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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This morning I had the choice of human immortality, Neo-Nazis in Brooklyn, or NYPD impersonators to share with you today in the blog, and all were interesting topics, but I couldn't help myself than to be drawn to the latter story. It turns out, three cop impersonators, who are still at large, are wanted for stealing $200,000 from a Queens check-cashing business, but the unique thing about this robbery was that they were wearing Hollywood quality masks. Wow! No makeup artist has ever thought of this before?

Investigators started to suspect the trio that pulled off the Valentine's Day caper had worn masks that were far from the average costume shop masks. One of the false faces even looked like pro-wrestler Bill Goldberg. I, personally, think he looked like John Travolta in From Paris With Love.

One this is certain, the detectives really have no clue as far as the ethnicity's of the crooks, who cleaned out an unlocked safe inside a Pay-O-Matic store in Rosedale, Queens because they wore gloves and sunglasses so that their skin wouldn't show.

If the masks were, in fact, made by pros, the robbery would be reminiscent of the $1.5 million dollar London jewel heist of 2009, in which two thieves had a makeup artist disguise them in liquid latex masks that made them look older.

The day after the Queens heist, the NYPD described the three suspects as white men who wore dark blue jackets with NYPD logos, 'police-type shields hanging around their necks', and they identified themselves as detectives. Later, the NYPD got a tip that the robbers may have been wearing masks that made them look like three white guys. Now, can you see why I was so drawn to this story? Yes, a bad thing happened here, but it's so Hollywood! I feel like I'm watching a movie awaiting the outcome!

One police source said that they don't even know if the trio was white, black, or Hispanic, but people in the neighborhood saw them in a van for two or three days before the robbery, and claimed they saw three white guys. Investigators believe that the robbers were wearing the masks as they cased the joint before they struck. Witnesses say they drove off in a dark-colored Ford Expedition.

I seriously find this story fascinating, and am dying to find out if these guys are a different color under those masks. That's also providing they ever get caught! I guess stay tuned to see if they ever catch these guys. I know that this is terrible to say, but part of me wants to see these guys get away with it because of the creativity that went behind the robbery, but from an upstanding citizen standpoint, breaking the law is breaking the law, and criminals should be punished if they're ever caught. I would be out of the country already, though, but that's just me!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Okay, I know that I'm a day late on this one, but it took a day to settle in and really piss me off about how sensitive a society we've become, including myself! For many of you who follow me on Facebook, you already know that I've ranted over ESPN's "Chink In The Armor" comment and FOX's rapist morning show host, Greg Kelly's comment about Jeremy Lin's eyes. Was I being too sensitive about it? At my first reaction, I didn't think that I was, but as people started to comment about what I wrote, I started to think that some of them might have been right and that maybe we have become too sensitive as a society. I mean, as far as ESPN goes, I know that the comment wasn't mean as malicious in anyway, but the word "chink" to many of us Asian-Americans, it really makes us cringe because many of us heard that word a lot used in a derrogatoy form. I really don't believe that the writer at the time meant to use it in that manner, but seeing the word, did cause an uproar in the Asian community. You know what though? Somebody mentioned Archie Bunker in one of the comments, and they were dead on with it. Back when Archie Bunker was on TV, he used every racial term in the book, and that show lasted 11 seasons. Would that show last on the air now? I'm thinking "No" because we've lost our sense of humor and have become too uptight as people. As for Greg Kelly's comment, he's just an a**hole, and his comment was totally racist, but did we really need to make a big stink about it?

At first, I felt "yes", we needed to make a big stink about it, but then I saw this story about one of my favorite comedians Billy Crystal, who did an amazing job as always hosting the Academy Awards this past Sunday. Apparently, in Billy's opening segment for the Oscar's, he did a part with Justin Bieber to help his "18 to 24" demographic, so he said, where he played himself and Sammy Davis Jr. This is where the trouble started! Hundreds took to Twitter to complain about Crystal performing as Sammy Davis Jr. in blackface. Um, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The Sammy Davis Jr. imitation is a character that Billy Crystal has done for many, many years! And he's the best at it! He's even done the character in full makeup like he did on Sunday night! To me, what he did was not blackface and he shouldn't be held accountable for portraying a character! Ted Danson, on the otherhand, did perform in blackface many years ago, which also caused outrage, but rightfully so. Trust me, there was huge difference in Billy Crystal's and Ted Danson's makeup. 
To those Twitter complainers, if you're going to get mad at Billy Crystal for portraying Sammy Davis Jr., who was a black man, in full makeup, then you might as well get mad at the Wayans brothers for portraying two white girls in makeup in the movie White Chicks. That's the same thing! Why is that okay? Two black guys in white makeup? Why is that considered funny as opposed to Billy Crystal portraying a black man? I see no difference, but now I'm reading that the Academy is catching some flack for it because of the complaints and Crystal might not be invited back to host ever again. Personally, I think that is just plain dumb because Billy Crystal, in all my years of watching The Oscars, is the best host they will ever have, and his opening monologues have become legendary!

We, as a society, really need to let some stuff go! Not everything is meant to be malicious or racist! America is a melting pot of nationalities, and we've suddenly learned to live and work together. In some regions of the country, they're a little behind with cultural diversity, but at the end of the day, the bottom line is, there are different nationalities all over the place, and there will be things said that are a little "off-color". Does it mean, we should be too sensitive and react like we're being attacked in a racist manner? No way! It's just words and no one is really getting hurt! Time to re-develop that sense of humor, America! Billy Crystal is a comedian! There was nothing racist about his acting like Sammy Davis Jr.! Unbelievable!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Beyond all of the Oscar buzz and J.Lo's nip slippage live on national TV, I wanted to start this week off with an amazing story rather than rant about something and make someone look dumber than they really are. Today, I wanted to let you know about a real-life Superman! You see, a New York City police officer's life was saved recently when his gun belt deflected a suspect's bullet in a Lower East Side shootout Monday (today) morning.

According to NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, father of that idiot FOX morning guy Greg Kelly who got away with raping someone, he stated that if the bullet hit an inch away from where it landed, it would've been right in the officer's stomach. Or was it? You know, in the comic books, whenever Supermen got shot, he always made it seem like the bullet would hit something else if he was dressed like his alter-ego, Clark Kent. In an NYPD statement, the officers shot and wounded the suspect, followed his blood trail right to his apartment and arrested him.

The gun battle in the Baruch Houses unfolded at around 1:40 am when officers Thomas Richards and Thomas Dunne left their police van to approach a man who was acting suspiciously on Columbia Street. The suspect, Luis Martinez, muttered something at the officers, turned to Officer Richards and blasted away. One round struck the spare ammunition magazine on Richards' gun belt bending the magazine....Or did it? Maybe it actually did strike the man of steel?

Commissioner Kelly stated that it was a very close call for Officer Richards, and that the magazine may have well saved his life......Or has it? Are we sure it wasn't Officer Richards' steel plated body that he was born with on the planet Krypton? Anyway, Officer Richards returned fire and chased Martinez as he fled on Columbia toward Baruch Drive, where 200 feet from 64 Baruch Drive, Martinez stopped, turned and opened fire again on Richards and Dunne, in which both officers returned fire.

Martinez began running again, stopped outside the aforementioned address and shot at the officers for a third time, while a return fire ensued. Martinez was hit in the upper right leg, but still managed to run into the building, where responding Emergency Service Unit officers followed the blood trail to his apartment and took him into custody. Martinez's 9-MM handgun was recovered in the building's trash compactor. I'm pretty sure that Officer Richards found that with his X-Ray vision.

Officer Dunne and Richards are said to be fine and in great spirits. The incident marked the fourth time a NYPD police officer was shot in two months. Not a good sign for the NYPD. By the way, I don't care what anybody says, unless proven otherwise, I think that Officer Richards might be a real-life Superman!  No can be that lucky!

Friday, February 24, 2012


How safe does this picture make you feel when your riding on a New York City subway? If I was still living in New York City, I'd be pretty pissed off seeing my tax dollars at work. If I was part of the NYPD, I'd be pretty embarrassed! Especially after the flack New York's finest has been getting for fixing tickets. Now, we have this?

A hero police officer has recently been disciplined for catching a nap on the F train while still armed and in uniform. Officer Matthew Sobota, 43, was caught sleeping on the subway by a straphanger, who snapped a photo with his cell phone camera and emailed it to the NYPD brass.

A music producer named Martin Bisi, from Brooklyn, took the photo of the sleepy cop on February 16. Bisi said that he thought that maybe a teenager could've taken the officer's gun and sell it or even use it. He emailed the photo in because he felt that the situation was potentially unsafe. Bisi noticed the officer nodding off on the train at Carroll Street just after 3 p.m. He said that the officer was asleep during his entire 7-minute trip.

Officer Sobota admitted that he'd screwed up and blamed the overtime he'd been working for the catnap. A police source did say that officer Sobota, who had been assigned to the mounted unit, was actually off duty at the time, but was headed to do outside security work sanctioned by the NYPD. Okay, but it still doesn't give him the right to sleep on a public train, while his gun is still holstered. The music producer was right! Something severe could've come out of this! Luckily, nothing bad did come out of except for the photo of officer Sobota napping on the train in uniform. Oh, and the fact that he's been disciplined for failure to be alert while in uniform, which could only cost him some vacation time. Why didn't anyone think about about putting make-up on his face or painting his nails with nail polish? What happened to "You Snooze, You Lose"? Well, I guess in a way, he did lose!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Believe me when I say that I really, really wanted to stay away from this one because, though I felt sad that the world lost another icon, I also felt that that we lost her the minute she married Bobby Brown and fell into his hellish lifestyle. Anyway, I'm not here to write about Whitney Houston's life or death, as many of you have already read as soon as the the story came out they she was found dead in her hotel room. The story that disturbed me was that the National Enquirer actually had the cojones to publish an open casket photo of Miss Houston causing an outrage from her fans.

That's right! Whitney Houston fans expressed shock and outrage on Wednesday after the National Enquirer (no shock here!) printed an image of the iconic singer in an open casket on it's cover. The morbid photo, which was reportedly taken inside the family's private viewing at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, NJ, last Friday, shows Whitney's body lying in her half-opened, polished bronze casket. The late pop star was wearing what looked like a purple dress along with a brooch pinned to her chest and an earring sparkling in her ear.

The headline claimed that Whitney was buried wearing $500,000 worth of jewels and gold slippers on her feet. Who the hell cares what she got buried in? When people die, they want to be buried with their favorite things! If that's what she wanted to be buried in, let the women rest in peace! I don't get what the big deal is!

Anyway, Facebook and Twitter users lashed out at the tabloid, calling them trashy and shameful, but didn't we already know this about the National Enquirer? It's not like they're a reputable paper or anything. Of course, the death photo is nothing new for the National Enquirer. In fact, back in 1977, they also famously ran a photo of "The King" Elvis Presley in his coffin.

Personally, I'm not sure this really bothers me. Yes, it's a little morbid as we'd like to remember these icons in their top form, and seeing them laying in a casket is anything but that. Was there really a need for outrage at this point, though? Besides, I'm sure the National Enquirer did it to sell papers. That's what they do. They're in the magazine selling business and the fact that it caused this much of an outrage means that it caught much attention and I bet more than half bought that issue, so that they can show others how disgusting of a paper the National Enquirer is. Mission accomplished! I guess my hats off to you National Enquirer! What are your thoughts on this? Outrage or Who cares?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just for the record, I am in no way related to this guy, and no, this is not Jeremy Lin! Okay, with that being said, the man in the picture above, Charles Ann is an absolute psychopath! Originally, I was going to write about the house of horror in Dayton, Texas, where some sex offender was holding 11 children in his house with a few of them tied to beds. I felt like in the past few days, I've written too much about children, so you can read about that story in the news! Back to Psycho Charlie Ann!

Apparently, this New Jersey resident had been embroiled in a lover's quarrel with his girlfriend and was charged with murder on Tuesday Morning for running her over, not once, not twice, but three times! According to authorities, 26-year-old Ann intentionally mowed down his girlfriend on Monday night in Fort Ree..... I mean, I mean Fort Lee, NJ, after she told him that she wanted to break up. Witnesses told cops that Ann slammed his Hyundai Sonata (go figure!) into his girlfriend Aena Hong, 25, at around 4:55 p.m., and then ran over her body repeatedly! Okay, first of all, if you're going to kill your girlfriend, why would you do it in broad daylight with witnesses all around you, dummy! In Ann's defense, may be accidentally hit her in a fit of rage, and when he realized what he'd done, he panicked and tried to get away, but instead, he put the car into drive and reverse a couple of times on accident. Either way! This guy is an idiotic psycho!

One witness stated that the incident was 'horrific' and that he hasn't seen anything like that since he was overseas in combat. Hong was pronounced dead at an area hospital, while police launched a manhunt for Ann, who sped away from his girlfriend's lifeless body. Bergen County detectives with the help of the NYPD found Ann hiding out at a friend's apartment in Flushing, Queens at 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning. What an idiot! I would've fled the country after committing a crime like that!

Ann, a student from Korea (that explains everything!), was carrying his passport and a large sum of cash, leading investigators to believe he was planning on skipping the country. Ann, who was living in Fort Ree, was charged with first-degree murder and his bail was set at $3 million dollars. The couple had only been dating for a year.

As of Tuesday, Ann was awaiting an extradition hearing in Queens. Here's what you can do, send him back to Korea and let them deal with this freak! Or better yet, fry him because what he did to that poor girl is inexcusable! Temporary insanity shouldn't be able to work in this case because what happens if another girl in the future breaks up with him? I hope he likes boys too, because it looks like from here on out, he's going to be getting nothing but man love in prison! Then again, he can always plead temporary LIN-sanity! Okay, I'm sorry! Didn't mean to go there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I found this story to be absolutely disturbing! Especially because I thought that this drink was banned from liquor stores, but even worse, this is a tale about a 13-year-old boy who drank it and was killed. That's 8 years under the legal drinking age! Ummm, hello? Parents? Are we paying attention?

So, a 13-year-old Maryland boy died in a tragic car accident after his family says he drank a can of Four Loko, which is a caffeine fueled can of booze usually drank at parties, while hanging out with a couple of friends. Michael Thomas Truluck felt sick during the ride home with his mom's fiancee early Saturday evening. According to the teens mom Kristina Keys, Michael opened the front passenger door to vomit and immediately struck by a Ford Explorer and died hours later at a nearby hospital. She went on to say that he must've felt so sick that he was probably not thinking about anything else. How about at 13-years-old and drinking a party drink like that, maybe he was too drunk and out of his mind? I too would not be thinking too straight, dummy!

His two friends said that Michael spent most Saturdays scarfing down fast food and playing basketball, but on this Saturday, he's already vomited twice before he left them. It wasn't clear who bought the teens the dangerous party drink, which has been outlawed in it's original form in many states around the country after a rash of deaths last year. Okay, the why wasn't it banned in all states if it caused deaths? Why didn't the FDA go after this if it was that harmful? Michael's mother also stated that the drink is illegal and way too powerful for kids, but they all think they're invincible, and that this will show that they're not. Hey, honey, thanks for the life lesson, but your without a son now! If you were a better parent this probably would not have happened!

For those of you unfamiliar with the drink, in it's original form, the drink is the equivalent of four beers and one cup of Starbucks coffee, which is a dangerous combo that can fool any party goers in thinking they're not drunk, while packing a potent punch of alcohol. To me, this is just another case of irresponsible parenting! I don't condone underage drinking, but if it's going to be done, make sure the kids stay on your premises even if they have to sleep over! This way no one gets hurt and they are under your supervision. Most of all, you don't get into any trouble for serving the kids alcohol. Wait, does that make me irresponsible? Either way, this is absolutely tragic and I blame the mother!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Sometimes I really can't believe it when I read in the news how people act, but then, there's video footage to prove that they actually do act in these ways. What makes them act in these ways? I guess being of sound mind and body (so I think), I couldn't understand why people act the way they do.

Take 32-year-old Verdon Lamont Taylor (pictured above) for instance. The man needed a pair of socks, so he walked into a WalMart to get it. Oh, yeah! He walked in wearing his birthday suit and he stole the pair of socks. He did what? How can you walk into WalMart naked and steal anything? Where would you out it?

Anyway, 300-pound Taylor was arrested on Wednesday evening as he wandered around the Exton, Pennsylvania WalMart wearing nothing, but the stolen socks. Oh, that's where he put them! Surveillance video showed Taylor stripping down in the parking lot outside of the store before entering. The footage from inside the store shows baffled customers moving away, as to avoid the naked Taylor, as he selects a pair of socks and carefully puts them on.

The responding officers had to use a stun gun on Taylor after he refused to comply with their orders. After, he spit in an officer's face, they restrained him and loaded him into an ambulance. One officer said that Taylor was just babbling and talking incoherently, leading them to believe that there was a substance abuse issue. Um, duh? Thank you, Captain Obvious!

The alleged sock thief was charged with aggravated assault, indecent exposure and retail theft, among other account, and held on $50,000 bail. The officer went on to say that he's never seen anything like this! Yeah, I don't think that anyone's really seen anything like this. Personally, I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Yes, he was out of his mind and he stole and he spit on a cop, but you have to have some set of cojones to walk into a retail store butt naked! Especially at 300-pounds!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Okay, so instead of writing a rant or something negative today since I'm celebrating another birthday, I thought I would keep it positive! By the way, how about those Knicks? That's sev-Lin in a row! What a great early birthday gift in the form of Jeremy Lin! I haven't been this into the Knicks since Patrick Ewing left the team! Speaking of birthday gifts, what I'm about to share with you would be a great birthday gift to share with anyone!

So, apparently, a private Ohio airline is serving up sex on an airplane, as they lure customers in who want to join the coveted "Mile High Club." That's right! This airline allows you to have sex on the plane without any sneaking into the bathroom! In fact, the space that they give you to do the deed is about as small as a commercial airline lavatory! This 'romantic' $425 "Mile High" package includes 60 minutes in heaven aboard a private plane, champagne, chocolate, and an 'extremely discreet pilot'. Okay, first of all, 60 minutes is way too long! The plane ride could be about 15 minutes unless you include tons of foreplay. Secondly, aren't these private planes the same ones that always crash? Didn't JFK Jr. die in one of these? I think I'll take my chances getting caught joining the Mile High Club the old fashioned way! The fun of it is the risk of getting caught, and not the risk of your plane going down while you are!

Anyway, the Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air says it's the only one in the country that allows customers to do the dirty deed on their plane. Pilot and co-owner of Flamingo Air, Dave McDonald said, "I've had a high heel in my ear once and have been shot in the back of the head with a champagne cork! Thank God, we wear headsets!" Yeah, that's what I want to hear!

The sexy idea was conjured up during a dare between pilot buddies 21 years ago, and today, as many as eight of the fornication flights are booked daily! This is unbelievable! Would any of you do this? I think I'll take a pass on this one, but take a look at the video footage about this nutty flight by clicking the link below!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I scrolled through the Whitney funeral news and the news about Jeremy Lin's 3-pointer to extend the Knicks winning streak to 6-games, I came across this odd story. Well, not so much odd more than it's coincidental. You see, there's a popular burger restaurant on the West Coast called the Heart Attack Grill. Now, who would ever think that someone would actually have a heart attack in the Heart Attack Grill? That's like actually making muscles at the Muscle Maker Grill!

Anyway, a man recently scarfed down a burger and fries at a Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas over the weekend when he actually suffered a heart attack in mid chew! One witness said that the man, who was in his 40s, was chowing down on one of the grill's most notorious burgers, the "Triple Bypass Burger", when the symptoms erupted.

The restaurant's owner, Jon Basso, said that the gentleman could barely talk and he was having the sweats and shaking. He immediately called 9-1-1, and the man was rushed to a local hospital, where he survived and is recovering.

The Arizona-based chain restaurant caused quite a stir in Sin City when it opened back in October because of it's shameless glorification of fatty, high-calorie food. Customers dress like patients in hospital gowns over their clothes and are served by waitresses in skimpy nurse's uniforms, who check diners' pulses before taking their drink order. It sounds like a really fun place!

Bypass Burgers are served with 'Flatliner Fries' cooked in lard, which can be washed down with butterfat milkshakes. A sign on the door reads: "Caution! This establishment is bad for your health!" At least, there is a warning on the door! Customers who weigh over 350 pounds eat for free! Dammit! I have 175 pounds to go!

The franchise has no plans to trim the fat from the menu following Saturday's scare, but Basso did say that his 'heart' went out to the customer. I guess this was just another one of God's sick jokes!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Without sounding like an ignorant racist, what would you think about this picture if I handed it to you? Well, whatever it is you thought, you were way off! In fact, the man in the photo is actually the little girl's grandfather, and they were recently the victim of a really racist mistake!

It turns out, Scott Henson, the grandfather in the photo above, recently wound up in cuffs after being accosted by police recently, all for walking home with his black granddaughter. Henson, who describes himself as "an almost stereotypical looking white Texas redneck," was reportedly walking home on Friday night from a rollerskating rink with his five-year-old granddaughter, Ty, who is African American, as he posted the experience in his own blog, Grits For Breakfast.

Henson also explained his relationship to Ty in his blog. Apparently, Ty's mother is his goddaughter, and he and his wife often find themselves "tasked with unplanned impromptu babysitting duties, like many other parents and grandparents around the Austin, Texas area."
That night, Henson chose to walk home from the rink instead of having his wife pick him and Ty up. According to his blog post, he was stopped by a deputy constable, who told him that there were reports of a white man kidnapping a black girl. He was ordered to step away from Ty, while the officer questioned the little girl. What a crock of s**t! The officer could've questioned the man without making a big deal out if it. I mean, in this day, there is such a thing as interracial relationships, which also means that it's possible for an elderly white man to be the grandfather of a black, yellow, brown, or purple child. Don't get me wrong, for the child's safety, you'd have to ask if you're suspicious, but happens next is so uncalled for!

Anyway, little Ty identified Henson as her grandpa, and the satisfied officer released the two, who continued walking home until they were stopped again! This time, they were stopped by five flashing police cars and a crowd of police officers. The officers got out of the cars with tasers drawn demanding Henson to raise his hands and step away from the child. Henson said that he quickly complied, while they roughly cuffed him, jerking his arms up behind him, meanwhile, Ty started heading up the hill away from the officers, crying. Henson went on to say they he supplied the officers with any phone numbers they needed to verify that Ty was his granddaughter, but most of his time in cuffs, nobody seemed too interested in verifying his story.

Eventually, Austin Police verified that Henson was the little girls grandfather through a phone call to Ty's mother, and they were released. Police continued to say that they were searching for a kidnapper who'd allegedly snatched up a young black girl nearby. Really? If so, did they find the other kidnapped girl yet? Or the kidnapper? Because hey, it seems you got the wrong person! Amber Alert? Remember that? If there was a kidnapping in the area shouldn't there have been one of those out there?

Henson is really distraught about the whole incident and who can blame him? A safety check without treating him like an escaped fugitive and scaring the crap out of a five-year-old girl would've worked a lot better! Personally, I smell a lawsuit! Defamation of Character maybe? I mean, little Ty might have to see a psychiatrist now to get through this!

Henson wrote in his blog, "I hated for a five-year-old to be subjected to such an experience. I'd like her to view police as people she can trust instead of threats to her and her family, but it's possible that I live in the wrong neighborhood for that." Henson also noted that he was released from the incident without an apology! That is just absolutely disgusting!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Every news outlet on the Internet this morning is still talking about the death of 48-year-old pop icon, Whitney Houston. Yes, the real Clive Davis-discovered-Whitney Houston and her angelic voice will be sorely missed! I know many of you reading this might've lost respect for the fallen singer, who seemed to have lost her way after she married her drug addicted ex-husband Bobby Brown, but the bottom line is when Whitney was good, you had to respect that voice, and if you didn't, no matter what genre of music you listened to, you know nothing about music!

Anyway, with that out of the way, I have another story to share with you, which is not Whitney-related! It turns out; an 11-year-old Pittsburgh boy suffered from nine hours of a vicious abuse from his mother's boyfriend before dying of injuries, all because he didn't vacuum the apartment. That's right! What a P.O.S.!

29-year-old, Anthony Bush was watching Donovan McKee while his mother was at work on Saturday afternoon, and savagely beat the boy for failing to clean up! Apparently, Bush decided to discipline the child by beating him with various objects found in the apartment.  According to police, Bush used several wooden sticks on McKee, snapping the wood in the process, and forcing the boy to pick up the pieces. At one point, Bush even used a needle and thread to close a gash he made on the kid's knee. WHAT? It sounds like this guy is watching way too much TV! Or maybe too much WWE?

When the boy's mother returned home around midnight, she called 9-1-1 to report that her boyfriend had beaten her son and her child was unresponsive. The boy still showed some signs of life and was rushed to the hospital, but later died. A 5-year-old child was also in the house at the time, but was unharmed.

Bush was charged on Sunday with homicide and child endangerment. Don't these people realize how much bigger they are than these children? Why do people do these things? It's beyond me! Take a look at this guy's picture, though! Doesn't he look like a monster? Or doesn't he even look like he has the mind of a child himself? I just thought this story was sad, as I do any story where a child is abused or murdered for no reason. Once again, stupidity won this one!

Friday, February 10, 2012


If you dropped any jewelry down a drain or in a steaming pile of you know what, would you want it back or would you just call it a loss? Well, a San Rafael, California woman is singing the praises of the district's sanitation workers after they recovered a gold necklace with sentimental value to it that she'd accidentally flushed down the toilet months earlier.

Ann Aulakh said that she woke up in the middle of the night in October and accidentally flushed her Italian gold Byzantine chain that her husband gave her on their first Christmas together in 1993. Aulakh heard a splash, but thought it just came from herself (ew!) and noticed her necklace was missing the next morning. She said that she touched her neck and realized that her chain wasn't there and put two and two together, realizing what had happened.

Aulakh's hubby, Jeet, tried to retrieve the necklace with a wet vac, but was unsuccessful. Several years ago, a burglar broke into the couple's home and stole all of Aulakh's jewelry, including heirlooms from her mom, except the gold necklace, earrings, and rings she was wearing at the time. She was convinced that the gold chain was gone forever, until her neighbor called the San Rafael Sanitation Department and left a message about the missing chain.

Last month, a sanitation district employee was performing a routine cleaning of the pipeline and discovered the necklace. The sewer maintenance supervisor remembered the phone message because she asked for the district's "jewelry recovery department." He went on to say that a lot of times when jewelry is down in the sewer, it will turn black from all the sewage. (Bulp!) A necklace is one thing that you can usually spot, but rings have to really looked for.

The district called the neighbor to let her know that they'd recovered the necklace, and she planned to wrap it up in a little box and surprise her friend, but before she could, a sanitary district, maintenance worker personally dropped it off at the Aulakh residence. Ann Aulakh said that she was shocked to the necklace back and even more impressed that it was cleaned, polished, and personally delivered! She went onto say that the necklace's clasp was broken and needs to be repaired, hence the drop in the toilet, but she also said that she was happy to get it back before Valentine's Day and her 19th Wedding Anniversary next week!

Now, the question is have you ever dropped anything of value in the toilet where you had to reach in and grab it? If so, would you be wearing it? I mean, I know that it's clean now, but the thought of all the urine and fecal matter that was one it before would make me feel pretty crappy! What do you guys think? Otherwise, what a great story!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


If I told you that I'd like to shove a cup of coffee up your nose, would you let me? Probably not, but instead of drinking caffeine, a Harvard brainchild has come up with a way to inhale it!

David Edwards, a biomedical engineering professor, expects his new product, AeroShot, a lipstick-sized case of breathable caffeine, to give Red Bull and Monster a run for it's money. According to Edwards, "The act of putting it in your mouth is the act of breathing, so it's sort of surprising and often people the first time they take the AeroShot, they laugh!"

Unfortunately, party-pooping New York Senator Chuck Schumer is worried that the product, which Edwards developed with a French company, could fuel club kids to party until they drop dead. Fearing that it could become another Four Loko, the caffeinated alcohol drink the State Liquor Authority took off the shelves last year, Schumer begged the FDA to test AeroShot to ensure it's safety.

AeroShot contains no alcohol, and each canister packs 100 milligrams of lime-flavored caffeine and vitamin B. It's packaging warns users to not take more than three AeroShots per day, and kids under 12, pregnant women, and people allergic to ragweed are advised to stay away from this product. Edwards insists that it's a safe product!

The product hit New York stores about a month ago, but store owners say that sales have been sluggish. Maybe it's because no one knows about it? But a few store owners have said that they've had to send cases back to the distributor because they've sold none of the $2.99 canisters.

I have to be honest, I'm a little curious as to if it really works or not. I mean, I love my Red Bull and other energy drinks of the sort, and I also love my cups of coffee in the morning. Though, I am a little curious, I'm not sure that I would inhale a tube of caffeine. I'm probably better off doing a line of coke. Wouldn't that do the same thing? Would any of you try AeroShot?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Besides impersonating a police officer, what did this guy do wrong? Times are rough and he was just looking for some free sex from hookers. At least, he's not out raping them or anyone else for that matter.

So, anyway, it turns out a cop impersonator, who recently threatened to arrest hookers who refused to give him freebie sex, has been arrested. Warren Taylor, 32, patrolled near Stanley and Pennsylvania Avenues, a known prostitution strip in East New York, four times since the start of 2012. He would lure the tricks over and force them to perform free sex acts on him to avoid arrest.

Taylor gave his cell phone number to one of the women he attacked in hopes of becoming her pimp. There's red flag number one! Why would you give someone your cell phone number if your were doing something illegal! What an idiot! The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau, which handles cases involving impersonations of police officers, was able to track the phone number down. The victims were then able to identify the man and his car through photos taken of him. He was arrested this past Monday.

During one of the incidents, Taylor was said to become violent and struck one of the woman in the face. He was charged with criminal impersonation of a police officer, criminal sex act, patronizing a prostitute, assault, forcible touching, kidnapping, and criminal possession of a weapon. Okay, that would be more than enough to arrest someone!

Originally, I thought that this guy dressed up like a police officer to get free sex! Apparently, he's done a lot more than just that. Trying to get free sex is one thing, but kidnapping, forcible touching, and assault are things I can do without. Oh yeah! And there's that impersonating a police officer. That's a little scary because if it's that easy to impersonate a police officer in New York City, they might want to become a little bit more strict on who they give their uniforms and badges to. Just saying!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm not sure if I love this story or find it absolutely disturbing? I saw it a few days ago and couldn't wait to blog about it! So, apparently, a Queens public school went to pot last week when an eighth-grader sold her classmates marijuana-laced brownies. Around twenty students at Intermediate School 208 in Bellerose, NY were caught munching on the psychedelic treats that a young girl was selling out of her backpack for $3 a piece or two for $5 in the cafeteria during lunch last Thursday and Friday.

According to a parent of one of the kids, the young girl raked in about $250. Another parent stated, "While some of the students knew the treats would put the 'high' in junior high, others did not know." Her son was one of the kids who ate one of the brownies and panicked when he felt the effects. The same mother went on to angrily ask, "How come nobody noticed that these kids were high?"

Kids at the K thru 8 school were noshing on the pot  brownies during recess and in class, but none of them got sick or visited the school nurse. The kids who ingested the illegal treats will face a hearing at the school to determine their punishment. School officials are said to be bringing in a counselor to speak to the school community about substance abuse and prevention. Police were actually called to the school on Monday and found a small bag of pot in the bathroom, but no arrests were made in either incident.

This isn't the first time that this B-Rated school in suburban Queens has grabbed headlines. Back in 2003, when the school opened, the founding principal was removed for handpicking his teaching staff, which is a violation of union rules. In 2008,  the school's current principal was fined $2,250 for soliciting donations to his non-profit side business, while on the government clock. And in 2010, two male students were busted at the school for sexually assaulting a female student in an unattended stairwell.

It sounds more like a prison or reformatory to me, rather than a school. Now, at first, I thought that it was funny that a kid brought pot brownies to school, but what I didn't realize the age group, and I find his absolutely disturbing! Why isn't the parents of the girl that was selling the brownies being questioned or arrested for child endangerment? I mean, when I was in eighth grade, marijuana wasn't even a thought yet. Also, I don't know first hand, but I was told by a friend that marijuana brownies are a totally different high that smoking it. If that's the case, how did these kids not get sick? And how did teachers not know that these kids were high? Wouldn't the fact that their half of the classroom had their heads down on their desk napping be a dead giveaway? Or how about the munching of snacks in the middle of class? Or maybe half of the class wearing sunglasses in the classroom? If I was a parent of one of these kids, I guess I would be pretty pissed to! I would ask my child where they got it from, then I would call the parent of the seller to see where they got it from and how much.....Oh, that's a whole other blog!

Monday, February 6, 2012


My love for my Dallas Cowboys is no secret, but then again neither is my hate for anything New England/Boston-related! For me, this year's Super Bowl was a tough one to swallow since my Cowboys and the New York Giants do have a pretty lively rivalry, so against my will, I found myself rooting for that team from New England. I guess you can say that I wasn't rooting for The Patriots, more than I was rooting for the Giants to lose. Well, we all know what the outcome was, and being the better man, I need to congratulate The New York Giants and their more than vocal fans on this year's Super Bowl victory!

From the standpoint of just a football fan, what a game? You couldn't ask for anything more in a football game, as it literally came down to the final minute with one of the greatest comeback quarterbacks in NFL history given exactly one minute to amount his comeback. This game wouldn't see that comeback and this year's Vince Lombardi trophy comes home to New York in the hands of Eli Manning. Does this prove once and for all that Eli is the better quarterback of the two brothers? I have to be honest, that Giants defense could have easily won that MVP award as well. I guess instead of being a Giants-hater that I am, I might as well embrace the fact that they are our Champions for the year, but I don't have to like it.

I did, however, miss the dreaded half-time show put on by the iconic Madonna, but from what I hear, I didn't really miss much. From what I read, it was a full-on lip sync fest and she didn't even hide it. Then again, in Madonna's defense, she does do a lot of dancing in her acts, therefore entertainers of her magnitude, would need to lip sync while she's performing or you'll hear one out-of-breath performer. Needless to say, I opted for The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which was probably more entertaining than Madonna.

And what did everybody think of the commercials from last night? Because there were a few that I could've done without, but there were some really good ones too like the Rescue Dog named "We Go" from Bud Light, or the Cars.com commercial with that guy and his creepy conscience behind him, or how about the Honda CR-V commercial that spoofed Ferris Bueller's day off?

I guess at the end of the day, Super Bowl Sunday is still one my favorite days of the year, no matter who is in it. Preferably, it's The Cowboys, but reality is that they probably won't get there with Tony Romo as their quarterback. So, for now, it looks like I have to enjoy Cowboy-less Super Bowls, but why does it have to be the Giants? Congrats, again, to the Giants and their fans!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I won't be ending this week with a rant about this weekend's horrible Super Bowl! Instead, I'm going to end the week with another one of those 'what the hell is wrong with people?' rants. When I read this story, it just blew my mind how dumb people really are!

All right, here's what happened: A six-year-old Bronx boy died on Monday after his father gave him what he thought was Dayquil, but turned out to be methadone his mother had been storing. Carlos Rios, Jr. wasn't feeling well last Saturday when his father gave him half a tablespoon of liquid from a Dayquil bottle, not knowing the boy's mom, Raquel DeLeon, had put a drug inside.

Little Carlos was rushed from his East 147th Street apartment to Lincoln Hospital. Then he was transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he died. DeLeon, who already has two drug arrests, was charged on Thursday with reckless endangerment. She claims that she has a prescription for methadone, but if this is true, why would she store it in a cold-medicine bottle?

Once again, a poor child had to suffer the stupidity of their idiotic parents. If DeLeon did indeed have a prescription for methadone, then why wouldn't she label the bottle methadone instead of leaving the Dayquil label on it. It's just dumb! That little boy didn't need to die. Like I said earlier in the week, some people shouldn't be parents, and here's another example!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Some people are billionaires for a reason! They take risks! Florida polo mogul, John Goodman is one of them. How can you hate a story when a guy outsmarts the legal system?
You see, John Goodman,48, is about to go on trial for DUI manslaughter, but in a brilliant move, he recently adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend, a move that could shield much of his fortune from a wrongful-death lawsuit. Absolute genius! Goodman's adoption of Heather Hutchins, his girlfriend since 2009, is "surreal" and moves the case into "a legal Twilight Zone".

Goodman, the founder of the International Polo Club and heir to a Texas air-conditioning fortune, was driving his $200,000 Bentley back in February 2010, when he ran a stop sign in Wellington, Florida, and slammed into a Hyundai owned by a Scott Patrick Wilson. Wilson, 23, drowned when his car flipped over into a canal, and after being tested for alcohol, Goodman's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Goodman goes to trial for DUI manslaughter and other charges on March 6 and could face up to 30 years behind bars if he's convicted.

Goodman also faces a civil trial, starting three weeks later, in a wrongful-death suit brought by William and Lili Wilson, the parents of Scott Patrick Wilson. The judge has already ruled that a trust fund Goodman had set up for his two children was off-limits if a jury awards money to The Wilson family. Instead, Goodman would stand to lose much of his personal assets like his airplane, his yacht, and his stable of polo horses. His family  business was sold seven years ago for more than $1 billion.

The Wilsons discovered last week that Goodman had pulled a fast one by finalizing a legal adoption of Hutchins last October, entitling her to one-third of the trust fund. The trust fund is believed to be worth at least $200 million. A Florida adoption attorney called Goodman's move "both awful and brilliant!" But the Wilson's are calling it a 'game changer' and asked the judge to reconsider the trust to be a part of Goodman's assets and subject to damages awarded by a jury.

According to Goodman's attorney, the adoption had nothing to do with the lawsuit, and that it was done for estate-planning purposes and to ensure protection of both his and her minor children and stability of the family investments. Yeah, right! Adult adoptions are usually done for the purposes of estate planning, but adopting a girlfriend appears to be something new! The judge called the adoption 'unprecedented', but he never said it was illegal!

It sounds to me, this is just another case of a spoiled rich boy trying to get away with murder! Literally! He might have fooled the system, but is it kind of gross to have adopted your girlfriend? Does she have to call him 'daddy' now? Better yet, when they're having sex, is it considered incest now since he would be having sex with his daughter? Even better than that, during sex, if he asks "Who's your daddy?" She can actually respond with "You are!" and really mean it! What does her real father think of all this? Why couldn't Goodman just marry her? The whole adopting the girlfriend thing is just too creepy! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Originally, I wanted to write about the marijuana bust in the Bronx, where they found 800 pot plants weighing out to about 1000 pounds of weed. That just wouldn't be fair because half of you would be drooling over the photos of what was confiscated! Instead, I found another story from a couple of days ago that might have you drooling, but will definitely have you laughing. I hope!

Some of you know that parenting in the digital age can be daunting. New questions arise like: Should I know my child's password? Should I track their activity on their computers and smartphones? Should I track their locations at all times? Well, one father from Arizona, Eugene Foster, asked himself, "Should I forward a nude photo of my daughter to everyone on her smartphone contact list if she took such a scandalous photo?" His answer should have been no! And he should have, at least, deleted the photo for her protection! Instead, when Foster found the naked photo of his girlfriend's daughter on her phone, and after an argument about the photo, he decided to "teach her a lesson" about what could happen and "sexted" it out on her behalf to nearly 40 contacts on the girl's phone.

Now, Foster (above) is learning a lesson of his own! It's illegal to send naked photos of minors! He's since been arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor. As of now, it's unclear whether he'll be charged with distributing child pornography. Meanwhile, the school district and detectives are hoping the photo doesn't go viral, asking those who received the photo, not to pass it on. They also asked parents to have a conversation with their kids to explain that sharing nude photos of minors, whether by text message, e-mail, or via the Internet, is illegal under state and federal child pornography laws, and that penalties and consequences of such action can be severe.  Investigators don't believe that Foster was intentionally trying to exploit the child, but what he did was against the law. Foster remains in custody while the Pinal County Attorney's Office determines how to proceed.

Here's my take on the whole thing, why the hell were there naked pics of the little girl to begin with? Not to mention, the minor in question isn't even his daughter! It's his girlfriend's daughter! Shouldn't she be the one disciplining the child? Then again, we really don't know the relationship that he has with the young girl. Maybe they were close. In Foster's defense though, he was obviously trying to teach the girl a lesson by sending the pics to all of her phone contacts. If he really wanted to distribute the photo in a child pornography-sense, wouldn't he have texted the picture to a bunch of his buddies? I don't know, I could go either way here! I think everyone is at fault! She shouldn't be taking naked pics of herself at a young age, and he shouldn't be the one disciplining a child that is not his! That's like me spanking a girlfriend's child. Mind your own business! What do you guys think?