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Thursday, September 28, 2017


     Yes, so last night, one of my idols died peacefully of, basically old age, in his Los Angeles mansion. I'm sure he was surrounded by his bunnies when he went, but it's true Playboy icon Hugh Hefner has left us with his legacy at the age of 91. Rest in peace, Hef. 

     By the way, Hef's death definitely has nothing to do with the story I'm about to share with you. So, this is 54-year-old Dave Murray....No not from the band, Iron Maiden! Murray was an employee of the Harris County Morgue, and was recently implicated by the FBI in an organ trafficking network. 

     After investigating several reports of missing organs and body parts, dozens of agents raided Murray's residence on Wednesday morning in hopes to find his involvement in the crimes. They did not expect to find what they found. Not that I think they did anyway. What they discovered was "shelves everywhere, filled with hundreds of glass jars. Each of them contained a penis floating in formalin, better known as formaldehyde.

     According to FBI spokesman Andy Ramirez, the accused Murray rapidly confessed everything as soon as he was arrested. Ramirez said, "He explained in great detail, how he had been cutting off dead men's genital organs and collecting  them for more than ten years." It took the FBI more than seven hours to gather all the organs (3000 penises in total) and pieces of evidence that were found at the site.

     A total of 53 criminal charges have already been filed against Murray and hundreds more could be filed over the next few days. And anonymous FBI source said that the number of charges could reach over the number of penises he had in jars. Murray will remain in custody for the moment as a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered to determine if he's even fit to stand trial. If he's considered fit, he should appear in court in October for the beginning of the procedures. 

     Here's what I'm not understanding since the article said nothing about it....why? Why did he feel the need to cut off 3000 penises and pickle them in a jar? Was he keeping them as souvenirs? Was he selling them? Or was he just that sick in the head? What was the motive here? Then again....Take a look at that mugshot. Do I really need an answer?

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