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Monday, December 30, 2013


What else do we have to do to stop making talentless hacks like Britney Spears famous celebrities? I mean, the girl has been caught lip-syncing on many occasions, yet people continue to buy her CDs and concert tickets. She's ugly, she crazy and she has no talent whatsoever! Wake up, people!

The 32-year-old talentless pop star was recently busted again for lip-syncing her way through her over-hyped Vegas residency. Okay, I understand that with all of the dancing she does on stage, it might be best to sing to a track so you don't sound to out of breath, but to lip-sync the entire show is cheating your fans. That's no better than going to a Disney show. Then again, she is a former Mousketeer! Maybe old habits die hard!

Anyway, it was revealed back in September that the pop star was planning on lip-syncing during her "Britney: Piece of Me" shows, but her management denied any such claims. Britney began her Planet Hollywood residency this past Friday night to a full house at the Axis Theater, but fans were left disappointed. According to one witness, "The singer appeared to be lip-syncing for the majority of her performance that went for high energy dance numbers such as 'Womanizer' as well as slower-paced ballads like 'Perfume,' for which Spears took a seat on stage."

Britney was being paid in the ballpark of $15 million a year for a total of 96 concerts and according to sources, ticket sales have been atrocious. Fans even took to Twitter to vent about their annoyance of having forked out hundreds of dollars for the show. Well, not for nothing, but it serves these people right for even spending a dime on this lip-syncing psycho. She was cooler when she shaved her head and started beating cars with an umbrella. One fan tweeted: "Britney Spears may be the only 'live' performer with the chutzpah to lip-sync to a song where she used AutoTune." He's right! Who the hell does that live? Another fan Tweeted: "I just watched Britney's show and her lip-sync was off by like 5 seconds."

Back in September after Britney's lip-syncing revelations, Team Britney went into meltdown mode and ordered up a cheat sheet to be used by Planet Hollywood staff when answering questions on the subject with statements like: "Yes, she will be singing live! Certainly, she will be singing live!" It never pays to lie because the truth always comes out in the end! Those behind the show are now concerned about ticket sales for the rest of the residency. They say, "What everyone here is worried about is, once fans wake up to the fact they are being cheated, they won't come to the show." No kidding! Who likes to be cheated? If I wanted to hear lip-syncing, I would just buy the CD or download the song. What am I paying for the dancing and the visuals? I can pay less to go to a strip club!

Can this be the end for the girl that I met 15 years ago in the Z100 conference room? She came in wearing a sundress, her face full of pimples, and she seemed so innocent. I remember her coming in with lunch for our staff to promote her song "Hit Me Baby One More Time." That seems like eons ago! 15 years later, Britney's latest CD Britney Jean, which was released back in November, opened with the lowest sales of her career. Sounds to me like her fans have finally outgrown Britney or it might be time for her to pull a Bieber and retire from music.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Now, for the past couple of months, we've been watching groups of black kids in urban cities walk around in packs playing a game called "knockout," where they would walk up to an unsuspecting bystander and sucker-punch them in the face as hard as they can in an attempt to knock them out. The problem is that the majority of the victims have been older in age and of all things, white. To me, that sounds like a racial issue; the fact that they are only trying to knock out those who are not black. In all of the stories that I've read about this obnoxious game, not once have I read that they were racist attacks, though it was blatantly obvious, and that is why I'm confused by this story. 

Those who know me, know that I am not a racist person, but what is fair is fair, right? Well, a Texas man is being charged with a federal hate crime for allegedly breaking a 79-year-old man's jaw in what authorities are describing as a racist take on the "knockout game." Hello! The "knockout game" has been a racist game all along! Take a look back at all of the past victims! Anyway, 27-year-old Conrad Barrett was arrested after he bragged about the sucker-punch while at a bar and showed cellphone video of the attack to a fellow patron who turned out to be an off-duty police officer. 

It turns out; Barrett stalked the victim as the man exited his car in a residential area in Katy, Texas on November 24. The video of the attack shows Barrett approach his victim and ask him, "How's it going, man?" before clocking him. The victim, who was an elder black man, fell to the ground, and Barrett ran away laughing. Barrett, who is clearly a white guy, had also saved on his phone videos in which he used a racist epithet and asserted that black people "haven't fully experienced the blessing of evolution." Okay, there was something wrong with this kid. It wasn't just about the game "knockout" anymore. This kid is a full-fledged racist. In another clip saved on his phone, Barrett stated: "The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?" What an idiot! In more footage shot before November 24, Barrett is seen driving a car around a shopping mall parking lot and says that he's trying to work up the courage to play the "knockout game."

After Barrett showed the video to the off-duty officer, the lawman left the bar and alerted a police officer nearby, who confronted Barrett and confiscated his phone. Initially, the victim did not initially file a criminal complaint, but after police officers found the victim, his relatives then filed a formal police report. Barrett was charged on Tuesday with violating the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 

Okay, I started this blog thinking that this kid was just playing the "knockout game," but his intent was indeed racist and I change my stance on this. If he was just playing the game, my argument would have been that black kids were doing it to older white folks, but I don't think it is their intent to do that. I think it just happens to happen that way, where this guy just hated black people and intentionally wanted to hurt them. I'm not okay with the "knockout game" by any means, but I'm definitely not okay with racism and hate crimes. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Now, back to business! So, this Oregon man high on meth was recently arrested for masturbating at a bar while fighting off arresting officers. That is aweso.....I mean, that is so messed up! The best part is that he told police that he had no recollection of the whole ordeal.

37-year-old, Andrew Frey from Beaverton, Oregon, says he took the drugs on Saturday and proceeded to have a hell of a weekend. Authorities were able to track Frey's events back to Sunday afternoon, after refusing to pay a locksmith he called to his home, then he went to a local shopping center where an employee escorted him off the property. He then went to a local watering hole called Iggy's Bar and Grill, where he took a seat at the bar and exposed himself to a bartender and allegedly started to pleasure himself. Police were called to the scene and Frey moved his hand puppet show to the bathroom, where he continued touching himself. A deputy officer attempted to arrest him a few times and even used a taser a bunch of times, but it had no effect on Frey. The deputy then got into a fight with the suspect and tried to radio for help but the radio signal inside the restaurant was too weak. 

A dispatcher tried to radio the deputy for an update and realized communications were lost, leading the dispatcher to send 15 officers to the bar as backup. The 15 officers finally took Frey down and arrested him. Police noted that it took several officers to finally get Frey under control. According to Frey, he took the drugs on Saturday and did not remember anything that happened since. He was treated at a local hospital and then transported to county jail on charges of public indecency, resisting arrest and theft of services. 

Okay, what do I think? This guy an absolute her.....I mean, idiot! If you can't handle your drug intake, it might be a good idea not to do them. The fact that it took several officers to take this guy down proves that he got some sort of super strength when he was high on the meth, or the police in Beaverton are simply pussies. Obviously, my favorite part of this story is that this guy was beating off police officers while he was beating off! You seriously can't make this stuff up! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013


I'm not sure what to make of this, so you'll have to let me know what you think. So, a mom from Missouri was recently busted for posing topless for a hot tub photo with her equally topless 14-year-old daughter. Now, she's facing a criminal charge after the image began circulating at a pair of local high school. Yes, I said topless! If I saw a photo like this in high school, I would have thought that I hit the jackpot. 

It turns out; the 50-year-old woman, who's name was not released to protect her children, and her daughter posed for the photo last month at their home in Wenztville, a city 40 miles west of St. Louis. According to one statement, mother and daughter, at least covered up their nipples in the photo. What fun is that? Investigators say that the image circulated throughout two high schools in the Rockwood School District and as a result the woman's son was ridiculed by classmates for the picture of his mom and sister. 

The accused woman insists that she was not posing at all and that she was merely getting out of the hot tub when the photo was taken and told her one daughter to delete the photo immediately. The woman's lawyer says, "From what I understand, she had her picture taken and that was disseminated. She didn't take the picture. She didn't disseminate it. She's a victim in this." The prosecutor on the other hand says, "The picture was posed and it certainly had so sexual overtones." Of course, he's going to say that. His job is to put people behind bars. He went on to state that the real issue is that the topless daughter was 14-years-old and the mother was present while the nude photo was taken. 

The daughter that took the photo of mom and sister shared the photo with someone over Snapchat, which deletes the photo within moments of its first viewing, unless the recipient took a screen shot and started sending it to friends, which is probably what happened. I have to say the one daughter who took the photo sounds like a real piece of shit for posting the photo if the mother really wasn't posing for it and she just happened to be caught in a compromising position. It's one thing to post something as a joke, but something incriminating like this should not have been done. The daughter who took the photo should be the one in trouble and not the mother, who by the way, could face probation or a year in jail. If she didn't pose for this photo, this is pretty unfair to her. I would put that daughter who took the photo in an orphanage and let her be someone else's problem....But that's just me!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Have you ever worked a 30-hour day? Probably not. Back in my Z100 days, I remember working a 24-hour day, where I had to work for the morning show, and then write the script for a Top 100 year-end countdown, and then head off to Madison Square Garden in New York City for a night of Jingle Ball. I did this all without the use of coffee or Red Bull and just for the love of radio, which would eventually show me the door in 2009. So much for my love of radio! 

Anyway, a young Indonesian copywriter, who regularly tweeted about her heavy workload, recently died after spending 30 hours straight in the office. 24-year-old, Mita Diran collapsed to the ground and slipped into a coma on Sunday after weeks of little sleep and downing energy drinks just to keep going. Was this girl nuts? If there was one thing that I did learn while working morning radio hours from host Elliot Segal was that our bodies need rest and with the hours we kept, naps were imperative. I remember him saying that his doctor told him that hour bodies need 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night to function correctly. Energy drinks might boost your energy, but they don't replace sleep and a good night's rest. Miss Diran seemed to try to substitute Red Bull for sleep and it seems her body just shut down. She died hours after she collapsed. 

Diran, who worked for the Ogilvy and Mather owned Young and Rubicam ad agency in Jakarta, repeatedly posted updates about her hectic job online. Saturday night, she tweeted, "30 hours of work and still going strooong." She also previously posted on Tumblr, "Tonight, I carry the keys to the office for the eighth day running. I'm still here. I have no life. Someone please take me out for drinks, kicks and giggles."

I think that it was really sad that this young girl, who was probably trying to make a name for herself in the business, could not find a work-life balance. I try to explain to my fiancée, Laila that she needs to find that, as well, because she too is a workaholic. Work is normally a 9 to 5 job. Once you put in your 8 hours, leave and enjoy your life! And to those who use Red Bull as a substitute for sleep, that is what probably killed this poor girl. Diran's father and the company she worked for took to social media pages to show their devastation, but the bottom line is that Diran probably died because she was trying to overachieve. Her father was not to blame and for now, it seems her company did not force her to work those hours. She chose to do it on her own. Take it from someone who knows firsthand, sleep and rest is more important than pushing yourself like this and dying. What do you think?

Monday, December 16, 2013


Okay, this pisses me off a little bit. The holiday season is upon us and in the past week, I've had two friends get their cars broken into right in front of their houses and now I hear this story. A man, holiday shopping with his wife on Sunday night, was shot during a carjacking at the Short Hills Mall parking garage. The man was later pronounced dead. That sucks! Not to mention, this is the second New Jersey mall shooting in the past few months. This time, the shooter had a purpose. He wanted the man's vehicle. This is why sometimes it pays to shop online. So, you don't have to deal with idiots like these. 

Anyway, the 30-year-old man, who was from Hudson County remained nameless, was about to hop into the driver's seat of his 2012 silver Range Rover when two callous goons approached him in the deck of The Mall at Short Hills in Millburn about 9 p.m. That's when several shots were fired, but only one struck the man in the head. The man was rushed to Morristown Medical Center and pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m.

One witness heard the gunshots, followed by the woman's horrified screams, as both crooks jumped into the stolen car and fled east onto Route 24 at about 100 miles per hour. The wife was not injured said Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray, who explained that the couple was on the third floor of the parking deck when the man opened the car door for his wife and then entered the driver's side door when he was shot. She added, "We do not know why that car was targeted, but it obviously was a car with some value." Um, duh! It was a Range Rover! I'm sure these thugs happened to be scoping out the parking lot and waiting for the person with the nicest car to leave. Unfortunately, for this couple, they were the un-lucky winners.

Police are still searching for the assailants, who are still at large! There is an alert out for the silver Range Rover with license plate U26BVD. What the hell is wrong with our society that we feel like we're above the law? I hope these scumbags get caught and get sentenced to death. This is ridiculous and now wife is without a husband, a family is without a son, and friends are without their buddy for the holiday season and forever, for that matter. All over what? A car? It sounds like this guy did not even put up a fight. He was just shot at. I am sure, this couple would have given up their car if they were held at gun point. This is such a sad story that pisses me off!

Friday, December 13, 2013


I want to start this blog off with I'm not even sure if I believe this story. It's just way too bizarre! Anyway, an 82-year-old woman in Colombia went to the hospital complaining about some stomach pains, but doctors discovered something astounding! The woman was carrying a 40-year-old fetus. What? Biologically, how can this even happen? 

Well, apparently, the dead, calcified fetus is a very rare instance of a lithopedion, or as they call it "stone baby," which results from an ectopic pregnancy where a fetus is conceived outside the uterus in the abdomen. In some cases when an abdominal fetus dies, the mother’s body calcifies it in order to protect the rest of the body from infection. The chances of abdominal pregnancy are estimated at one in every 11,000, and lithopedic pregnancies account for less than 2 percent of these.

The Colombian woman will have to undergo surgery to have the mass removed. Only about 300 cases of lithopedia are accounted for in medical literature. The earliest record happened in France in 1582. In that case, the doctors discovered during an autopsy of a 68-year-old woman that she carried a stone baby for an estimated 28 years. Women carrying a lithopedion often remain clueless unless, as in this case, a complication emerges. 

Doctors at Tunjuelito Hospital in Bogota initially suspected the unnamed woman was suffering from gastroenteritis and announced their findings on December 9. Here's what I don't get; How did this lady not complain about stomach pains before? If she did, why did it take 40 years to discover this dead fetus inside of her? If this story is true, it really makes you question modern medicine doesn't it? How are these doctors making all of this money when they can't detect something as simple as this?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I saw this story last night and am still shaking my head over it. So, it turns out; a 19-year-old college student tweeted "Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila" before she spent nine hours overnight passed out on a porch in northern Minnesota. Do you know what that means this time of year? That means she was left passed out overnight in frigid -17 degree weather! Who does that to someone? Doctors now fear that Alyssa Jo Lommel, a Duluth college student, might lose one of her hands or both due to frostbite. That is so screwed up! All because her friends left her on a porch rather than making sure she got into her house in one piece. 

Alyssa was wearing jeans, Ugg boots, a sweater and a light jacket, but she had no gloves on when a passerby found her around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Her hands were three times its normal size and may have to be amputated due to the severe frostbite and hypothermic conditions she endured. According to police reports, the college sophomore was nearly frozen to death. Alyssa's mom says, "It's very much a wait-and-see thing at the moment. It's going to take some time to determine what's going to happen. We are hopeful that her body will heal itself. 

Police say that Alyssa was dropped off outside her home around midnight Friday after about six hours of drinking. Her friends told police that she wasn't falling down drunk when they dropped her off, but they did not see her enter her home. Why the hell not? Whenever I dropped off a drunk friend, I would make sure they were in their house safely before I drove off. Whatever happened behind the door after was their business. Whatever happens before they get into that door, I always felt was my responsibility and my duty as a friend. I have to say that Alyssa may have to reevaluate her friends. 

Tracks in the snow showed that Alyssa, rather than going into her house, went next door. She reportedly entered an unheated backyard garage before trying to enter a locked car. The report showed that she walked down a dead-end street before returning to her neighbor's house, climbed a railing and apparently passed out on the front steps. Now, show supposedly had keys to her own house. Her cell phone was found on the back steps of the neighbor’s home. Fire officials found the teen "stiff as a board and extremely cold" when they responded to the scene. In other words, she was a human Popsicle. The wind chill was reportedly -36 degrees that night.

I am still blown away that no one saw her sooner and that her friends actually just left her there. Then again, they were probably just as drunk as she was and didn't realize they were leaving her out in the frigid cold. Anyway you look at this, it just sucks. We can just hope that her body heals itself and that she will not lose her hands!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We've all been part of or played a practical joke on friends and co-workers, right? Well, what if that practical joke just went totally wrong? That's what happened in a Home Depot in Georgia. It turns out; Ilyanna De La Keur needed to be rescued from a Home Depot bathroom after someone brushed super glue on a toilet seat in the women's bathroom. That's right! It really happened! 

De La Keur has become the butt of many jokes after the footage showing her being lifted from the Banks County store's restroom had gone viral. The 40-year-old stay-at home mom was shopping on the eve of Thanksgiving when, after sitting down on the toilet seat, she realized she couldn't get up. It turned out that a prankster, who was probably trying to get a co-worker with the prank, had brushed the seat with a super strong adhesive. De Le Keur told a news channel that she waited 25 minutes for someone to spot that she was trapped. 

That's when she had to go through the embarrassing ordeal of having paramedics use WD-40 to detach the seat from her butt cheeks, as curious workers and other shoppers looked on. Wow! That is pretty embarrassing! I have a question though; when a woman uses a public bathroom, don't they place toilet paper down on the seat before sitting on it? I mean when I have to use a public toilet for the ol' number 2, I am covering that seat with toilet paper before I sit on it. Maybe that's just a guy thing? 

 Anyway, De La Keur's sister caught the whole incident on her cell phone. Gee, that was so nice of her. Your sister is having an embarrassing ordeal happen, let's videotape her and put her on YouTube. What an asshole! Now, two weeks later, the angry mom says that she's still couch-bound and recovering from her wounds. She says, "I'm a grown woman that can't even sit up!" 

Banks County investigators are now reviewing the surveillance footage in a bid to catch the prankster who carried out the stunt. Supposedly, there are criminal charges pending the capture of this alleged prankster. Like I said earlier, this could have been avoided had she lined the toilet seat before she sat on it. Any way you look at it, it's still messed up, but I can't help smirking thinking about how the whole ordeal went down. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This story was all over Facebook yesterday and my cousin, Dennis, even emailed me this story for my blog. It is just so insane! I mean, speaking as a guy who hates shopping, I don't think I would ever stoop to this level just to get my girlfriend to stop shopping, thought it seems like a good idea sometimes. 

Anyway, for those who haven't seen this story yet; an aggravated man, in China of all places, jumped from an upper-level mall balcony to his death because his girlfriend refused to stop shopping. 38-year-old, Tao Hsiao was at the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center in Xuzhou, China, for five hours on December 7 when his lady friend insisted that they check out another shoe store. According to an eyewitness, he told her, "You already have enough shoes, more shoes than she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more." The witness said that she retorted by shouting back at him accusing him of being a 'skinflint' and for spoiling Christmas, which created more heat to the argument. 

Tao apparently could not handle anymore name-calling or shopping. Security footage shows Tao, in an apparent burst of anger, throwing the shopping bags to the ground before jumping over the seventh floor railing to his death. He reportedly crashed into holiday decorations on the ground floor and died upon impact. Other shoppers gasped as paramedics rushed the man away on a gurney. A spokesperson for the mall said that no one else was injured as a result of the suicide and that Tao's body was quickly removed from the premises. They added, "This is a tragic incident, but this time of year can be very stressful for many people." WHAT? No matter how stressful things can get, this is not the answer! And how about grabbing the body and getting it out of the mall as quickly as they can, so people can resume shopping? That is sick! Shouldn't there have been some sort of investigation?

I don't even know what to make of this. I think there were more issues within this guy mentally for him to take not wanting to shop this far. Maybe the girlfriend was verbally abusive? It seemed he didn't like the name calling, but even for that, just walk away. There was no reason to kill yourself in a public place putting other people in harm's way. This guy is no different than the shooter at the Garden State Plaza in New Jersey last month. This just proves that there are sickos all around the world!