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Sunday, April 27, 2014


     Okay, so once I again, for my avid blog readers, I need to apologize for my non-traditional blog again today. As I mentioned a few times within the past month or two, I am taking an Online Public Relations course for my Masters and I've been using this blog as part of my class work, so bear with me because I have to review a book that we had to read for class. Some of you might even find this book pretty interesting. 
     Anyway, after having read my fair share of books and taking multiple online classes on social media marketing, I think that David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of Marketing and PR is a good introductory book for those of you who might be a tad overwhelmed by all of the terms and technologies that are being thrown around these days. Scott takes you through a pretty good overview of how the media landscape has changed and how marketers and pretty much all social media users, for that matter, needs to shift their game in order to play in that proverbial level playing field we call the Internet.

     Yes, there are a number of books related to Online Marketing, but The New Rules of Marketing and PR really stands out from the rest of the crap that is out there. This book is virtually a treasure chest of tips, tricks and some of the best tidbits on how you can use the power of online media to your advantage. The book gives you the various forms, definitions and explanations of online communication like Blogs, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Viral Marketing, Webinars, etc. What makes The New Rules of Marketing and PR a worthwhile investment is the fact that it's an easy read and has plenty of examples and can be used as a guide as to what should and shouldn’t be done. 

Some of the things you will learn from Scott's book include the following:
1) The most important ingredient for any website is not just design but content. 
2) If you are everything to everybody, you are nothing to nobody. 
3) If you provide useful worthwhile Information for free – you become the expert and get into the demand cycle.
4) Educate the Consumer by being fair and honest and he will most probably become your client. 
5) Be smart with tags and links.
6) Create links and connect to others through your website. 
7) Participate and Comment on other people articles and websites.
8) People will comment bad under your articles or videos, allow them. This will increase traffic. 
9) Experiment and have fun.
10) Interruption Marketing is an old format of selling. 
11) Keep the language jargon free and fun. 
12) Encourage people to contact you. 

     If you are looking for a good book that informs, educates and entertains you with worthwhile information then 
The New Rules of Marketing and PR is a book that  I would highly recommend. Here is what David Meerman Scott has to say about his own book:

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