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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


     Okay, there were a few other things that I could've written about, but how could I pass up a story about a woman flashing her boobs on an airplane? Especially, this woman! The only thing that could have sweetened this story would have been if she pooped in her pants on the plane. That didn't happen.

     Anyway, this is Hawaiian realtor Kristin Sharp. She's being accused of smoking an e-cigarette on a plane and drunkenly flashing her (beautiful-looking) breasts to the entire cabin, but blamed the flight attendant she cursed at for "having a bad day." Why do I always miss these flights?

     Sharp admitted that she repeatedly vaped on the Las Vegas-to-Honolulu flight last week and fought with a flight attendant who asked her to stop vaping on the plane, but she denied passenger accounts that she threw a soda can at an Allegiant Air crew member and became belligerently drunk. First of all, what is Allegiant Air? Secondly, oh, that explains her behavior...Trashy airline = Trashy patrons. I'm surprised it wasn't Southwest Airlines.  Sharp said of the flight attendant in an interview, "So, I'm apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did. I think he had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude." 

     The 34-year-old was smoking her e-cigarette when she boarded the flight in Las Vegas on Thursday. She stopped when a crew member asked her to put the device away, but started vaping again once the plane took off. Witnesses said she went to the bathroom and smoked there, too. A flight attendant asked Sharp to stop smoking. According to her, he was rude and treated her with "a lack of manners." She continued, "I was just not happy with being treated poorly." Other passengers said Sharp was "drunk and belligerent" when she squared off with the flight attendant. She swore, exposed her breasts to the cabin and threw a half-full soda can at the employee. 

      Sharp said she was trying to throw a crumbled up can in a trash can and wasn't trying to hit the attendant. She said, "It was an unfortunate incident to have with the flight attendant. However, I do feel that he was very rude to me and there definitely a lack of manners and etiquette." Um, hello, dummy? You're on a plane that doesn't allow smoking, but you insisted on smoking your e-cig! E-cigarettes might not be as dangerous as far as second hand smoke goes, but it's still not allowed on a plane! You're in an enclosed tube with no ventilation to let air out for a few hours. If anyone was being rude and was lacking etiquette, it was you, you moron! She might be hot to look at, but she definitely lacks in the brain department. The only thing she did right was flash her puppies!

     Sharp's boyfriend, Bryant Clark, was also on the flight. He said her tiff with the flight attendant was minor. Way to keep your girl in check, big man! Clark said, "She's not a criminal by any means. She's a sweetheart, she's a good person. She was tired. She was a little bit grumpy. I think that the flight attendant wasn't doing things to de-escalate the situation." Sharp allegedly fell asleep after the incident. FBI agents responded to the plane after it landed in Hawaii. Sharp has not been charged with anything, but the investigation is ongoing as officials continue to interview passengers and crew members. 

      Personally, it doesn't seem like she did anything wrong that would put her in jail, but she needs to be more mindful of those around her when she flies. Smoking an e-cig on a plane is unacceptable, but I do have to agree that flashing your boobs on a plane is A-okay with me!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


     If $10,000 worth of marijuana fell on your front lawn, what would you do? I know what I would do and it would have nothing to do with calling the police. That's what Maya Donnelly from Arizona did, though. 

     Donnelly was awoken by a sound that she thought was thunder in the early morning hours, but dismissed it as a typical monsoon storm and went back to bed. Later that morning, she looked in the carport at her house in Nogales, near the U.S.-Mexico border, and saw pieces of wood on the ground. She found a bulky bundle wrapped in black plastic. Inside the plastic, it was revealed, was roughly 26 pounds of marijuana, a package authorities say was worth $10,000 and likely was dropped on her house accidentally by a drug smuggling aircraft. Oh, gee! These guys should be detectives! No kidding! 

     Donnelly said of the September 8 incident, "It's all right on top of our dog's house. It just made a perfectly round hole through our carport." Living near the border, Donnelly assumed the object was drugs. She immediately called her husband, Bill, who told her to call 911. Dummies! The couple said officers who responded told them an ultralight aircraft smuggling marijuana from Mexico probably let part of its load go early by accident before dropping the rest farther north. Nogales Police Chief Derek Arnson said it was the first time in his three-year tenure that he's ever seen a load of drugs hit a building.

     Police are trying to determine whether the bundle was transported by an aircraft or a pilotless drone. Such runs usually happen at night....Or so I hear. Donnelly said she thinks it's unlikely someone will come looking for the drugs, which are now in police custody. Arnson agreed but said police have boosted patrols in the Donnelly's neighborhood for now. The family will have to pay an estimated $500 in repairs of the damages on their home, which includes a new home for their German Shepherd, Hulk. But the scenario, could have been way worse for the couple and their three daughter. The package could have landed in one of their bedrooms. 

     Friends and family also have gotten a good laugh at the situation. Several joked that the couple could have profited from the surprise package. That's a joke? I totally would have tried to profit or at least share my new fortune. Ok, who am I kidding? I wouldn't have told a soul! I would have pretended that I had a guy and whenever someone wanted some, I would break some off and sell it to them. Calling 911 would be the furthest thing from my mind. Donnelly said, "How can you have a clear conscience, right? We could have made lots of home repairs with that money." Um, yeah! Once again....Dummies! Or shall I say, "Goodie Two Shoes!"

Monday, September 28, 2015


     These stories always make me queasy, but here we go anyway. So, while the rest of the Internet universe was rooting for New York's Pizza Rat, the YouTube video sensation showing a New York City rat dragging a whole slice of pizza down a subway staircase, one woman in Hawaii was trying to hold back her vomit after discovering Hawaii's Boiled Peanut Mouse. (pictured)

     What the hell am I talking about? Well, Jenny Bugliesi was shopping at a convenience store on a military reserve in Hawaii when she decided to fill herself a cup of Cajun boiled peanuts from the store's self-serve pot. She told the local news station Hawaii News Now, "I was kinda scraping the bottom and I was joking like, 'Oh I hope there's enough to fill up my cup.' All of a sudden...I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! Look at this!'" She pulled the ladle out of the pot and on it lay two peanuts and the head and torso of a dead mouse. Ashley Anderson, a friend of Bugliesi who was there during the discovery, said, "It was huge! It's like two peanuts put together and it's deteriorated. There's no fur."

     The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which oversees all military stores, told Hawaii News Now that once the "partial mouse" was discovered, they removed all of the peanuts from the stock and notified Preventative Medicine, who is currently investigating how the mouse made it into the pot. First of all, absolutely disgusting! Second of all, don't they constantly check those self-serve pots of soup? I mean if not, I would imagine that this happens more than we know. It just so happens that someone took a photo of it this time. My wife told me that she's seen a rat walk down the street with a slice of pizza in New York City, so that video didn't faze her. She told me that she's also seen a cockroach walking around with a potato chip, so let me know when someone creates a video of that. The bottom line is that these things happen. Yes, they're gross and we hope that we never have to see it ourselves, but it does happen. I guess until we see it on video or photo, though, we can't really prove that it happens. Well, here you go!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


     Can you imagine being raised a girl until you hit puberty and then all of a sudden your balls and penis drop and suddenly, you're a boy? That's what happened to me! Just kidding! But apparently it's an epidemic in the Dominican Republic! (Sorry, Eddie!) 

     A new BBC series, Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You, focuses on how prenatal development shapes our lives, has brought new attention to a group of seemingly sex-swapping people in the Dominican Republic. In an article for the BBC Magazine, Michael Mosely talks to families with children that were brought up as girls because they lacked obvious testes or a penis at birth. The local name for these children is "guevedoces," which translates to "penis at twelve." But the change they go through isn't magical. It's an example of how multi-layered and complex human sexual development really is. 

     Basically, this is what happens: The condition is the result of an enzyme deficiency. Guevedoces are genetically male, and have Y chromosomes in all of their cells. Their earliest sexual development is also normal: a gene on the Y chromosome turns the undeveloped gonads of the 7 week old embryo into testes, which soon start pumping out male hormones. Two of those hormones, testosterone and Mullerian-inhibiting substance, are critical for the development of the internal male reproductive system. Testosterone triggers the development of the male reproductive tubing: the epididymis and vas deferens. Mullerian-inhibiting substance breaks down tissues that would otherwise develop into female structures like Fallopian tubes and the uterus. The result is a set of tubes that will carry semen from the testes to the point where the urethra emerges from the bladder. 

      At week 10 of prenatal development, a guevedoces looks like any other male fetus. But his enzyme deficiency is about to make things confusing for his parents. Normally, an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase-2 would convert testosterone into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Where internal reproductive tissues were sensitive to testosterone alone, the tissues that form the external genitalia are instead sensitive to DHT. When guevedoces are born, their external genitalia look female even though their internal reproductive structures are male. They are raised as girls, but at puberty, the testes inside their abdomens start producing large amounts of testosterone. The effect is actually quite startling.

     During puberty, testosterone makes the penis and testes grow into their larger adult form. The same thing happens to the guevedoces, but since their penis starts closer to the size of a clitoris, there's a lot more growing to do. They also develop other male characteristics such as facial hair, a deeper voice, and male masculature. And in most cases, they adapt to their new male bodies. Just look at Big Papi. Again, I'm kidding!

     I'm just blown away by this phenomenon and am totally watching this special on the BBC. It's absolutely crazy, but as I looked at old family photos I noticed my mom used to dress me like a girl until puberty. Should I be worried? Do any of you actually think this is even possible? I mean it's almost like a dog. Their balls don't drop until they're about 7 or 8 months old. I'm still waiting for my penis to grow. Just saying...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


     Before I start, I wanted to pay tribute to the one of the Pride of the Yankees, Yogi Berra, who passed away this morning at the age of 90-years-old. He was one of the greats on and off the field as a war veteran, a great wordsmith and 10-time World Series Champion. R.I.P. Yogi Berra! It looks like it's finally over. 

     Now back to the news...How much dough is too much dough to put in one's pizza? Do you think $1,300 is too much dough? That's what a Domino's in Berkley, California did when they hid nearly $1,300 in cash in a box labeled "chicken wings." They thought it was a great way to safely get the money to the bank. Sure! If you don't accidentally deliver that box to a customer! The Berkley shop did exactly that this past Friday, and the funny thing is that the customer didn't even open the box right away. 

     Mike Vegas, a bartender at AT&T Park in San Francisco told NBC News that he thought he was going to have the night off so he ordered some pizza and wings. But when he got called into work, he stuck the box of wings into the fridge unopened. He said, "I got off work really late, and when I came back home I found the cash in the delivery box. I was rubbing my eyes at 5 a.m., laughing at myself." Vegas said the driver had called looking for the missing money, but since he was at work, he ignored the calls. That is hilarious! The poor delivery guy must've been crapping his pants. 

     Vegas posted a photo on Facebook showing two stacks of bills. One of the containing $666 and the other $633. Vegas seemed inclined to return the money from the beginning, using the hashtag, #karmatest. He said, "Of course, there a long list of people arguing you should keep it, you should keep it, you should keep it, you should keep it. I wanted to keep it, believe me. But I can't, I can't do that." Some of Vegas' friends were also worried that the driver might even lose his job over the botched delivery. He assured, "Driver is safe and keeps his job, money is back at Dominoes, I was offered free pizza for a year. Bonus-karma should drop by my place soon." 

     Domino's was also happy to get their dough back. "Thank you so much for this," said general manager Zia Mumtaz, who continued, "Honest people are hard to find these days." I have to be honest, I'm not sure I would have returned it. Karma has never been on my side, so why would she start now? If that money was delivered to my house it was for a reason. This guy Vegas was too nice. Yeah, it was only $1,300, but it could have been $1,300 extra in my account. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. How is it my fault that some moron decided to hide money in a pizza box and deliver it? Would that be considered stealing? I wouldn't think so since the money was delivered to my house. What would you have done? 

Thursday, September 17, 2015


     When people ask me about my life, I tell them that I feel like I'm living multiple lives. I'm a husband, a marketing director, a journalist, a D-list rock star and a student. Nothing wrong with that, right? It seems like a full boat, but I manage to get it done. Then there's Kristin Sundman from Kent, Ohio (pictured). On Monday, she had to resign as a high school teacher because she's been living a double life as a hardcore internet porn star and she was recently exposed....literally!

     By day, Kristin worked as an assistant band teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent. But her free time, the 31-year-old was better known online as "melodyXXXtune," the name she used for her online videos. Her Twitter account was under that name, which is now gone, indciated she appeared in X-rated clips on itscleolive.com, a porn site run by a Tampa-based webcam girl, who calls herself Cleo. 

     Photos from the racy clips show the teacher naked in a shower, masturbating and appearing to perform oral sex on a man. So far, I see nothing wrong with what she's done. I would need to see the clips to be sure! Some of her videos were posted on my favorite site, Pornhub, which took them down Monday at the request of the copyright owner. 

     After Miss Sundman's extracurriculars were revealed, Roosevelt High School put her on paid administrative leave last week, but she stepped down days later. Her bosses insisted that her side job was out of character, with Kent City Schools superintendent George Joseph calling her a "great employee." The funny thing was all the positive comments were coming from the men in the school district. Joseph went on to say that school officials do not believe Sundman was ever sexually involved with a student and are unsure if her porn career was just a coincidence along with her time in the classroom. She worked for the district for eight years and was earning $50k per year by the time she left. 

     I don't know. Personally, I think whatever she did on her free time was her business. This story never revealed how it was discovered that she was doing online porn. Did another teacher find it? Or was it a student who found it? If it was a student, it would make more sense for them to suspend her, but you can't blame someone for trying to make a supplemental income especially on a $50k a year job. If she wanted to continue her online porn, they shouldn't have exposed her the way they did. Maybe no one would've found out. Sometime no one even realizes that I play music. Some things are just better left unsaid. Especially because she looks different in her videos according to these pictures. Maybe it's just me, but I kind of feel bad for this girl. Then again, I'm a man. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


     Who says having sex with robots is bad? Haven't women been doing it for years? Isn't a vibrator technically a robot? According to my wife, it's just a sex toy and sex toys are not robots. I disagree! If it needs a battery and has wires instead of veins, it's a robot. According to come ethicists, having sex with robots is a really bad idea. Let's see why....

     So, a New Jersey-based company True Companion is getting ready to launch the world's first sex robot with artificial intelligence by the end of the year, but a group of experts on Tuesday started a campaign with a grim warning that the bots could "encourage and intensify the objectification of women and children." So, what? If you're not getting it at home and you don't want to cheat and your sick of Rosie Palm and her five sisters, why can't you bang a robot? A U.K.-based ethicist and Campaign Against Sex Robot leader, Kathleen Richardson told the BBC, "We think the creation of such robots will contribute to detrimental relationships between men and women, adults and children, men and men and women and women." I'm sure this woman owns 10 vibrators. 

     At first, Richardson thought the robots were harmless. She said, "When I first started looking into the subject, I thought, 'oh sex robots. That's harmless and perhaps these robots would reduce demand for real women and children. But then as I researched the subject more, I found that the opposite was true, that rather than reduce the objectification of women, children and also men and transgender people, there robots would contribute and reinforce their position in society as objects." I still don't get the kids. How will the robot effect the kids? The women I kind of get, but who cares?

     The robots, basically sex dolls with A.I. (artificial intelligence), haven't hit shelves yet. A company called True Companion has promised to start selling the "world's first sex robot," named Roxxxy, later this year. She's set to sell for about $7,000. C.E.O Douglas Hines said his robots are not about abuse and objectification, and not entirely about sex. Rather they offer companionship and emotional intimacy too. A robot can converse with its owner and will be able to pick up on his or her dislikes. If you ask me, they should be worried more about the creepiness of the whole thing rather than objectification. He said, "We're not supplanting the wife or trying to replace the girlfriend. This is a solution for people who are between relationships or someone who lost a spouse. The physical act of sex will only be a small part of the time you spend with a sex robot. The majority of the time will be spent socializing and interacting with it." Like I said....Creepy!

     Still, the ethicists worry that the robots will become a substitute for human interaction all together. My take is that interacting with a robot is creepy as hell. I barely even speak to Siri because I think it's so weird. Would I have sex with a doll? Probably not. She would have to be one hell of a hot doll, but nothing and no one is hotter than my wife. (No, she did not make me say that!) I do agree with the CEO about the robot being a substitute for that in between time when there is no companion and with the dating scene the way it is, having a robot companion with A.I. might not be a bad alternative. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


     Yes, this photo is creepy as hell! But this Ohio mother, who lost her husband to a heroin overdose wanted to share this stirring photo of herself and her children beside his open casket in an effort to warn others about the dangers of drug addiction. To me, it just looks like her and her kids taking a photo next to a corpse. If she wanted to warn others about the dangers of drug addiction, she should have taken a photo of her and her kids next to him passed out with the needle stuck in his arm. That would have been more effective. As far as I'm concerned, this guy died in a car accident or in his sleep or something. 

     Eve Holland of Cincinnati, Ohio, posted with her family's final photo, "The cold hard truth is heroin kills. You may think it will never happen to you but guess what, that's what Mike thought too. I'm sure this photo makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It may even piss a few people off but the main reason I took it was to show the reality of addiction."

     I guess I get that. The young father of two's addiction began with painkillers, according to his widow. He entered a rehab facility late last year and came out "a brand new man" just in time for Christmas, she remembered. Back in May, the then alive 26-year-old Mike Settles posted two photos of himself side-by-side with two hashtags reading "transformation" and "healthy" along with a small smiley face. Two days later, he shared a photo of him with his wife, which read: "This evening we decided to be a family again. Wish us luck!" 

     Tragically, it was something as small as a toothache that his wife said led him to turn to pain pills again. That slip re-sparked his deadly battle with addiction. She wrote, "We were together 11 years. I was there before it all started. I knew what he wanted out of this life, all his hopes and dreams. He never would've imagined his life would turn out this way. He said he could handle it, that he could stop on his own and didn't need help again. Well, he was wrong, last Wednesday, he took his last breath. I just needed to share his story in case it can help anyone else." 

     As of Monday, her photo had been shared on Facebook more than 247,000 times, which included her personally sharing it on two heroin support group pages. Apparently, her message seemed to work on some who saw her post on Facebook and have been battling addiction. I guess this photo does send a pretty strong message. When I was a young Chinese boy, I had a few friends who died of because heroin addiction. One of them died because of an overdose and the other two died from a double suicide. I miss all three of them dearly and think about them every day still. This happened more than 20 years ago now, but just the thought of heroin addiction still gets to me. I've also had friends who became addicted to pain pills for some time and again, another ugly addiction. If you ask me, sometimes addiction is mind over matter, sometimes, unfortunately, it's an inherited gene that can't be helped. I was lucky enough to not have an addictive bone in my body. Yeah, I inhaled! But I just became addicted to music and that's an addiction that will never go away and will never kill me.....Well, eventually, it will kill me, but not for a while. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


     I swear that people become assholes when they get on airplanes. I tell my wife that all the time. People become rude, they become gross and they basically become stupid. That's what this guy is....STUPID! 

     This is 27-year-old Jeff Rubin from Portland, Oregon. He's facing charges after authorities say he urinated on passengers on a flight from Anchorage to Portland. He was arrested early on Friday after JetBlue Flight 47 arrived at Portland International Airport. 

     According to a report, passengers and airline employees told officers Rubin had been sleeping for most of the flight. About 30 minutes before landing, he stood up and began urinating through the crack between the seats in front of him, onto passengers sitting there. According to the report, he lost his balance and fell backward, spraying urine on passengers, seats and luggage. Really? Was the bathroom that far away, that you couldn't walk to it and pee where you're supposed to? People are disgusting! I guess this shouldn't be surprising since this Jeff Rubin guy kind of resembles Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman. We all know what Paul Reubens was famous for. 

     Rubin spent about five hours in jail. He faces charges of criminal mischief and offensive littering. I curious as to what makes people do what they do, though. I mean urinating on people in a plane is no worse than terrorism. I mean, just think of all the bacteria on that plane now. Who knows what kind of diseases this guy carried? And you're in a tube with no ventilation. As a person who flies often, this is just disgusting! 

Friday, September 11, 2015


     I posted this entry on my blog for the last couple of years to commemorate 9/11 and it always receives a very positive response. So, I've made the decision to post this blog entry every year on 9/11, so new readers and new friends can read what I went through on this horrific day. Here is "9/11 The Way I remember it": 

      In my 4 years of writing this blog, I try to be entertaining and for the most part, funny. Today is not one of those days. In the past two years, I realized that I never shared my 9/11 experience with you in this blog because quite frankly, who wants to re-live that day of horror for New York City and this great nation? Today, I want to share with you, how my day went 12 years ago, which by the way, I cannot believe it's been 12 years already!
      Anyway, I remember driving into Z100 in Jersey City, NJ the morning of 9/11/01. The sun was just rising and was looking like it was going to be a gorgeous day out. I remember it like it was yesterday. The air was crisp. Not too hot and not too cold. It was perfect. For some reason, I remembered driving in down the New Jersey Turnpike from my Bergen County home and just looking at that beautiful skyline. Little did I know, it would be the last time that I would be enjoying that skyline with the twin towers there and standing tall. 

       Our morning was your typical morning of comedic banter amongst the morning show, which consisted of host Elvis Duran, Christine Nagy, John Bell, Danielle Monaro, Skeery Jones, David Brody, Greg T., Scotty B., a guy named Stick, myself, and our morning show consultant Dennis Clark. I happened to be screening phone calls for the show that day and right before 9 a.m., I received a strange one from a caller saying, "A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center. I'm not sure if it was one of those little Cessna planes, but the North Tower is on fire." I swear to God, those were his exact words. It's weird how some things just stay with you. Now, mind you, the only thing separating where our studios were in Jersey City and the World Trade Center was the Hudson River. We were up on the 36th floor and were literally that close. Also, at the time, the sun was still making its rise, so we brought the blinds behind us down so that we can see our computer screens. So, after I received this call, I turned my chair around and raised the blinds to see one of the most horrific sites I have ever seen in my life. It was clear that this plane that crashed into the North Tower was not a little Cessna because a little Cessna would not have caused damage like that to these strong towers.

      I quickly ran into the studio and told Elvis, who was in a commercial break, about the call and what I saw. The whole show literally ran out to take a look outside our window. Elvis made Christine and I stay in the studio to break the news. He interrupted commercials and asked me to go on the air to explain what had happened and what I saw, while Christine explained what she was reading on the news sources. As I ran back to the call screen area, the hotline rang and it was MJ, one of our promotions girls, and she explained to us that it was a commercial airliner that crashed into the tower. Elvis put her on the air and let her explain. People from different departments showed up to watch at the window, when Stick noticed something flying really low over Staten Island, which was to our right. We literally watched this plane quickly pick up speed and as if it happened in slow motion, it slammed into the South Tower with such an impact, we felt our building shake. We all could not believe what we just saw. A plane used as a weapon as it slammed into the World Trade Center, I just remember seeing a fireball and paper shooting out the other end. I was baffled and confused and it all came clear when I heard Danielle Monaro crying, "Oh my God! We're being attacked by terrorists!" 
        We were forced to evacuate the building and at the time, all I could think about was trying to get home to my family because if there were any more attacks, I wanted to be with them. Elvis and John Bell stayed up in the control booth like true radio men to stay on the air. To this day, I truly commend them for their bravery and loyalty to our listeners. Elvis told us all to go home and be with our loved ones. He and John ended up staying on the air for the majority of the day taking phone calls from listeners as Dennis Clark helped screen the phone calls. Me? I high-tailed it out of there and at the time there was no cell signal. I could not call home. Driving through the streets of Jersey City that day was an absolute mess! People walking the streets like zombies with a "what the hell just happened" look on their face. I remember sitting in traffic and looking in my side view mirror only to see the South Tower collapse. I literally almost threw up when I saw this. I couldn't believe it. I asked the guy in the car next to me, "Did that tower just go down?" He said it did and we sat there stunned! 

      It took me about two hours but I finally got home only to find out that my cousin Michele's fiancée, Arnold Lim, was missing. Arnold and Michele had gotten engaged a month before and the eerie thing is that one of the last pictures I remember of them was at their engagement party in Edgewater, NJ and the Towers stood behind them. Anyway, Arn used to work at Lehman Brothers in Jersey City a few floors below me at Z100. We used to meet for lunch all the time. It was right around the time of their engagement that Arn took a job at the Trade Center with a company called Fiduciary Trust. When I found out that no one was able to get in touch, I began calling him every hour only to get his voicemail. The last person to speak to him was my Aunt Barbara, who called him to tell him the towers were on fire. He told her that he knew and he was actually watching it, but the building told everyone on the PA to stay where they were and that they were safe. My aunt told him that she didn't care and to get the hell out. He told her he was leaving and that was the last we heard from him. My guess is that he was making his way down the stairwell when that second plane hit, which is the one I saw. They never found his body. 

      The weeks to follow would be about rebuilding and Memorials. I've heard so many different stories from people who were actually down at the Trade Center and survived. I've also heard stories about people seeing bodies fall around them. I've also heard stories from people who overslept and never made it to work in the Trade Center that day. Then there's the story of my fiancée who never made it to the PATH station where everyone died underground because her new kitten needed her attention. With all of these stories and families of the victims, how can we ever forget what those scumbags did to us as a nation? Sure, there are so many other stories! This one was just mine....

And now here stands what looks like the big middle finger to the terrorists....The Freedom Tower!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


     Have you ever been pulled over by the police and wondered, "Where the hell am I going to hide this gun?" Good! Neither have I! 31-year-old, Ashley Cecilia Castaneda from Texas can't say that, though. Her bust could have ended with a bang! 

     Dare I say, "Castaneda dodged a bullet!" after stuffing a fully-loaded handgun in her vajay-jay while being pulled over by police on drug charges. According to authorities, Castaneda was being escorted into a Waco jail late Monday night when police say she confessed about being unconventionally armed below the belt. That's a strange way to put it, but okay, that works!

     Police had to perform a cavity search, which was carried out by a female officer, and retrieved a .22 caliber semi-automatic Smith and Wesson pistol from her unconventional holster...Her cooka! Along with the weapon, police confiscated digital weighing scales and 29.5 grams of meth also found in her vaj! Just kidding! But can you imagine? Those items were actually found in her purse! 

     Castaneda's driver, 30-year-old Gabriel Garcia, was additionally charged with possession of meth in a school zone. Police said 2.7 grams of meth were found under the set of his vehicle. Well, we've probably heard these stories before about women hiding things in their no-no area, but this might be the first time that I heard about a loaded weapon being shoved up there. I bet you'd like to see what that gun looked like right? Here it is: 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


     I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! I know I did! I ran into some old friends at the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY and took my wife her family on an amazing winery tour in Warwick, NY. Now, back to the stupidity! 

     So, when you were younger, you ever have your parents complain about the service in a restaurant to a point that it was so embarrassing you wanted to hide under the table? Well, that recently happened in Middle-Eastern restaurant and it was all caught on video, but what happens at the end will crack you up because of the stupidity! Ah, the stupidity!

     An irate woman was captured in this viral online video throwing a tantrum and lecturing a restaurant staff to get things right the first time around, then as she is leaving, she crashes face first into the glass door on her way out. The video was posted online this past Thursday, but it's unclear where and when it was recorded. The video shows the unidentified blond woman badgering the restaurant employees that they got her children's kabob order wrong, because "my kids don't eat GREEN THINGS!" Unreal! How about instead of complaining about these green things, just take them off? It was a kabob that was probably on a skewer. What a moron!

    The woman continued in the video, "You know what? Like, I'm really glad you two can talk to each other in whatever language it is that you're speaking but it's really rude! And if you want to be polite to the customer, then you speak English to the customer in America." The women behind the counter told her to calm down and offered to make her a new meal for her kids with red peppers, but that only made the blonde customer more irate. She responded as she pounded on the counter, "I don't have 15-minutes for you not to know English, not to get it right the first time! You get it right the first time! Customer is always right! That's how it works here and I don't have time for this. I don't have 15-minutes of you two being rude and talking about whatever it is you're talking about. In whatever language it is you're speaking!" 

     They were probably talk about how much of a racist bitch you are! It's one thing to be patriotic and love your country, but she shouldn't be throwing that around when she walks into THEIR ethnic restaurant. If she didn't want green peppers in her food because her kids don't eat "green things", then take them off. Not a big deal! There was no reason to belittle these women because they were speaking in their native tongues. If they were talking shit about you, they were probably right because you were acting like an asshole. 

     Soon, the conclusion to the blonde woman's tirade came as she turned towards the exit. She said, "This is America and you get it right the first time. You get it right the first time. Get it right the first time. Get it right the first time, okay?" Then she proceeded to walk through the door that she thought was a "push" door, but was a "pull" door and she walked face first right into the door! HILARIOUS! Hey, lady! Do you know what else needs to be done right the first time? Opening a door after a tirade like that! Moron! She's the epitome of every blonde joke known to man! The best thing is that she kept on calling green peppers, "green thingys!" How stupid can you be? Ah, the stupidity makes this world go round! 

Check out this video till the very end: 

Friday, September 4, 2015


     I originally saw a story about a lawyer who hypnotized his clients and then sexually assaulted them, but then this story came up and is so much more hilarious!

     So, what do you do if you're in college and your driver's license gets suspended because you were partying too hard? You go out and get a Barbie Jeep and drive it around campus! That's what you do! Well, that's what Texas State University student, Tara Monroe, did. The industrial engineering junior has become quite the celebrity on the San Marcos campus for scooting around the campus in the plastic toy, which she named Charlene after its previous toddler owner. 

     Delighted and possibly confused students have Instagrammed and Snapchatted photos of the 20-year-old cruising across campus in the kiddie-sized cruiser. Charlene can allegedly zoom up to 5 miles per hour and takes no gas. Monroe told a local newspaper, "Most people don't find the things me and my friends do very funny, just immature, so I didn't expect to get this big of a reaction. People who don't know me are shocked, but my friends weren't even surprised because I do stuff like this all the time." 

     Monroe started driving the tiny toy mobile after she lost the right to drive an adult-sized vehicle. While heading home from a Waka Flocka concert, she refused to take a breathalyzer test, which is an automatic loss of license in any state. Her father drove to campus to strip her of her car, leaving her with only a bike to get around campus. The 20-year-old said, "Riding a bike around campus sucks! Like really sucks!"

     After being fed up with pedaling, Monroe took to Craigslist to find the ride of her dreams, or at the very least, the ride she can legally drive. She settled on a $60 bright pink kiddie Jeep. It's previous owner was a toddler driver named Charlene. The kiddie car isn't the most comfortable car for the 5-foot-3 20-year-old, but Monroe said she's having fun living as the "Barbie Jeep Girl" and reliving her childhood on campus.

     I have to admit; this is ridiculous, but total genius on the part of Miss Monroe. She can drive this vehicle as drunk as she wants to be and the hilarity of it all is out of this world. This girl has some sense of humor while others would have wallowed in the fact that they lost their licenses. She made some fun out of it. Good for her!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


     I know that our civil servants have been receiving a bad rap lately, but I always wondered if what this girl did actually worked on police officers. Maybe if she picked the right officer, it might have. 

     Anyway, this is 24-year-old, Arielle Engert from Florida. She was recently slapped with bribery charges after she allegedly offered to perform sexual favors on three deputies in exchange for dropping her DUI and drug charges. Now, let me clarify; she didn't offer to perform the sexual favors on all three at the same time. Only two at the same time. 

     Engert was drunk when she was pulled over at 2:48 a.m. on Monday in Pinellas County. Police  say she failed a series of sobriety tests . To avoid being arrested, she allegedly offered to perform oral sex on the deputy if he looked the other way. The deputy declined her offer and was transported to Pinellas County Jail. There, two more officers searched her and found a bag of cocaine in her bra and a bag of weed in her purse. Once again, Engert allegedly offered to trade sex acts for freedom with two deputies at the same time. They, too, declined her offer and instead charged her with drug possession, driving under the influence, introducing contraband into a detention facility and three counts of bribery. Her blood alcohol level was allegedly twice the legal limit. Well, she wanted to get screwed. She got screwed! She wanted the big one? She got it alright! 

     Engert, who had prior drunk driving charges on her rap sheet, eventually posted $5,150 bond and was released. Her Facebook page, which has since been taken down, listed her as a philosophy student at the University of Florida. I can see her philosophy here; get shit-faced, offer the police blow-jobs and sex and they'll let me go. I have to be honest, if she looked like the photo on the right, it might have been tough to pass up on her offer, but as a civil servant, those guys did the right thing. Finally!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


     Everything in the news is dumb today! Especially, if your top story is drive-thru order taker was dragged out of the window by her hair for not getting an order right. Or even, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, one of my favorite wrestlers of all-time, being arrested for a murder that happened over 30 years ago. The guy is dying of cancer. Just let him die already. 

     I found this story to be extremely odd and that's why I wanted to share it with you. Have you ever thought about someone out there in the world looking exactly like you and maybe even living parallel lives? I think about that all the time, but nobody could possibly be this good looking! Anyway, this is Ambra and Jennifer. They look like twins, right? Wrong! They only recently met as part of the "Twin Strangers" project, whose goal is to unite lookalikes around the world. Co-founder, Nimah Geaney, who launched the project in Ireland with two friends, has already met two women who look like her and the first one lived only an hour away from her.

     The most recent dopplegangers that the projected has connected are Americans. 23-year-old, Ambra from Fayetteville, North Carolina, recently traveled to Spring, Texas to meet 33-year-old, Jennifer. The facial similarities between the two women are incredible. Ambra said in a YouTube video documenting their meeting, "When I finally met her, it was like, 'Oh, my goodness....She really does have my face. I was awestruck the moment I saw her face in person. I did not want to take my eyes off her."

     In the video, Jennifer's mother, Karen, was also shocked by the resemblance, particularly after the "twins" put on matching outfits and makeup. She said, "You're my daughter! Your smiles are the same....I want to see your family tree!"

     If you're interested in meeting your own brother or sister from another family, Twin Strangers is still tracking down lookalikes. If this project does sound a little familiar, it might be because a Montreal-based photographer, Francois Brunelle has been snapping artful portraits of unrelated people who look like each other from more than 12 years. 

     I have to be honest, I find this concept pretty fascinating. Then again, what if I met my doppleganger and he's a total douchebag? I mean even worse than me? In the same breath, what if I met him and he was a cool, successful millionaire, who owned his own publishing company or record label? That could work to my benefit. I might have to look into this. Check it out at TwinStrangers.com. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

$20 FOR A $1,000,000.....HMMM

     I just realized that my last two blogs were about penis. So, I will spare you today and stay away from the penis! I was going to write about that crazed WWE fan who was stalking former WWE Diva A.J. Lee outside of a WWE performance center and was shot by police, but he's not worth more than this mention. First of all, if he was a real fan, he would have known that A.J. has not been with the company for a while. Secondly, why waste my time writing about crazy people. Oh, yeah! That's what I do in the blog! My other idea for a blog was to write about that stash of Atari 2600 games found in a New Mexico landfill that just sold for over $100,000 on eBay! Then, I was starting to get pissed with myself because I had every single one of those games that were discovered, but can no longer sell them because I no longer have them! There were 881 cartridges found including E.T., Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Yar's Revenge, Real Sports Baseball, Centipede, Space Invaders, you get the idea. I passed on that story because it got me aggravated and sad. 

     So, I decided on a nice "feelgood" story to share with you that is penis-free! This is Hubert Tang from San Francisco. He happened to be walking when he found a $20 bill in the street.. First of all, what are the odds of finding a $20 bill in the street. I can see $1, $5 or maybe even $10 if you're lucky. Anyway, he finds a $20 bill outside the San Francisco International Airport last Wednesday and turned it into $1 million when he bought a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets. Okay, I'm pissed again! Maybe this wasn't as "feelgood" as I thought it would be. 

      Tang told a CBS-TV news reporter that he hadn't played the lottery in 10 years but decided to use his newfound money to buy two "$1 Million Jackpot! Scratchers" tickets and one was worth the cool million. If you ask me, Tang really won $1,000,018 since it only cost him $2 to will the million and he found $20. Do the math! He said, "I scratched the ticket outside the store. I told my friend whom I was with that I didn't know if it was real, but I think I just won a million dollars." Some Chinese kids are so laid back! Oh, I just won a million dollars. I think I might have fainted or maybe I would have started doing the jig! What the hell?

     Tang, a bartender, said he doesn't have any plans on how he will spend his newfound fortune, but he may start by passing his luck forward. He joked that he will start leaving $20 bills on random streets for others to find. Trust me, they won't be buying lottery tickets with those $20s, kid! I would invest it in something good to make you more money and stash it away somewhere! Damn! I guess this falls in the "Why doesn't this stuff every happen to me!" category! This is why I always keep my eyes open in city streets. You never know what you will find on the floor!