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Thursday, October 31, 2013


"What the hell" is basically the best I can say about this story. In yesterday's blog, I complained about how it's a complete coincidence that many of these stories seem to be coming from China a lot lately and today, I will continue that tradition as this disturbing story really caught my attention. 

You see, 26-year-old Yang Hu, a Chinese bachelor, who was really depressed about his love life, or lack there of, so he decided to slice his own penis off in the hope that he'd stop thinking about finding a girlfriend. What f**k is wrong with people? Seriously? Cutting off your penis will make you stop thinking about girls? I mean, I know the joke is that we, men think with our penises, but come on! 

Yang reportedly hacked off his junk at around 9 p.m. on Sunday after returning to his tiny apartment in Jiaxing in the Zhejiang province of China. A few seconds after he lopped off his goods, he had a change of heart and rode his bicycle to the hospital for treatment. Here's where the "Oh shit!" moment happened. He forgot to bring his severed manhood with him to the ER. Once he arrived and realized he forgot it at home, doctors ordered him to ride back home and get it. That is hilarious! This poor guy is bleeding with no penis and he rode a bicycle to the ER only to be told to ride back and get his penis. The doctors didn't even care that he was bleeding and in pain or anything. Then again, the penis was probably so small that he probably didn't even realize that it was gone and that's why he left it behind.

Anyway, he returned to the hospital for a second time, and the doctors realized that his organ had been without blood for too long and therefore, could not be reattached. OH MY GOD! According to reports, Yang had been feeling low since moving to the city because his long work hours at a clothing factory meant he was unable to find a female companion. His friends have blasted doctors for not providing an ambulance, claiming if he hadn't been forced to bike back, then his privates could have been saved. 

Here's my two cents; a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a guy in China who lost his nose in a car accident and was actually able to grow another nose on his forehead. Well, Yang can do the same! Yang can grow a wang on his forehead and once it grows to a certain size, he can have the surgeon place it where his old penis used to be. It sounds like a logical surgery to me. The only bad thing is that this guy will have to walk around with a penis on his forehead for a little while. Thank God he's Chinese! He could just say it's a pimple!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Okay, let me just get the facts straight first; I'm not picking these stories from China on purpose. I know it seems like I've written quite a few stories from the mother land, but it's all coincidental. I swear! 

Anyway, this story is quite disturbing! You see, a Chinese woman recently arranged to have a hot sex blind date with a mysterious online lover. So, who cares, right? Millions of people do this, right? Well, the girl was surprised when she discovered her online lover was her own father-in-law. That is priceless! Its sounds like something out of a Chinese soap opera. 

28-year-old Lili, as she was called, and 57-year-old Wang Pai (I'm sure that means Big Wang in English!), were both using fake profiles when they started talking in an Internet chat room. After hitting it off and unaware of each other's true identity, they agreed to meet in person at a hotel in Heilongjiang province in Northeast China for some raw, passionate sex. What scantily clad Lili didn't expect to find when she opened the door to her room, was her father-in-law standing in the door way waiting to meet his mysterious sex kitten. She was stunned! And I'm sure, so was he!

Oh, it gets better. Hold on to your seatbelts for this one! To make matters even worse than they already were, Lili's husband, Wang Jai (I'm sure that means Little Wang in English!) showed up at the hotel after reading her emails only to proceed to punch her in the face and attack his father. The older Wang said, "When I opened the door, I don't know if she was more surprised or me. She turned and ran off down the hallway into her husband, my son, who had been following her. He started shouting and then he attacked her, and then he attacked me."

The younger Wang, who allegedly knocked out two of his wife's teeth and gave his father a head injury that required hospital treatment, was arrested and held for five days. Why? He just caught his wife cheating with his dad. Why should he be punished? She deserved it and so did the father. Then again, this all could have been avoided if Big Wang was smarter. If he was a quick thinker like I am, he could've asked the girl why she was cheating on his son when she opened the door. I mean, I know he was stunned, but he could've pretended to have been following her for his son's sake this way when the son showed up, he could've also used that angle. She probably still would've gotten popped in the face by her husband, but at least the father and son relationship would have been bonded still. Unfortunately, he's not a quick thinker and all hell broke loose. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I'm not even sure what to make of this. All I know is that it's weird as hell. Well, would you believe me if I told you that this toddler is actually a 20-year-old woman? Of course, you wouldn't! I wouldn't believe me either!

The truth is this is 20-year-old Brooke Greenberg of Reistertown, Maryland. She passed away last week, but her life puzzled the medical field for years because she looked and acted like a toddler for every one of those 20 years. Her extremely rare condition would eventually become known as "Syndrome X." How appropriate! 

In the womb, Brooke would not develop one month and play catch-up the next, but that stopped around the age of 5 when all development stopped for her. Brooke was born a month early at just four pounds with a rare condition--anterior hip dislocation. She needed surgery because her dislocated hips pushed her forward and put her legs in an awkward position. The family realized something was wrong as Brooke's younger sister aged past her, so they brought her to see many different specialists in search of answers. Her condition, however, baffled all of them. 

Doctors told the Greenbergs to prepare for Brooke's death several times. They even picked out a casket and clothing for her funeral many years ago. Scientists have studied Brooke's DNA in hopes to learn more about human aging and extending youth. I'm sure no one will complain if they found a way to keep us younger. Brooke reportedly developed a strong sense of individual identity later in life, enjoyed hugs and loved her parents and sisters. Her family said that she loved football claiming the Baltimore Ravens as her team. Brooke was buried this past weekend. 

Like I said, I don't know what to make of this. I do know that if these doctors were studying her because she looked young, then they might want to examine me as well. I'm a 40-year-old male, everyone thinks is in is 20s or 30s. Damn, I must look good for my age! Is anyone else not buying the fact that this little girl was really 20-years-old?

Monday, October 28, 2013


Just in time for Halloween, I have for you what seems to be one of the scariest places on earth! This is not one of those set-up haunted amusement parks like Great Adventure or Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. This is an actual abandoned amusement park that is actually the home to ghosts. This is no joke!

It's been decades since the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was filled with the laughter of children. According to the local legend though, the park is still a playground for ghosts. The southern West Virginia park was been abandoned back in 1966, after the accidental deaths of two its patrons, but it seems Lake Shawnee's haunted history reaches much further back. 

Word has it; Mercer County was home to a Native American tribe until 1783, when a European family attempted to settle the land and sparked a turf war. The patriarch of the family was a farmer named Mitchell Clay, who was out hunting one day, when a band of Native Americans reportedly killed his youngest son, Bartley. One of his daughters was knifed to death during the melee and his eldest son, Ezekial was kidnapped and burned at the stake. Mitchell Clay would then enlist the help of other white settlers to seek vengeance for his family. After burying his children, he murdered several of the Native Americans. 

Centuries later, in the 1920s, a businessman named Conley T. Snidow purchased the site of the Clay farm and developed it into an amusement park. He built a swing set, a ferris wheel, and opened up the pond for swimming, but unfortunately death still hung over that cursed piece of land. A little girl in a pink ruffled dress met her demise when after climbing the circling swing set, she was killed after a trunk backed into the path of the swing. In another story, a little boy, drowned in the amusement park's swimming pool. According to records, the amusement park's rides were responsible for a total of six deaths and would eventually shut down, but its structures were left to rot and rust. 

The park's new owner, Gaylord White, says he can hear the wooden swings creak, even though there is no wind to push them. He says sometimes the seats would start to move underneath your hand until you feel cold air blowing through the seat. When you get to the middle of the park, you feel something warm and he believes that's the little girl's spirit. White's son said he's even seen the little girl, with her dress covered in blood. He said, "She looked at me and as long as she looked me, I couldn't move." 

Paranormal investigators now frequent the amusement park and the Travel Channel has even featured this place in its "Most Terrifying Places in America" show.  White has opened Lake Shawnee up for a week  for daring visitors who want to see the place for themselves. It's opened from now until Halloween and he says flashlights are mandatory, though you may not like what you see. You know what I say to that? NO THANKS!   

Friday, October 25, 2013


This story will have you shaking your head all weekend! So, some psychotic Texas mother nearly pulled her 6-year-old son's genitals off in a fit of rage and actually tried to glue them back on with Crazy Glue of all things! Is that NUTS or what? Oops! Sorry! That was a bad choice of words. 

Anyway, 34-year-old, Jennifer Marie Vargas allegedly grabber her son by the scrotum and ripped open his sac, as I sit here typing this with my legs crossed, at their home on the San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston military base in San Antonio back on September 27. With the little boy screaming in agony, she reportedly used alcohol to clean the would before trying to fix him up with the industrial adhesive. When the bleeding stopped, she then allegedly stuffed his underwear with paper towels before sending him to bed without seeking medical treatment. What the hell is wrong with people? First of all, if you're going to abuse your child, why the hell would you go of the genitals? If I was that little boy, I would have punched her so hard in her cooch!

Vargas's husband, who works at the base for the Army, returned home to find his son crying in his bedroom. Spotting the bloody tissue in his underwear, he immediately took him to the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Doctors discovered the boy had a 1.5-inch laceration to his scrotum and bruising to his penis area. An investigation was launched and on Wednesday, Vargas was arrested and charged with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction resulting in serious bodily injury. She remains in custody pending a bail hearing on Monday. If she's convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison. Good! And she should stay there! What happened to an old fashioned spanking when kids were bad? I think the craziest part of the story is that she actually tried to Crazy Glue his nuts back together. What kind of person would do this? Didn't she know that Gorilla Glue is much better? Just sayin'!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Here's my 'WTF' moment of the week! This might sound like a really bad joke, but here it goes. So, this guy walks into the doctor because he was suffering from abdominal pain. What he was diagnosed with was pretty stunning. He found out that he is genetically a woman! Did you get all that? HE IS A SHE!

This 66-year-old Chinese (go figure!) patient, who was raised a male and is short in stature only standing 4 feet, 5 inches tall, was able to grow a beard, and has sexually ambiguous genitals, with a micropenis (Sounds like he fits the stereotype!) and no detectable testicles. That's what the doctors at Hong Kong's Kwong Wah Hospital noted, anyway. 

When doctors examined the man further, they found that he has internal organs of a female, and that his stomach pain was caused by a large, benign ovarian cyst. The patient was said to have a rare combination of Turner syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Turner syndrome occurs when a female lacks two X chromosomes, while CAH affects the production of cortisol by the adrenal glands. Both can interfere with the development of reproductive organs and the appearance of secondary sex characteristics. What the hell?

One doctor stated, "The patient, by definition, is a woman who cannot get pregnant. But she also has CAH, which gave her the appearance of a man. It's an interesting and very rare case of having the two combinations. It probably won't be seen again in the near future." Only six cases of a patient with both Turner syndrome and CAH have been reported in medical literature. 

The patient intends to keep living life as a man and may undergo hormone replacement therapy. Here's what I think; It sounds to me that when this she-male was born, China was in the middle of their one male child rule, so the family decided to raise the child as a boy, so they didn't have to get rid of her. I mean, who has no balls and thinks they're a boy? And what the hell is a micropenis? This story is just NUTS! Or lack there of!

Monday, October 21, 2013


And here I thought the Philadelphia fans were bad. It's not secret that fans of Philadelphia sports teams are passionate and aren't afraid to pick a fight when it comes to rooting for their team. Well, it seems a certain Jets fan took a page out of the Philly fan's book, but took the fight to a totally new level when he punched a woman in the face. Yup! I said he punched a woman!

The unidentified Gang Green goon punched a woman at Met Life stadium during a postgame skirmish at this Sunday's Jets-Patriots game. The fight erupted near one of the exit gates following the intense overtime victory where the Jets won on a field goal. The douchebag, wearing a Wayne Chrebet jersey and camouflage pants, clocked a slender blonde woman square in the face before he was quickly separated from the fracas. The worst part is there is a 35-second clip on line that shows no sign of security intervening. That's great!

A spokesperson for the Jets said, "We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior. Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police." State Police are currently investigating the incident. Now, I know fights happen at games, but come on! If you're going to hit somebody and you're a guy, make sure you hit another dude. To hit a girl is just cowardly! My other gripe is where the hell was security? Usually, when there is a fight at these games, security is usually on it like flies on shit. What happened here when a guy hits a girl? By the way, should it shock me that this guy was a Jets fan?

Take a look at this video clip:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I didn't get to blog yesterday, but I did see this story and was floored! Some of you might have seen this story already, but for those of you who haven't, get ready to be sick to your stomachs. 

So, apparently, a 12-year-old Queens girl has been busted for killing a kitten by hurling it in front of a passing car, then coldly boasting to authorities and witnesses that she'd do it again! The shocking case of animal abuse left the owner of the 3-month-old feline, also known as Little Man, in tears. Witnesses watched Little Man's horrific demise and were disgusted by the accused tween killer's actions and callousness. One witness heard her gloat after tossing the kitten into oncoming traffic, “I would do it again if I could!"

Little Man, a gray tabby with black stripes and a frisky disposition, never really stood a chance, lamented its devastated owners, Nannette Licari and Robert Salerno. Licari came home asking for 'the little guy' when her husband broke the horrific news to her. The heartbreaking brutality unfolded on September 11 around 3:30 pm at the corner of 102nd Street and 101st Avenue in Ozone Park. Following a little over 3 weeks of investigating, officers from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrested the juvenile this past Thursday. 

The girl, whose name was withheld for her own safety, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony that could get an adult two years behind bars. What the hell happens in Queens? A few years ago, I remember blogging about a guy who threw his puppy off a rooftop in Astoria. Trust me; my fiancée still wants a piece of that guy. Don't they say that children who hurt animals eventually become serial killers?

Licari and Salerno said they didn't even know the girl. According to officials, the accused kitty killer coaxed Little Man into her clutches after passing by and spotting him outside of its owner’s home. The girl was with four or five pals, who began toying with the kitten. A store manager at Key Foods saw the tweens playing with the kitten, tossing him back and forth, and saw the girl toss him into the street. The store manager said that Little Man was crushed by a car; he tried crawling across the street, but eventually died. Scolded by a stunned owner of a nearby salon who saw the heartless act, the girl boasted, "I would do it again if I could!" What a sicko!

ASPCA officers stopped the girl this past Thursday as she walked home from school near the scene of the cat's death and she denied the charges, but the officers already had enough evidence to arrest her. Her brother defended her calling her an animal lover, who has a dog and two parrots at home and would never harm an innocent kitten. If this is so, then why were there witnesses pointing her out? Why were there witnesses saying that she was gloating about the incident? Was she doing it to show off in front of her friends?

A story came out today stating that she was afraid to go back to school and face her friends. WHO CARES? She better say good bye to her friends because I think this little girl is going away for a little while. Just the way, I'd like to see justice served to the person who killed our cat, Attila, at UPenn Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia, I'd like to see justice served to this girl. She took a life and she needs to pay!

Monday, October 14, 2013


New York City's Comic Con is something that I look forward to every year. Call me a geek, call me a nerd, call me loser; I could care less. This place is like Disney World for all of us geek's, nerd's and losers. Last year, we only went for a day, and realized that if you want to see everything that Comic Con has to offer, you need to spend more than a day there. So, this year, we purchased 4-day passes, which was the length of Comic Con, but were only able ton attend  for three of the four days due to our work schedules. Because we missed the first day, we missed out on many of the exclusives the show had to offer, but there was still so much there.

New York City Comic Con has been sold out since April and one thing that we agreed on was that the  Cos Play costumes were above and beyond this year compared to last year. Some guy was dressed like the 1960's TV show Batman and his costume and gut were dead on! There was a set of twins that played Clark Kent and Superman that I thought was genius, and there was a guy who looked exactly like actor Simon Pegg, who dressed like three of his characters on three different days. The use of kids this year was amazing too! One family dressed like the Last Airbender, which I thought was hilarious. Laila said that she saw The Incredibles and we both saw one little boy, who was dressed like Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter and he looked like a dead ringer. I swear these Cos Play people must practice their poses in the mirror or something because anytime you asked if you can take a photo of them, they got right into their stances. It was great! Laila wants to dress like the Wonder Twins, but it will never happen because I cannot and will not wear tights. No way!

Another thing that I love about these Comic Book Conventions is the rarities that you can buy here that can't be found anywhere else. For instance, the artists this year were absolutely amazing. We must have spent a cool grand on artwork alone. There were some amazing comic book artists, but there were many independent artists there as well. It was just cool to be in one big room of creative people. There was so much to see in this artist alley that you can literally spend a full day going up and down each aisle, which we did. 

And no for my gripes about Comic Con. First of all, way too many people! Secondly, the panels and screenings were impossible to get into. We tried to get into the Walking Dead panel and there was a line around the building to get in for that. You would have literally had to wait there for 4 hours to get in. Why would I want to wasted 4 hours standing in a line? I think they should make you get first come, first serve tickets for the panels next year, or at least limit them. Another thing that really bothered me was the autograph signings, which is a big thing at Comic Con. This year, Anthony Daniels, who played C3-PO in Star Wars, was there, Sigourney Weaver, Sylvester Stallone, William Shatner, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Hulk Hogan, just to name a few. It's cool to see these people, but $500 for an autograph from Sylvester Stallone? Really? $200 for an autograph from Sigourney Weaver? I mean I like these actors, but an autograph? These actors are making hand over fist at these conventions. Last year, Carrie Fisher charged like $200 also and I thought that was ridiculous, but Stallone topped her this year.

All-in-all, I thought this year's Comic Con was fun and filled with some really cool things, but I'm not sure that I would do it again next year. The crowds were ridiculous. Everything seemed unorganized, but when I look back, I can't say that I had a horrible time. That's the sad part! I might say I won't be going next year, but that's what I said last year too!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Every guy fantasizes about having a threesome, but how many actually refuse to have one? Better yet, how many refuse to have a threesome and get stabbed in the eye for it? That's what La Crystal King-Woolfork did to her boyfriend. Okay, first of all, shorten your name! For the love of God! Do you really need to have four names? Maybe your man might have had that threesome with you if you had a shorter name. 

Anyway, King-Woolfork, from Florida, stabbed her boyfriend in the eye after he refused to have a threesome with her and a female friend. Who does that? She allegedly freaked out when her lover said no to sex after she drunkenly stumbled into their Vero Beach home at 4 a.m. on September 27. According to police, the 28-year-old grabbed a large knife and rammed it into his face, but her victim managed to disarm his psychotic girlfriend and hid the weapon between the mattress of the bed before fleeing the scene. After calling the authorities, the boyfriend was taken to Indian River Medical Center to be treated for a 4-inch laceration to his right shoulder and a small cut to his head. King-Woolfork was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

One news source reports that she denies stabbing the victim, but did confess to hitting her partner several times with a metal candle holder after he allegedly banged her head several times during the resulting scuffle. My guess is that she was so wasted that she thought the knife was a metal candle holder, and to be honest, if someone came at me with a knife, your damn straight I'm going to bang your head several times against the wall. 

The bottom line is this guy was attacked for not wanting to have a threesome. Did it ever occur to anyone that the other girl was an absolute pig and he would be risking his life having sex with that other person. Oh, wait! His girlfriend is also an absolute pig and he did risk his life just being with her. I guess this guy loses either way!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I actually saw this story yesterday and thought it was a rather interesting thought. Yes, it's about the TSA again. Trust me; I'm not picking on you guys! It's just a coincidence!

Anyway, with state laws rapidly changing in regards to the legality of marijuana use, the Transportation Safety Administration, or the TSA, is struggling to present a clear message whether it permit airline passengers to fly with a bag of weed. As a federal agency, the TSA remains bound to enforce federal law, although, medical marijuana use has been legalized in 20 states, and recreational use of the drug has been approved in two states, but marijuana remains outlawed on a federal level. 

However, that being said, on their website, the TSA makes it clear that its agents are NOT searching out the drug. It states: "TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs. In the event a substance that appears to be marijuana is observed during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement official. Whether or not marijuana is considered 'medical marijuana' under local law is not relevant to TSA screening because TSA is governed by federal law and federal law provides no basis to treat medical marijuana any differently than non-medical marijuana." So, basically, they are saying that the discovery of pot in someone's carry-on or checked bag does not automatically mean that a passenger will be turned over to local police. The agency added that the final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane. 

Quantity may be the key to the TSA's response also. On September 25, TSA agents at LAX discovered 100 pounds marijuana showed up in a passenger's checked luggage. The marijuana was valued at $300,000 and was promptly handed over to the DEA agents and the LAPD, though the owner of the luggage was never located. In some states where medical marijuana is legal, passengers have reported presenting their paperwork to TSA agents, who have allowed them to continue onto flights with their pot. That hesitance to intervene has marijuana rights activists smiling from ear to ear. 

I have to be honest, that bag in the picture looks really nice! I'm only kidding! In being honest, even if they did allow it on planes, I still don't think I would carry it on. It's too much of a hassle. Just buy some at your destination if you're that desperate. I mean 100 pounds is a bit much, but I doubt the TSA will nab you for a dime bag or a 20-bag or something like that. Besides, the TSA will let a 9-year-old boy fly from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. Do you really think they're capable of catching you with marijuana? See how I did that? Full circle! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What would you do if you found out that your Spanish teacher once posed for Playboy? I know what I would do and it involves some alone time, some tissues, and a jar of...well, you know what I mean! Anyway, a high school Spanish teacher in Texas is under fire after it emerged that she once posed in the nude for Playboy. 

21-year-old, Cristy Nicole Deweese has become the talk of Townview Magnet High School in Dallas, TX after students found out she'd taken her clothes off for the very popular men's magazine. As an 18-year-old, Deweese was featured as "Coed of the Month" in February 2011, where she went full-frontal for her fans. Word is she also donned winter bunny gear and lingerie and even simulated lesbian sex with another model. "My butt looks great in jeans, panties, or nothing," was her quote in the magazine. She went on to say in the popular men's rag, "My legs are long. But my favorite thing about my body is my breasts. They're small, but real, nicely shaped and I don't have to worry about back pain, bras, men staring or anything." Screw alone time! I might not make it! Besides, I'd like to see her breasts for myself to be a judge of that! Thank God for Google!

All of her shots are still online to see, which also means her teen male students have most likely been checking out what their senora was up to in her heyday. One outraged parent asked, "Are her male 16- and 17-year-old students looking at her without picturing her nude?" I say who cares? They didn't need Playboy for that! I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this from my old classmates, but I used to picture all of my female teachers nude all the time and they never posed for Playboy. With a teacher this hot, she would have been a pleasure to fantasize about. Another parent questioned, "For female students, is this someone they can respect as an educator, someone that they can look up to?" Um, yes? Let's see. I bet because of this photo shoot, she grossed more from this shoot that this parent in would earn in five years. Does that make for a smart business woman or not? She found a way to make quick money. Why wouldn't a young female student look up to her? 

The Dallas school district has not commented on the hot photos yet, which were taken when she was not even employed as a teacher yet. They did say it is a personal matter, though. I think these parents need to lighten up. If she's a good teacher, she's a good teacher. I bet all of their sons have not missed a Spanish class since school started. I know that if I was one of her students, I would be there every class, creepily gawking at her. Yeah, she might be naked online somewhere, but that just leaves little to the imagination now. Imagination is what makes life fun!