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Monday, June 2, 2014


     As kids graduate college and enter the real world landing corporate jobs, they will soon realize that corporate America is not what it's cracked up to be. I mean to be brutally honest, anyone who works a corporate job is an absolute phony! There I said it. When I graduated with a second bachelor's degree a couple of weeks ago from Rowan University, I noticed the excitement in these kid's faces. The excitement was of promise in their future. What they didn't realize is that the people they will be facing in their future will absolutely dislike them behind their backs and be really nice to them to their faces. Or in some cases, they will just bully them until they want to quit or are fired. 

     A new research shows half of workers in large companies don't like their coworkers. Figures from office space provider Regus show 49 percent of people in companies with more than 250 staff don't really like their coworkers. It's significantly more than the 16 percent of people in companies with less than 49 staff who admitted to disliking their colleagues. The top reasons for disliking coworkers included having a poor work ethic, unable to do their job, and overpowering and controlling. Employees also didn't like colleagues when they were perceived as being too precious to work hard, while small business workers detested colleagues who were difficult to manage.

      Well, I hate to say it, but this happens everywhere. I have a little story that has to deal with coworkers who hate and it's not a good one. Someone very close to me (it's not me) has been dealing with corporate bullying and jealous coworkers for the past five years. They picked up and moved for this job from another state, only to be sexually harassed, verbally abused and threatened on a daily basis. This person only reported to the Human Resources department once about the verbal abuse, but realizing that HR was willing to do nothing about it, this person decided to keep their mouth shut about everything else and chose not to cause any waves because they did not want to lose their job since they had bills and a mortgage to pay. So, they continued to endure the abuse. To make a long story short, this person was eventually fired from their position because of false claims and now the company is trying to sue them for every penny them have on many false claims. I feel terrible for this person and it is pretty apparent that the people who were bullying them in the work place continue to bully them even after they've been fired. I mean seriously. Enough is enough! 

     The bottom line is that people are evil. You can work anywhere and you can be really good at your job, but there will be someone there who is super jealous of you. Not everyone is going to like you and if you feel uncomfortable in a position because you think coworkers don't like you, then leave. That company is not worth your talents. There's a company out there that is worthy of it. I hope my friend gets through this. They are really good people and worst of all they are trying to get married, which this company knows making them seem more evil! Corporate bullies, they're never happy until someone's dead. Douchebags! Did I just make this blog too personal? I was going somewhere with this.....I swear!

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