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Thursday, May 1, 2014


      Do we believe that after we die, our spirits can actually become attached to something from our past? Better yet, do we really believe in ghosts? I mean, I do. I've had some encounters when we were shopping for houses and on our recent visit to Jerome, Arizona. We are definitely not alone out here. 

     Deanna Stinson from Sacramento, California believes in ghosts now too. She is saying that the spirit of her dead boyfriend nearly made her drive off the road on numerous occasions, prompting her to call a local ghost hunting crew. If you were to got for a ride with Stinson, you'll go from Point A to Point B and get one hell of chilling story. She said, "I could feel touching on my hair and my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere."

     Every time Stinson says that she got behind the wheel of her 2002 GMC pickup, her skin would crawl, causing her to nearly run off the road. She said, "My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop. But then it would start again." Stinson said that she felt those feelings were coming from the spirit of her deceased boyfriend, Alex, haunting the vehicle. She said, "Every time I would think about him, I could feel him. Especially when I wore his favorite skirt." She would eventually ask him to leave. Okay, is anyone else getting the chills? My first thought is why wouldn't you get rid of the car the minute you felt that the car was haunted? I would've drove that thing off a cliff and claimed it stolen. Then again, if it was someone that I really loved haunting the car, would they really be trying to hurt me? I might want to keep the car because it kept me close to the spirit that I loved and the creepiness of the whole situation would go away.

     Stinson said that when she would get creeped out by the spirit, she would say, "Okay, now you're scaring me, stop!" The feeling would linger and become so overwhelming that she eventually got rid of the car that she believes was haunted. Stinson, a beauty school student, was wondering if her dead boyfriend's spirit is still present in her new car, so she called in paranormal investigator, Paul Dale Roberts, who conducted a reading and got what he called surprising results. When he played back a recording or an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), where he addressed Alex's spirit in the car, both he and Stinson say they head a male voice. Roberts says, "He's definitely probably not attached to his car, but he's attached to Deanna." 

     Stinson says that as long as his spirit doesn't disturb her as she's driving and is a peaceful one, she's okay with that. Creepy as hell? Yes, but when loved ones come through and visit, it's a good thing and shouldn't be taken as creepy. Here's a video of the news story about Deanna Stinson and her truck: 

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