with a nail-studded board to avenge the killing of his cat a few years before. Okay, I understand loving your pet to pieces, but to kill an innocent animal is not the answer. 

Moller allegedly killed one of the critters and left another seriously wounded as payback against another raccoon that he said had murdered his prized puss. Gee, I wonder if the raccoon who is seriously wounded will warn the killer raccoon when he gets out of the animal hospital. Is this guy for real? The 50-year-old Boulder man reportedly jumped into a dumpster on Monday afternoon after spotting the creatures sniffing around it. He then allegedly picked up a plank of wood with nails sticking out of it and began beating the animals. Witnesses told police that the animals started "screaming and moaning." Moller supposedly screamed, "All raccoons must die!" as he continued the vicious assault, before jumping out of the dumpster and walking off. I'm sorry. This guy is an asshole and all, but screaming "All raccoons must die!" is fre
aking hilarious! He's like the hero of a kitty horror movie.

Police called to the scene found one dead raccoon and the other injured raccoon stumbled away before they could catch it. Moller was arrested and he told the officers he had seen raccoons kill his cat years ago. He now faces two counts of felony animal cruelty and remains at Boulder County Jail on $100 bond and is due to appear in court next Thursday. Can we all agree that there might be something wrong upstairs? There maybe the makings of a serial killer here? If he can kill an animal, he can kill a human being too. You might be thinking, "It's just a raccoon" and you would be right, but that raccoon is still a life whether it's a scavenger or not. Those two raccoons were just out looking for food. They weren't the ones who killed this guy's poor kitty. Basically, in human-related terms, his actions say, "Some Mexican guy killed my wife, so death to all Mexicans!" That's just not right. Moller is just another guy who needs to stay locked up and free from society.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


If a group of kids in their 20s threw something at your car and you were alone, would you get out of the car and ask them what their problem was? As tough as I think I am sometimes, I think I would keep driving. There is no way to overcome the numbers. Well, this is Ginger Slepski from Pittsburgh, PA, and she was brutally beaten on a Pittsburgh street, but she's claiming that attack was racially motivated. I'm not sure how it was racially motivated if she kind of went looking for a fight.

You see, Slepski, who is obviously white, confronted four black teenagers this past Sunday on the city's north side after they threw a bottle at her car. She says she was so mad and knew that the four black girls were younger, maybe in their early 20s. Slepksi claims that she got out of her car and yelled "What is your problem?" at the girls. Where the girls responded with "Shut up, white bitch!" While another yelled, "Get that white bitch!" A beat down followed the expletives, where Slepski was yanked to the pavement by her hair, while she was punched and kicked in the head. She started to worry that these girls would kill her. No duh! In what world would it be okay to pick a fight in the ghetto? If you do that, you're just asking for an ass kicking. It's called street smarts when you're in a city. Avoid trouble even if it comes looking for you. What the hell?

Slepski says, "The one punched me in the head, and I was on a set of concrete steps and my head hit the concrete so hard. Then they got on top of me and all their hands were on my hair. They kept telling each other to 'kick her in the head. Kick her head in the concrete.'" The teens continued the beating even as another woman threatened to call the police. A man finally came and broke the melee up. The girls, ages 14, 15, and 16, were arrested and charged with robbery and ethnic intimidation. Slepski said, "I do feel like it was racially motivated, and I grew up in this neighborhood." She suffered numerous injuries, including shoulder ligaments. She hasn't been able to return to work and now she is worried about providing for her daughters. Aw, boo-hoo! Not for nothing, Slepski, but so what? They threw a bottle at your car. Did they hurt you then? If not, you should've got in your car and left. Teenagers or not, you were outnumbered. You went looking for a fight and you got your ass kicked! Don't go crying that you can't work now or how the beat down was racially motivated. You went to them and asked what their problem was. I'm sorry, but many of you might not agree with me, but she deserved this ass kicking. Any normal person would've gotten in their car and just drove away. So, sorry if you get no sympathy from me. Just because she called you a "white bitch" doesn't make it racially motivated. They were just calling it as they see it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This girl really is as dumb as she looks! She is Amanda Catherine Hein from Allentown, Pennsylvania and she gave birth in the bathroom of a sports bar, smothered her newborn in a trash bag and then left him to die in the tank of the toilet. Would you say this is a crime punishable by death? This is one sick chick! The 26-year-old is being held without bail and was charged with criminal homicide. In the state of Pennsylvania, the intentional murder of a child under 12 is a capital offense. 

The baby boy, whom Hein carried for 33 to 36 weeks, was alive and healthy when she delivered him at Starters Pub in Bethlehem, PA on August 18. Hein was there watching WWE's Summer Slam (Big shock!) with a group of friends when her back began hurting. She went to the bathroom for what seemed like a long time and returned to the table. It was almost like she went to the bathroom to take a dump. The only problem was that crap didn't come out. A baby boy did. One of Hein's pals told police that when she came back to the table, she grabbed her purse and then went outside to smoke. It was only after she and her friends left the pub, did workers make the horrifying discovery in the women's bathroom. What an animal!

Bar owner, Dave Rank was in a state of shock. He said, "One of my guys was trying to flush toilets to clean the inside. They were having problems, so he lifted the tank up and inside the take was a fetus." Rank then went looking for answers talking to police and his church. According to police, they believe Hein realized she was pregnant in either May or June but didn't tell anyone. When she left her friends in the bar, she disappeared into the bathroom for about 40 minutes and ignored their texts asking if she was okay. She eventually returned stained in blood, which she asked everyone to ignore and they did.

The group watched the remainder of the Summer Slam Pay-Per-View before her friend drove her home. He told police that she even asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, but she told him that she didn't have insurance and to just drop her off at her house. When workers found the baby, they say it wasn't hard to link it back to Hein because of the large amounts of blood discovered at the booth she was sitting at in which she was the only female. Hein's grandmother, who lives with her, was stunned and stated that she didn't even know the girl was pregnant.

Police are currently looking for the father, but what good will that do? Hein is due back in court on September 5. Pennsylvania, like 48 other states, has a "safe haven law" which allows parents to turn over unwanted babies without criminal prosecution. In this case, Hein did not take advantage of that law and chose to take a life. Yes, the baby was only a few minutes old, but the fact is she took a life and that deserves severe punishment. I don't support hitting women, but looking at her picture above makes me want to punch her in the face because she is an absolute moron! Who does that? There are people who can't have kids out there and would've loved to adopt this white trash piece of crap's unwanted child. Stories like this get me so aggravated and prove more and more that as a society, we are doomed!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


That vacation felt great! I got to spend some time with some people that I haven't seen in years while seeing the beauty this great nation has to offer. Now, back to the buzzkilling! Okay, maybe a bad choice of words on my part, but this is 29-year-old James Tadros of Jacksonville, Florida. He is being charged with trying to kill a 9-year-old girl in a Best Buy bathroom by jamming a plastic bag over her head and stuffing her face in a toilet before employees finally decided to intervene. That's right! This a-hole, who is probably four times the girl's size, thought it might be fun to kill a little girl. Why do people think the way they do?

One customer heard the girl screaming and crying inside the women's restroom at the Jacksonville Best Buy store and notified store staff right away. An employee looked under the stall and discovered a horrific scene. Tadros had kicked and beaten the girl bloody and was forcing her head inside the toilet. The 6-foot, 250-pound bully dropped the girl, and she escaped beneath the stall to one employee who whisked her out of the restroom. Other Best Buy employees held Tadros down until sheriff's deputies arrived. This guy is absolutely psychotic!

The girl told investigators that Tadros was an absolute stranger and he punched and kicked her before putting the bag over her head. So, there was no relation to the little girl at all. So, basically, Tadros thought it would be a great idea to walk into a Best Buy find a 9-year-old and beat the everlasting piss out of her. I'm not sure this guy is the type of guy you would want babysitting your kids. Not that I condone child molestation, but I'm a little surprised that he chose to beat her rather than to sexually abuse the little girl, which tells me he was out to hurt someone. Why a little girl rather than a little boy? Why a child as opposed to an adult? Sounds like this guy, Tadros, might be nothing but a pussy! There, I said it! 

 Surveillance video shows Tadros luring the girl away from her mother before the attack. He was taken to the police station where he trashed the interview room and was charged with attempted murder, false imprisonment and criminal mischief. Best Buy spokesman Jon Sandler said the company offered counseling for the employees involved, who were vigilant enough to be heroes. They basically saved that little girls life. Tadros is just another guy who needs to stay behind bars and out of society. Who acts like this but someone mentally unstable? How can we assure our children safety when you have psychos like this guy around? There had to have been a motive. If not, this guy is sicker than I thought.

Friday, August 16, 2013


First off, my apologies now; this will be the last blog for a week. Buzzkill Tim is a getting some much needed time off, but I do really appreciate you for tuning in every day. Now, wanting to leave you off with a bang, I did find a story about a Geek Squad employee, who stole some girl's nude photos off of her laptop and distributed them online, but then this story came up and I had to write about it because you've done it and I've done it. 

We've all photobombed someone's picture before right? You know, where you jump into someone else's posed photo without them knowing it. Well, these three monsters decided to give an innocent man a beat down for accidentally photobombing their picture. That's right! Terrell Moore, Lindsye Newton and Bryanna Warren from Denver, Colorado are facing charges for beating a man unconscious after he accidentally stepped into the frame of one of their photos. The unidentified victim suffered facial damage, intracranial hemorrhaging and permanent blindness in his right eye. 

The incident happened in the early morning hours of May 11, when the man accidentally stepped into the shot outside a bar and infuriated Bryanna Warren, who began arguing with and pushing the man around. The man would push back to get the intoxicated Warren off of him, but Warren and her buddy, Lindsye Newton decided to trail the victim, while lobbing insults at him and belittling him. For what? Accidentally, stepping into your shot? These two needed to get over themselves. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! It's not like the guy stepped into their shot and threw out "Jazz Hands" or something. Anyway, the man would eventually grow tired of the insults and this time pushed both women away. This is when their male friend, Terrell Moore, stepped in and allegedly punched the victim unconscious. 

A police officer, who witnessed the blow, tried to protect the sprawled out man, but Newton kept pummeling him with her purse, even though the guy was already out cold. Kick him while he's down, you piece of crap! Moore is being charged with second-degree assault and causing serious bodily injury. Newton and Warren are each being charged with third-degree assault on an at-risk adult "for allegedly continuing to assault the victim while he was lying unconscious on the ground." The trio is set to appear in a Denver Courtroom on August 22 and 23.

I hope these three go to jail for while. Who acts like that? In this day and age of digital cameras, you can take as many photos as you want. If someone stepped in your shot, just hit the "delete" button! It's not a big deal and not worth beating someone up over it. These were just some low-class scum, who have no business being a part of society. Throw them in jail with the rest of the animals if they choose to act like one. I also feel that if Moore was a real man with common sense, he would've told the two women to cut the crap rather than hit a guy for ''accidentally" walking into their shot. Absolutely ridiculous!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Enough of the animal cruelty stories and back to teachers screwing students! The feedback that I keep getting from many of you is that for some reason, you love the teacher-student sex stories. Well, it's been awhile, but another one has come to the forefront. This is 31-year-old Summer Hansen, a special education teacher at Centennial High School in Corona, California. She's reportedly offered sex as a "prize" to a handful of her male students and now she's being charged with 16 felonies involving five underage boys. Here's my question: if she's a special ed teacher, does that mean these underage boys were "special?"

Anyway, according to the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Hansen allegedly had inappropriate relations with the minors in her classroom, a school utility room, her parked vehicle and one of the victim's homes this past school year. The charges, which were filed on Tuesday, include unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, unlawful oral copulation with a minor and sending harmful matter to a minor. If convicted, Hansen faces up to 13 years in a state prison. She was arrested back in June and has since posted bail. 

According to a search warrant affidavit, Hansen allegedly propositioned one student using suggestive text messages asking the student what he wanted as a "prize" for his performance in a baseball game. If he was "special", I'm sure his response was ice cream or something like that. She reportedly ended the exchange saying that she wanted to have sex with the student. Maybe ice cream turns her on? She also sent the unnamed 17-year-old, identified as John Doe Number One, photos of her in her underwear and naked on a tanning bed. I have to be honest; I don't believe she did any of these things. I would need to see proof. Let's be serious here for a minute. She's not a bad looking girl. Why would she think that she would have to go after high school kids for sex? Is her self-esteem that low that she feels that she couldn't get someone her age to find her attractive? Or did she just have a fetish of "special" kids?

John Doe Number One later reported engaging in a sex act with Hansen during a Saturday detention session where students normally received discipline or caught up on missed work. The affidavit also stated that two other students told John Doe Number One that they also had sex with Hansen. If that's the case then anyone can say they had sex with Hansen. Proof needs to be provided the way it was by John Doe Number One. 

Hansen is set to be arraigned sometime today. Her lawyer stated back in July that the teacher, who is now on administrative leave, denies any wrongdoing. He claims that it appears he phone was hacked because some of her friends, neighbors and relatives received suggestive texts. If this is true, where's the proof. If her family member received photos of her naked on a tanning bed or in her underwear, I might be inclined to believe her, but what about the kids that actually said they had sex with her? Oh, that's right! They're "special!" No one believes those guys anyway!