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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


     How many of you have woken up from a dream and thought it to be real? How many of you thought that it was so real that you needed to do something about it? That's what 27-year-old Carlos Gascon from North Miami-Dade, Florida, did. He allegedly spent an entire day beating the everlasting crap out of his girlfriend last Friday because he had a dream that she cheated on him. Sounds like someone has some serious issues here. 

     Gascon allegedly punched and slashed his lover with a knife before slamming her down onto a glass table, all because he woke up convinced that she'd been unfaithful. He also smacked her dog, threw it to the ground and then tried to choke it out with his foot ay her Summerland Key home last Friday. Gascon is also being accused of pouring scolding hot coffee all over her body, threatening to kill her and throwing her cell phone and keys into a nearby canal. What a douchebag! Not only is he hitting women, which makes him pussy, but he's taking it out on a poor helpless dog. Who does that? Gascon needs a beating or maybe for Big Bubba to take advantage of him in prison. 

     The victim suffered the vicious assault from early morning until 6:45 pm. When Gascon finally passed out from all of the physicality, she was able to dial 911 from his phone. She told someone at the Monroe County Sheriff's office, "He was angry at her because he had a dream that she was cheating on him." Even if she really was cheating on him, which she probably should have been to get a beating like this, did she deserve the torture she endured? No women deserve to be beaten like this. I don't care what they did to their man. The fact that it was just a dream makes it even worse. Then the whole thing with attacking the poor dog. This guy needs to be put in the system for good! He's a threat to society. This won't be the last time he does this either. 

     Gascon was arrested and faces a slew of charges from aggravated assault and battery to false imprisonment and animal cruelty. He is currently being held on $265,000 bail at the Monroe County Jail. Good! Let him rot there! I know when my fiancee and I have dreams about the other cheating, we're smart enough to know it's a dream and we'll tell each other about it. How can you not have enough sense to know something is a a dream? Was the dream that real? If so, why didn't you just beat her in your dreams? There definitely has to be more to this story. Either way, this guy is definitely a scumbag.

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