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Thursday, August 14, 2014


     Okay, so in the past few years, I've written about some strange fetishes. Why should today be any different? Meet 26-year-old Lucas Leffel from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He's been dubbed locally as the "naked intruder." I like to call him "Buttman: The Naked Knight." It turns out; good ol' Lucas here is being accused of breaking into homes in the nude because he was attracted to women's buttocks. Yup! He was an Ass Man. 

     Leffel was said to have stripped down before entering a string of homes in Fond du Lac, or in his case, Fondle Lac, which is located about 60 miles north of Milwaukee, and he would sneak into women's bedrooms to fondle their butts while they slept. Here's what I don't understand; didn't any of these women have husbands, where they might wake up in the middle of the night only to find some strange naked guy groping their wife in the middle of the night and kick the living crap out of him? Or did he only creep after single women? Inquiring minds want to know. 

     Leffel was arrested after his mother spotted him wearing only boxers in the front lawn of their family's home on August 8. According to police, the creep had just bolted from a neighbor's home when a woman woke up from Leffel lifting her pajama pants as she slept in bed. What the hell? The suspect's mother, Mary Leffel, told a TV channel after she had him arrested, "I can't wrap my head around the whole thing. I just feel so bad for the families. And he needs to be punished." 

     Lucas told authorities that he has been addicted to pornography since he was 11-years-old and had been breaking into homes to touch women's buttocks ever since. How? How was he getting away with it all these years? Leffel was ordered to be held in lieu of $250,000 bail after he was arraigned on charges that included attempted second-degree sexual assault and burglary. Dude! I think every guy has been addicted to porn on some level, but breaking into houses just to fondle a women's ass? What the hell is wrong with people? He did it naked too! There are too many holes here! Why didn't any of these other women file a complaint? Unless they enjoyed it. And why did it take his mother to have him arrested? Unless she was jealous that he didn't molest her? Anyway, you look at this, it's just creepy as hell. My only wish is that one of these women farted on him. That would have made this story interesting!

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