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Friday, May 30, 2014


     I'm not sure about you, but it looks like it might be time to move to Toronto! I'm not sure if this is just a stunt or not, but the Toronto mayoral race just got a bit sexier and current crack-smoking Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, is going to be given a run for his money. 

     The crack-smoking, free-wheeling lawmaker is now facing a challenge from blonde bombshell porn star, Nikki Benz, who formally announced her candidacy this Wednesday. Yes! Benz, whose videography includes "Strap On Sally 20" and "Meet the Fuckers 6," told the media that she would do a better job than Ford, who is currently in drug rehab, at running Canada's largest city. She said, "I can do a great job running the city. If Rob Ford can do it, I can do it." Benz went on to add that she would lower taxes and seriously work to bring the adult-film industry to Toronto. Now, the 18-year-old mentality that I have says, "Time to move to Toronto because that city will be awesome with low taxes and porn!" The grown-up side of me is shaking my head and sadly saying, "If she gets elected, that city is doomed!" Then again, could it get any worse than a crackhead mayor? Benz went on to say that the porn industry would generate a lot of profit for the city. Um, how is that again? 

     Benz, who appeared in 217 adult films as well as smut-mags Penthouse and Hustler, has also pledged to make National Masturbation Day, May 7, a civic holiday. The 32-year-old former Penthouse "Pet of the Year" hasn't officially registered as a candidate, but when she does, she will be the city's 55th mayoral candidate for the October 27 election. Others candidates include an indie rock singer, a lawyer and a clown. At least Toronto is taking their mayoral race seriously. I mean Nikki Benz does have coveted awards like "Best Tease Performance of 2006", "Best Three-Way Sex Scene of 2008", and the "Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene of 2010." Why not add the mayor of Toronto to those honors? 

     The Double-D dynamo has already created quite a buzz and attracted a healthy amount of supporters with her eye-grabbing slogans posted on her Twitter account along with some barely-safe-for-work photos. One slogan reads, "Trade in your Ford for a Benz." Wow! I have to admit...pretty creative! Another slogan read, "I may lower my top now, and as Toronto Mayor, I'll lower property taxes." 

     Rob Ford, who was caught on video smoking crack cocaine, has been in a drug rehab facility for at least the past several weeks. He also announced earlier this month that he would take a break from his reelection campaign to seek help for his drinking and drug abuse. I have to say, Toronto is royally screwed! Drug addict mayor to porn star mayor. Hmmm...Tough choice! I'm really curious to see how this all unfolds because what if Toronto really is that dumb and elect Benz into office? Then what? Does Toronto become the new Vegas? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, right? I can always say that I've seen the mayor of Toronto in all her glory!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


     Back in high school, one of the most important days for a student was taking yearbook pictures. Girls would get all gussied up and the guys would come in with their best shirts. What if I were to tell you that it didn't matter what you wore because the yearbook staff would only end up editing your photo anyway? You'd probably be pretty pissed that they doctored your photo at all besides covering up a blemish here and there. That's what happened at a Utah high school, who recently came under fire for secretly Photoshopping yearbook photos to make the girls in the school look less sexy. Yes. That happened!

     Teachers at Wasatch High School have sparked outrage after they manipulated pictures of some female pupils so that they showed less skin. Students made the discovery when they opened up their yearbook to see they were wearing different outfits. One sophomore at the high school, who had her photo altered to add black sleeves to her top, said, "I feel like they put names in a hat and pick and choose who. There were plenty of girls who were wearing thicker tank tops and half of them got edited and half of them didn't." Another sophomore at the school also had her shoulders covered up with a white top. 

     What seemed to really piss off those affected, however, was the apparent random editing process. In one case, two girls wearing nearly identical tops saw only one of them altered, while the other top remained the way it originally looked. Wasatch County School District Superintendent, Terry Shoemaker defended the decision to alter the photos and said that the yearbook would not be re-printed. He did admit, though, that a more "consistent approach" should have been taken and that there was a clear dress code. He also stated that students were warned that pictures may be altered.

     Hey that's fine if you want to alter yearbook photos because the girls did not abide by the rules, but the yearbook staff would really need to alter all of the photos that did not adhere to the dress code. Superintendent Shoemaker did say, "We apologize in the sense we want to be more consistent with what we're trying to do." If all of the photos were doctored in the same fashion, I guarantee there wouldn't be a problem right now. Then again, why bother wearing any clothes at all when your taking a yearbook picture. They can apparently add any clothing to you after the fact. This is so ridiculous! They should just allow kids to be kids and let them dress however they want for their yearbook photo. If they want to be represented in that way, that is their decision. They will have to live with that photo many years later. Trust me, I wish someone could go back and Photoshop some of my high school pictures...But that's just me!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


     This story goes right up there with the "What the f**k is wrong with people?" category. So, a 29-year-old woman was recently taken into custody after she was busted for using the passport of a friend, who was found stuffed in a box that was labeled "doll" and shipped across Japan. Yup! Is that sick or what?

     The suspect, who remained unidentified, surrendered herself to authorities at the Japanese consulate in Shanghai, where she was questioned about the murder of 29-year-old, Rika Okada (pictured). Okada was found stabbed to death inside a 6-foot box that was being stored at a short-term storage facility in Hachioji city, which is located West of Tokyo, where the box was mailed to using the deceased woman's credit card. This sounds like another one of those bad Japanese murder mystery movies. 

     Okada, a nurse had been missing from her Osaka home since late March. She was found stabbed more than a dozen times and police told local news media that Okada had not defense wounds on her hands or arms. The suspect, who had been friends with Okada in elementary school allegedly took a flight to Tokyo in early May using the victim's passport. Back in March, Okada wrote on her Facebook page that she was going to see an old friend for the first time in over a decade just before she went missing. Authorities in Tokyo said that they were in negotiations with Chinese officials to assist in the suspects extradition. 

     This is pretty scary if you think about it because I have many friends that I haven't seen in over a decade too. I recently found myself using sites like Facebook to reconnect with them to meet up for a drink or dinner or something. If we learned anything from Okada's situation, it's maybe we should leave the past in the past. Though, they were friends growing up, they might not be anymore. How do we know that this woman wasn't stalking Okada on Facebook and watching how successful she had become. This could've caused the suspect to become jealous and want to cause harm because she didn't quite have the life that Okada had. There's your motive right there! Damn, I should be a detective! Maybe, sometimes we need to rethink our reconnection with people from the past. Especially, those who might have a jealous streak in them.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


     To kick off this short week, I found this story rather interesting because it was so close to home and I've frequented this particular Starbucks on many occasions. It turns out; a top New Jersey police officer has been busted for masturbating in the popular coffee spot. 

     Lieutenant Benito Gonzalez, Jr. allegedly pulled down his shorts at the Route 70 Cherry Hill coffeehouse on May 7. The story did not state whether he did this inside the shop or in the parking lot, but seriously. You couldn't wait until you were alone and not in front of people? What was it about the coffee that made you want to whip your dong out and start touching yourself? I don't quite understand public masturbation. 

     The decorated 17-year veteran of the Camden County Police Department was off-duty at the time, but was spotted by a Starbucks employee who called police. Cherry Hill officers put out surveillance images of Gonzalez shortly afterward. The narcotics officer was arrested and charged with public lewdness. Both police departments (Cherry Hill and Camden County) have launched criminal and internal investigations into Gonzalez's alleged actions. I mean I guess, I can see where officer Gonzalez was going with this. Sometimes there are some pretty good looking women (or men if that's what he was into) hanging around Starbucks or even stopping in to pick up coffee on their way to work, but where I don't see where he was going with this is 'have some self-control, man!' If you see someone who you thought was attractive, take a mental picture and take it to your car or something. Why would you do it right there in the middle of the store? That just says that there might be some mental problems involved in this case, but that is a whole other issue. 

     Camden County Chief of Police Scott Thomson said, "We're deeply troubled by the allegations of this off-duty conduct. A swift and thorough investigation is being conducted. The officer has been removed from duty and suspended without pay. Gonzalez, who is from Deptford, NJ, is due in court on June 4. To be honest, this world and the people in it are so crazy that nothing surprises me anymore. There are some sick people out there and because they are out there, you never know when events like this will happen, which makes my job as a blogger more fun when these stories come out. I know this much, I won't be asking for a little cream in my coffee at Starbucks anytime soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


     The first two stories that I saw this morning were pretty brutal. One was about a woman who beat the living hell out of a 4-year-old child in a WalMart because it was Asian. That's nice, asshole! The other story was about a woman who kidnapped the neighbor's puppy, put it in a bag and stabbed it to death on the neighbor's lawn. What the hell is wrong with people? Instead of writing about how sick people are, I chose to write about how brilliant some people can be. 

     Take Paris Gray for example. This poor high school senior was suspended from school and was threatened to be banned from her graduation because of a quote that she wrote in her high school yearbook. Her quote read: "When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer Utranium Phosperos." Many of you who might remember chemistry class will understand her quote. For those of you who don't still have your Periodic Tables memorized (Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Yarosz, you know who you are.), Miss Gray's quote was actually a message to her fellow classmates that translates to: "When the going gets tough, just remember to Ba C K Th At As S U P." Yes! She said, "Back That Ass Up!" Absolutely brilliant! Anyone who knows my sense of humor, which I'm sure you do because you're reading this, knows that I really appreciate stuff like this. 

    Miss Gray, a class vice president at Mundy's Mill High School in Clay County Georgia, had to serve an in-school suspension this past Friday after it was discovered what her yearbook quote actually meant. The message seemed innocuous enough, but after the yearbooks were distributed, administrators discovered what those elements' abbreviation on the chemistry chart actually spelled, and it was all downhill from there for Miss Gray. Personally, I thought it was brilliant! 

     It was reported that the school was considering banning her from participating in their May 28 graduation as a punishment. Fortunately, by Tuesday night, school officials reversed their decision, with the school's superintendent challenging Gray to "give the best speech ever." Gray said, "I think their reaction was beyond what it should have been because nobody understood it." While defending her hidden message, she said that it was one far from having any kind of sexual innuendo. She said, "Basically, it was me just saying start all over again. You have to go back and start all over again." Hey, I got it! I don't think there were any sexual connotations at all. Besides, who cares if it did? No one really understood the quote anyway, but I'm sure the nerds in the school really got a good laugh! My message to Miss Paris Gray, "Congratulations on your graduation! Don't let the school get you down. You're quote was a sign of brilliance and I wish you a lot of luck with your future endeavors. You have a sharp mind and don't let them take that away from you. And don't forget; 'when the going gets tough, just remember to BACK THAT ASS UP!'"

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


     Who would have thought that being constipated could have led to this? So, apparently, an un-named California man who complained to doctors that he was constipated, later found out that he had a running vibrator stuck inside his large intestine. Now, I'm not sure how true this story is, but it is absolutely nuts nonetheless. I mean why would a man have a running vibrator inside of him? I mean I could understand if it was a woman or something. And then if it was running as they say it was, how did he not feel something vibrating inside his body? Did he just think that his stomach was rumbling, but he couldn't shit?  It makes no sense!

     Anyway, the red-faced patient unsurprisingly failed to tell medics the whole entire story when he showed up at the ER in Fresno, California, but an X-ray soon revealed that a sex game with his wife allegedly got wildly out of hand. What the hell does that mean? They were playing a sex game, so she had to shove her vibrator up his ass and it got stuck in there, so they decided not to tell anyone about it? Gee, that was brilliant! Nurse Stevey Pope, who treated the man, said, "We could see, perfectly, a large object that was lodged in the large intestine. This is the first time I've ever encountered a running vibrator still inside somebody." Yeah, no kidding! That's because no one in their right mind would leave running vibrator shoved up their anal cavity!

     Pope went onto say that had they not removed the gadget, the man could have suffered serious injuries. You think? The guy couldn't crap! That's some serious blockage. Pope said, "It could lead to internal bleeding, infection and major abdominal surgery, colostomy bags and feeding tubes. I have to admit, this all seems a little far-fetched, but really funny. There was a recreation of this event on the TLC channel, who also revealed last week a woman being hospitalized for putting Pop Rocks into her vagina during sex to create an explosive performance for her lover. Come on! I mean, I don't work in the ER, and I'm sure they see crazy things like this everyday, but seriously? Pop Rocks in the va-jay-jay and a running vibrator stuck in a man's intestines? It sounds to me there are some pretty creative writers out there looking for ratings and viewership. What does everyone else think? 

Friday, May 16, 2014


     I'm not sure if I remember pulling a high school prank back in my high school days, but I do remember having senior cut day, which isn't as equally cool. These high school pranks can be pretty creative, but they can also get you into a lot of trouble. High school pranksters at a Minnesota high school are being investigated after they sent out letters ordering female students to attend a "mandatory vagina inspection." THAT IS HILARIOUS! 

     The prank comes off the heels of that Tennessee girl that I wrote about a few weeks ago, who was arrested for hiding a gun in her cooch. Local police were called in after the note, which was written on an official-looking letterhead for Prior Lake High School in Savage, Minnesota, was hand-delivered to at least 50 families. The letter warned girls to remove piercings before undergoing the medical examination, which was due to take place in the school gym. The memo also threatened to stop students from graduating if they didn't "pass" the examination. How does one pass a vagina inspection? Just wondering. 

     Social media blew up over the hoax with many of the students seeing the funny side of the stunt. One female tweeter wrote, "LOLOL prior lake's senior prank, why couldn't we have been this clever?" However, school district representative, Kristi Mussman says that the joke was "done in extremely poor taste." Of course, she would think that! She's a woman! Unfortunately, the authorities didn't find this prank funny either and police are now looking into who was behind the prank. 

     Seriously? It was a prank. No one was hurt. No one actually had their vaginas examined. Why waste tax dollars going after kids for a stupid prank? This is where our tax dollars go. I could think of better thing for the police to do than go after a bunch of high school seniors over a stupid prank. Would the investigation be happening if there was a letter that asked for an anal cavity search of all students or a penile examination? Probably not, because those sound funny, right? It sounds to me that the school district rep is taking it too much to heart. 

Take a look at this video below: 

Thursday, May 15, 2014


     This might be one of the funniest stories that I've read in awhile. Yeah, some of you wanted me to write about that teacher who had sex with that failing student in Virginia multiple times and passed him with an "A," but haven't I told that tale before? This is story is something that I've never heard before and it's unbelievable!

     So, 31-year-old, Charity Johnson, was recently arrested for posing as a Texas high school student after spending almost an entire year enrolled as a sophomore. WHAT? Didn't see see this on "21 Jump Street?" Only they were narcs on that TV show. Anyway, Johnson, who was attending classes at New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas, since October, was arrested on Sunday, after her adoptive family became suspicious of her identity. Gee, what gave it away? The fact that she looked 31? I mean how can a 31-year-old pass for a 15-year-old? I know that I look young for my age and when I used to tell my professors my age, I think their knees would buckle, but there is no way that I would be able to pass for a 15-year-old or any high school student for that matter. 

     According to police, Johnson, who was using the name Charite Stevens, began going to school after she posed as an orphaned 15-year-old to find a place to live. Tamica Lincoln, who became Johnson's guardian, said, "I sympathized with her and invited her into my home. I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes." Johnson told Lincoln that she was abused by her biological father, who passed away when her mother died. Yeah, that didn't sound fishy at all. 

     Lincoln, who knew Charite's teachers, said she recently became curious of the 10th-grader's identity and called the police. Investigators soon determined that Johnson was using an alias and a fake birthday to enroll at the school. She even created a bogus Facebook account. Johnson was arrested and held at Gregg County Jail in lieu of a $500 bond after she was arraigned on several charges that included giving false, fictitious information. School officials said that they would be sending a notice about the arrest to parents today. Lincoln says teachers and students at the school were stunned by the news. She said, "Teachers and students were crying and her best friend just couldn't believe it."

     It's not clear why Johnson conned Lincoln or the school yet, but I will tell you this; her plan was really not that bad of a plan. She was probably a homeless woman with no job and no place to go, so she devised a plan to say she was a 15-year-old orphan. She got a family to take her in, so now she had a place to live. They bought her clothes and showered her with gifts. Not a bad idea, right? So, then she probably thought, I might as well go back to school and get an education while these people think I'm 15 and I didn't really pay attention my first time around in high school, so let me go again. She was probably enjoying being a teen again so much that she forgot that she was a woman in her 30s. Hey, her plan worked for a whole school year, so this girl can't be that stupid. If I was the police, I wouldn't have arrested her. I would have hired her to be narc since she can get away with looking like a 15-year-old. That's just my opinion. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


     All I could think of when I read this story was why does this stuff keep happening in China? It's so disgusting and makes us people of Chinese decent look pretty bad. Anyway, a Chinese diner thought her calamari was a bit too chewy. After spitting it out, she was disgusted when she found out the squid she'd been chewing on was actually a condom. Yup! As if the photo of this dish wasn't disgusting enough. 
     Mai Liang was halfway through her seafood-dish at an Anhui province restaurant when she discovered the "rubbery" ring in her mouth was actually a rubber. She says, "Imagine my horror when I turned it over with my fork and it turned out to be a contraceptive. It was disgusting. My first horrific thought was: Is it used?" Sick to her stomach, Liang complained to the wait staff. 

     The owner of the restaurant, Yi Ze Teng, came over to see what the commotion was about and then angrily accused Liang of planting the prophylactic in her food to get a free meal. Hey, to be honest, I wouldn't put it past someone to do something like that, but in this instance, I don't think Liang actually planted it. Why would she put something in her mouth that she planted? This is, however, a great idea for the next time I want to get a free meal! I'm only kidding! That is so low-class! Anyway, according to Liang, Teng told her that she would eat the condom herself if they left the matter as is and didn't sue the restaurant. Let's just say that Teng proceeded to eat the birth control device to keep her customers satisfied. 

     Liang chose not to keep her word and is now talking to lawyers to sue the restaurant. Why wouldn't she? That is absolutely disgusting! Plus, you don't know if the rubber was used or not. So not only are you eating the spermicide that they put on condoms, but you might be eating any of the love juices that were in it. If it was a gay cook, I don't even want to tell you what might've ended up in your food. Any way you slice it, this is gross and a lawsuit is the right thing. Just because the owner ate the condom, that shouldn't mean anything. That's on her and she is just as disgusting as her restaurant. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


     Come on! We've all thought about it at one time or another. I don't even have kids yet, but when I hear my sister's kids crying; sometimes I just want to put my hand over their mouths and tell them to stop crying. Well, a nurse in the Philippines took it step further when she muzzled a crying newborn with a strip of tape in a maternity ward in the Philippines. 

     New father, Ryan Noval recently posted photos on Facebook showing his newborn son, Yohannes Noval, sleeping with a strip of what looks like Scotch tape across his upper lip and across both of his cheeks. Another snapshot shows the little boy, at just five days old, wailing away as the Scotch tape began to come off of his face. Am I the only one cracking up here? Yes, this was a mean thing to do, but the ball on this nurse. How can you not laugh at her attempt to shut this crying baby up? I wish I would have thought of it first!

     Noval claimed that his wife, Jasmine, returned to the nursery Friday evening to find the baby gagged with tape at the Cebu City hospital. The furious father wrote on Facebook, "This is not even close to being professional or humane. Jasmine immediately asked the attending nurse, 'why is there tape over his mouth?' The reply that she got from the nurse was 'your baby was TOO NOISY (crying) so I put that over his mouth." That is too funny! I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack for saying that, but come on. They put Scotch tape over the baby's mouth! That's not funny? A gag ball might have been funnier!

     The new mother found the baby had a wet diaper, something the nurse didn't bother to check. Noval said that Jasmine demanded the nurse to remove the tape, but was told "you can go ahead and take it off yourself, ma'am." I can see how this couple might've gotten pissed off now. The service in this hospital was horrible. The nurse eventually relented and took the tape off herself, ripping off some of the child's lip skin as she pulled off the sticky strip of tape. The couple complained about the incident to the information desk, and an investigation into the incident is said to be underway at the Cebu Maternity Hospital. 

     Noval later posted on Facebook with a few pics, "Meet my son, Yohannes Noval! He cannot speak about his horrific experience from the attending nurse's hands inside Maternity Hospital's nursery. So, we have to speak out for him. If you think your newborn babies are safe, think again. Your babies could be silent victims and you will never really know about it." I'm sorry. I do feel bad for this baby and the Noval family, but I still find these pics of the baby with the tape of his mouth hysterical. I can't be the only one. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


     Many of you who follow me on Facebook, heard last Friday about that Amber Alert that many of us received on our phones. For those not following me, a girl that I went to high school with many moons ago, Tracey (Miller) Jordan was killed by her ex-husband, who proceeded to kidnap their two boys and fled the state. One of my high school buds, Ralph DeJulia was dating the slain girl at the time, so my heart goes out to Ralph and Tracey's family. Luckily, the boys were found with their killer father in South Carolina on Friday night. The boys are now safe and the father is in custody. Unfortunately, this had to happen two days before Mother's Day, which makes this story incredibly sad. 

     After thinking about my friend Ralph and Tracey this whole weekend, I read an amazing story about another mother that actually put a smile on my face that I wanted to share with you and kick this week off on a happy note. The mother of a stillborn baby was left totally surprised after a complete stranger who'd bought her unused baby crib at a garage sale and transformed it into a beautiful memorial bench and brought it back to her as a gift. Is that amazing? Trust me, when I say not all people are stupid! Some people are truly amazing and I love sharing stories like this when I'm in the mood.

     Valerie Watts was still mourning the July 2013 death of little Noah when she decided to hold the garage sale outside her Cokato, Minnesota, home. Initially, she didn't want to part with the bed she'd put together for her baby boy, but ended up agreeing to sell it to craftsman Gerald Kumpula after hearing how he recycles second-hand furniture. She said, "His wife was looking through some of the baby clothes and asked how old my son was since I don't use the crib anymore. And I told her that he'd passed in July." As I read this story, I also wondered what the hell old people were looking at baby clothes for. Maybe they were thinking about their grandchildren? I guess it's not my problem. 

     Kumpula only found out about the death of Watts' son as he drove home with his wife. That's when he decided to turn the crib into something special for Watts. A week later, Kumpula returned to Watts' home with the beautiful memorial chair to commemorate little Noah, who died after the umbilical cord became pinched in the womb. Watts immediately burst into tears when she saw the chair. I have to be honest, I don't even know these people, and I wanted to burst into tears reading this story! This just proves that there still is some great people out there. Angels if you will. If you believe in that sort of stuff. 

Friday, May 9, 2014


      Okay, so back when I lost my job in radio back in 2009 and my fiancee and I made the move towards South Jersey near the Philadelphia area, I started to look for radio jobs in Philly. I figured it might be easier for someone with my skill set and my New York City radio background to land a job in another big city. I landed an interview with the Danny Bonaduce show and killed the interview only to have the Program Director tell me that I didn't know the Philly market well enough since I was new to the area. WHAT? I worked in New York City! I couldn't learn another big city market in the blink of an eye? Needless to say, that station flipped in under a year and is now a sports station. 

     Anyway, my point in telling you that story is that this Program Director was probably right! Apparently, I don't know the Philly market that well. It turns out; people in Philly are absolute animals! Residents in a hip Philly neighborhood are said to be fuming after a local radio station, Radio 104.5 WRFF, hosted an outdoor weekend concert where scores of drunken revelers were caught peeing in the streets and a teen couple was even caught on film having sex a few feet from where children frolic. 

     Locals in Northern Liberties said the radio station's summer block party at the Piazza at Schmidt's a large outdoor plaza, allegedly lacked security and portable toilets, causing hordes of rock fans to turn their yards and cars into open-air toilets. Sounds to me this was not a well-thought out event by Clear Channel, who is normally on top of their game. One mother of two, who lived in the central Philly neighborhood for four years, said she left Saturday's bash early because their were too many wasted teenagers. Wait! Wasted teenagers? So this radio station was condoning underage drinking? Wow! Once she got home, she spent the afternoon watching drunk fans relieve themselves on her home and car. She said, "I get that people pee in public, but hundreds of people peeing on your property, on your house, in front of your children? Girls were dropping their pants and peeing all over our property. It wasn't even five, it wasn't even ten...it was hundreds!" 

     The woman, who also works in marketing, blamed the radio station and the plaza owners, saying she counted only eight to ten port-a-potties for several hundred fans and it was more people she'd ever seen in the piazza. In addition to free music, some locals were treated to a live sex show. One neighbor filmed two young people having sex in a narrow walkway behind some condos near the plaza. The same woman said that the shameless couple ignored shouts to stop and went at it for some 40-minutes just feet from her backdoor. Wow! 40-minutes? That's a pretty long time. She must've been dealing with some whiskey dick!

     Clear Channel, my former employer of many years and owners of Radio 104.5, apologized for the attendees' piggish behavior, but then it became a blame game between the radio company and the property's management company. One party says they asked for more port-a-potties and security, while the other party says strict guidelines were not followed. If you ask me, it sounds like both parties are to blame because even from someone who doesn't know the Philly market that well, it sounds like one big unorganized clusterfuck! This never would have happened at a Clear Channel New York event and even if it did, heads would have rolled. There would be no blame game. Have some respect for people's property for crying out loud. The only cool thing to come out of this is the kids having sex in the alley way! Anyone have that video anywhere?

Thursday, May 8, 2014


     With Draft Day coming up, I absolutely love this story! So, apparently, a Newport Beach, California high school is throwing a yellow flag on students who were caught running an NFL-like "prom draft," which ranks female students and allows boys to pay as much as $140 for a first-round pick. THIS IS AWESOME! Why didn't we think about this when we were in high school? Maybe it's because we would've gotten into some trouble like these kids did? 

     Corona del Mar High School principal, Kathy Scott sent an email to parents after word spread about the bracket for the June 7 prom. Scott said in the email, "This 'draft' appears to be similar to a sports draft. From what I understand is that male students purchase draft tickets and females are 'drafted' as dates for the prom. I do not believe this is intended to be harmful, but this is not behavior that is consistent with our school's outstanding reputation." 
     One junior at the Orange County school paid $140 for a top pick so he could select a particular girl. One student who did not leave a name said, "It's awkward because he spent a large amount of money to go with someone he doesn't even talk to, and she finds it awkward that he even chose her." He went on to say that his classmates have mixed feelings about the draft, which was also held last year, but everyone seemed to honor the picks. That's pretty interesting. Back in the day, the girl's would not have cooperated. You would have heard things like, "Ew, no way! I'm not going with him!" But he says, "A lot of the girls respect the draft and stick with those dates."

     The school is actually still recovering from a cheating scandal,which happened back in December, when a tutor was busted for allegedly helping a group of students hack into their teacher's computers to changer their grades. In January, officials expelled 11 students who were linked to the scandal. I have to be honest; this school sounds awesome! They're hackers and sports fans and future entrepreneurs! Seeing a draft like this in my high school would have been awesome! Especially to see the dorky kid who had rich parents taking the hottest girl in school to the prom. My one question, though, is where does the money go? Does the $140 go to the girl that got drafted? Or does it go to the guy running the draft? Either way, this would have made going to the prom so much more fun!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


     We all know about the mile-high club, right? Well, today's buzzkiller really took the mile-high club to a new level. Normally, when a couple sneaks into the bathroom to join this club, it's usually a discreet act. Well, a drunken British woman flying to Las Vegas, the city of sin, with her parents on Virgin Airlines, of all airlines, was cuffed after loudly joining the elite sex club with a fellow passenger.

     The frisky flier, who is in her 20s, was reportedly busted romping in the restroom on the Virgin flight from London's Gatwick Airport last week. Attendants are said to have busted down the door after receiving complaints about the loud sex noises the couple were making. Apparently, the woman, who still has not been identified, was howling like a dog in heat. She was allegedly had to be cuffed to her seat after screaming obscenities at the flight crew. Her parents must be so proud. Upon touching down in Sin City, the woman was hauled off the plane by police, but after being questioned, she was released with a warning. A warning? Not even a fine? What did they warn her? "Don't do it again!" Come on! They probably just warned her because they have the whole thing on video and that's better than any fine she can pay. 

     One passenger said the woman was traveling with her mom and dad when she started getting steamy with the man in the seat next to hers. She dragged him into the bathroom, or into the loo as she calls it, and things got really loud. How can people hear the sex noises over the loud engine of the plane though. She must've been really loud! That is awesome! The passenger went on to say that the cabin crew forced the door open. Then she really kicked off, screaming drunken obscenities at them and that they had to shackle her to her seat. 
     No word, on if the woman already knew the man or if they met on the aircraft. Who cares? The screaming on the plane is still pretty hot! What gets me is that she did this on Virgin Airlines of all planes to do it on and she did this on her way to the city of sin. You can't make this stuff up! Best of all, her mom and dad were with her, which makes this story even more incredible! Like they say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" Oh wait, she didn't make it to Vegas yet at that point. Oh, well!

Monday, May 5, 2014


     The majority of my blogs have been about teachers having sex with students because many of you seem to like those stories. Today, we've upgraded to a principal, who seems to bang...well, just about everyone!

     It turns out; a Queens, New York principal was ousted from her job due to shocking allegations that she had sex with a guard, an assistant principal and a student's parent and even had trysts in on school grounds while classes were in session. How did they find out? Well, some dummy left photos of her sexcapades on department laptops. Okay, what kind of a low-class idiot would leave provocative photos on a work laptop and what kind of an idiot would take photos of their sexcapades if they were so wrong? 

     35-year-old Annie Scmutz Seifullah, principal of the 7th to 12th grade at the Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology in Long Island City, was escorted out of the building on Thursday as investigators seized computers and other electronic devices from her home and office. A spokesperson from the Department of Education said, " We are appalled by these disturbing allegations and acted swiftly to remove the principal while the matter is under investigation. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable for any DOE employee."

     Seifullah's suden removal came at the heels of a romance-gone-bad with a student's father. The angry ex turned over three DOE laptops he obtained while living with Seifullah, including MacBooks containing photos of herself in racy lingerie and in various sex acts including a threesome with another man. Normally, I would say this is so "hot," but after taking a look at these trashy photos, I'm thinking, "What a pig!" The ex also have investigators a video and audio tape in which a woman he identified as Seifullah, acknowledged engaging in oral sex with an NYPD school-safety agent in the school security office and with a visiting assistant principal in a book storage room during school hours. On the audio tape, after the ex accused her of cheating, Seifulla admitted, "I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know why I thought it was okay." The ex roared back, "You gave him head while my child was in the building!" 

     The ex, whose name is being withheld to protect the privacy of his child, said he came forward because she played him for a fool. Good for him! He said, "Ms. Seifullah clearly used her power and position as principal to seek several sexual partners at her school." Translation: "WHORE!" Apparently, the principal helped the dad financially, once giving him $10,000, plus $500 and $300 money orders, according to records. She maintained a six-figure salary. 

     I have to say that this is a little bit more to this story, but I don't even want to continue because Sefullah makes me sick! She is supposed to be in charge of our future and this is the way that she acts? The Department of Education should be ashamed of themselves for even electing her as their principal for that school. Unless of course, she sucked her way into that position. Then this all makes sense. Unfortunately, I will admit that if she was at least remotely good looking, this story might've been a bit more appealing. Since she's a pig, she deserves what is coming to her and good for the ex to come forward about her cheating ways, though he wasn't totally innocent himself having an affair with his kid's principal. Then again, when women come on that strong, us men become silly putty for the most part. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


      I always wondered about these doctors who work with women's privates. I mean at the end of the day, they're still guys, right? They obviously love vagina as much as you or I. They just love it a little more. That's why they got into the business they got into, right? 

     Well, Dr. Roger Ian Hardy, a fertility doctor in Reading, Massachusetts, is in the middle of an investigating that is accusing him of sexually molesting his patients. Well, he recently turned in his medical license. Is that like throwing your cards in and folding in a Hold 'em Tournament? Anyway, investigations into Hardy, who practiced at the nine-office Fertility Centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, go back to 2004. One patient came forward and said, "I was afraid something criminal had been done to me," as she described how Hardy tried to stimulate her sexually while she was half sedated during a procedure in December of 2003. Hardy denied any wrongdoing at the time saying that there were three "professional assistants" in the operating room with him and the case was dropped. 

     The woman then wrote a letter in protest saying the board hadn't done its job properly. Since then, staff have reportedly witnessed the reproductive endocrinologist inappropriately touching women under anesthesia, as well as touching a sedated patient's breast while she underwent egg retrieval and an employee's breast. I have to admit; this might sound wrong, but this guy is kind of sounding like a hero to me, but if he ever did this to my wife, I may have to kick his ass. 

     A whistle-blowing female specialist, who remains anonymous, reported Hardy last October and told the medical board investigators she was 'horrified' and felt "awkward and difficult, but had to tell someone." She said a longtime patient in her 40s confided in her that 55-year-old Hardy touched her sexually and rubbed her genitals during an un-chaperoned 2011 examination. Hardy told her extensive sexual touching was 'part of her fertility treatment.' This guy is a star! How did he not get reported sooner? Unless, he was threatening these people that if they said anything, he would kill them?

     During this investigation, Hardy was set to be suspended as 'an immediate and serious threat to health, safety and welfare of the public." Eighteen witnesses including nurses, colleagues and fertility experts all gave information to the board. One physician told investigators that nurses had been afraid of losing their jobs. Hardy resigned on the eve of the meeting on January 21, but stated he'd done nothing wrong and complaints were stirred by competitors. I guess until this investigation is complete, Dr. Hardy, it looks like your a sexual predator. Like I said, I always wondered how doctors who work with women's privates were able to control themselves. That's why I always felt that those doctors should always be women. Obviously, men cannot control themselves. Trust me, there are many more Dr. Hardys in this world. He's not the only one. He's just the only one we've heard of in the news. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


      Do we believe that after we die, our spirits can actually become attached to something from our past? Better yet, do we really believe in ghosts? I mean, I do. I've had some encounters when we were shopping for houses and on our recent visit to Jerome, Arizona. We are definitely not alone out here. 

     Deanna Stinson from Sacramento, California believes in ghosts now too. She is saying that the spirit of her dead boyfriend nearly made her drive off the road on numerous occasions, prompting her to call a local ghost hunting crew. If you were to got for a ride with Stinson, you'll go from Point A to Point B and get one hell of chilling story. She said, "I could feel touching on my hair and my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere."

     Every time Stinson says that she got behind the wheel of her 2002 GMC pickup, her skin would crawl, causing her to nearly run off the road. She said, "My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop. But then it would start again." Stinson said that she felt those feelings were coming from the spirit of her deceased boyfriend, Alex, haunting the vehicle. She said, "Every time I would think about him, I could feel him. Especially when I wore his favorite skirt." She would eventually ask him to leave. Okay, is anyone else getting the chills? My first thought is why wouldn't you get rid of the car the minute you felt that the car was haunted? I would've drove that thing off a cliff and claimed it stolen. Then again, if it was someone that I really loved haunting the car, would they really be trying to hurt me? I might want to keep the car because it kept me close to the spirit that I loved and the creepiness of the whole situation would go away.

     Stinson said that when she would get creeped out by the spirit, she would say, "Okay, now you're scaring me, stop!" The feeling would linger and become so overwhelming that she eventually got rid of the car that she believes was haunted. Stinson, a beauty school student, was wondering if her dead boyfriend's spirit is still present in her new car, so she called in paranormal investigator, Paul Dale Roberts, who conducted a reading and got what he called surprising results. When he played back a recording or an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), where he addressed Alex's spirit in the car, both he and Stinson say they head a male voice. Roberts says, "He's definitely probably not attached to his car, but he's attached to Deanna." 

     Stinson says that as long as his spirit doesn't disturb her as she's driving and is a peaceful one, she's okay with that. Creepy as hell? Yes, but when loved ones come through and visit, it's a good thing and shouldn't be taken as creepy. Here's a video of the news story about Deanna Stinson and her truck: