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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Seriously, what makes people do what they do? I mean, I've heard of selling things on the internet from home furnishings to a person's virginity, but selling an unborn child? I'm not sure who is sicker: the person selling the baby or the person buying it online? 

Anyway, a Chilean teen recently sold her unborn baby on Facebook for a measly $113. 18-year-old, Veronica Carrera Chaparro, was arrested alongside her mother and sister, who are being accused with actually helping her with the sale. According to police, Chaparro found out she was two months pregnant back in February 2013. She told her then 17-year-old boyfriend about the pregnancy and begged him to keep the news quiet, but like most men who can't keep a secret, he leaked it to her family.

Upon hearing the news, Chaparro's 42-year-old mother, Angela, and 24-year-old sister, Daniela Perez, reportedly gave Veronica three options: sell it, abort it or give it up for adoption. She chose to sell the unborn child on the popular social networking site Facebook, which attracted immediate interest from a couple in the city of Concepcion in Chile. The only problem was that both parties could not negotiate a deal. Then a family from the Santiago neighborhood of Puento Alto then got in touch and offered to the child's $1,870 formal registration fees. 

The baby was eventually born on November 4, and the following day, the husband of the buyers allegedly paid the sum to authorities. He then forked over the much-smaller amount to the birth mother, who lived in the Maipu district of the capital city. Chaparro, her mom and sister were all arrested and charged in connection with the sale of the baby and appeared before a court in Santiago on Sunday. A judge claimed that this case was "very serious," but it could also prove to be very complex because under Chilean law, it is not a crime to offer the delivery of a newborn over the internet, even if financial compensation is offered. The buyers were also detained and will appear before a court on Monday.

Here is my take on this: These people are absolutely sick! Put the baby up for adoption or something. At the time, Chaparro was only two months pregnant; she still had time to abort as well. Sorry, I'm pro-choice. It's just too weird selling your child on the internet, and on Facebook of all places. If I was going to sell my child, it would be more than $113. What were these people crack addicts or something? Reading these stories never seems to amaze me how stupid people are anymore. Being stupid isn't only a domestic thing; it seems to be an international phenomenon. 

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