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Monday, April 14, 2014


     Here's something that I haven't done in my blog for quite some time because I mainly keep my reviews for The Aquarian Weekly, but this review has to happen for my Online PR class, so once again bear with me as this review is mainly for my classmates and teacher. You can read a brand new blog tomorrow morning! If you're interested in a new an interesting book about the Public Relations field, then by all means read on. 

     The book that I'm speaking of is called Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer. Lisa is the CEO of the Buyer Group, a Social PR agency, who travels the world to speak at conferences, workshops and special events about the advantages of Social PR. She even does webinars on the Internet. 

     As far as the book goes, I thought that it was a pretty easy read full of lots of tips when it comes to web content, news releases, blogging and other social media outlets, and best of all S.E.O. Most of the tips that I read about in the book was more of a review for me as I incorporate a lot of these practices in my job now as a marketing director/public relations for a concert promoter. If I only had this book a few years earlier, I could have been ahead of the game, but the fact that I had to read this for my class made it more of a review. 

     Do I think that this book could be beneficial to those just breaking into the field? Absolutely! In fact, this book might have been an easier read than those dumb "Social PR Secrets for Dummies" books. The chapters were short, but to the point from Hootsuite to Pintrest to YouTube to making calendars. This book is a definite must for those starting out in the business.

Grab a copy here: http://amzn.to/1gxiEbC

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