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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Now, that I'm back in college, sometimes it's difficult to pick the courses that I want to take for the next semester. Then I see this story about Pasadena City College offering an Adult Film class, and think to myself, "That class would be a no-brainer!" I would take this class in a heartbeat! Of course, I would need to bring a box of Kleenex and some lotion, but this class would be awesome!

This past Wednesday afternoon, the girls in the class, and maybe some of the guys too, found themselves hot for their teacher in this Pasadena City College classroom. Adult film star James Deen (OMG, what a name!) delivered what appeared to be well-received lecture at his alma mater, despite the school's worries that a protest might erupt on campus. It seemed the only eruption they needed to worry about was in James Deen's pants. Professor Hugo Schwyzer, whose class is actually called Humanities 3: Navigating Pornography, said, "My students were engaged. It was a wonderful afternoon. I was proud to offer up James Deen as a role model in the class."

After the school decided to cancel Deen's talk for the public and move it to a smaller and more intimate classroom, a swarm of media descended on the campus to watch the 50-minute lecture with approximately 45 students. Schwyzer said that watching porn is assigned in his class, but it's not a requirement and that he wanted Deen to speak to his class because of his unique position in the adult film industry. I wonder what position that might be? Doggy style? Missionary? Anyway, Schwyzer explained, "Deen is the biggest male porn star on the planet. Most of his fans are women. That represents transformation. There's never been a bigger porn star with a female audience." Deen, who recently finished filming "The Canyons" with Lindsay Lohan, is better known for his adult films like "Internal Damnation 5" and "Revenge of the Petites."

According to Schwyzer, during the lecture, Deen's magnetism seemed to have an effect on a few of the female students. He says that he got a kick out of watching the class respond to Deen as some showed a mixture of lust and crush on their faces. I have to say that they were pretty lucky if that's all they left with on their faces. Schwyzer says that in past years, he brought female porn stars in to speak to the class, and his response to critics in the industry remains unchanged. Despite the media coverage, the school only received four complaint calls in the hours before Deen spoke to the students. 

 It sounds to me that Professor Schwyzer might be a bit of a perv himself. He seems to pride himself on watching his students get all hot and bothered by watching a porn star do a lecture in his class. This class does sound like a lot of fun, but there's something about this professor that sounds a little creepy. As for this dude, James Deen being the biggest male porn star out there, I guess he forgot the days of Peter North, Randy West, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, and Rocco Siffredi? Those guys were legends! Those are the guys who should be giving lectures because they've been in and out of the business! Not this James Deen character. By the way, I would still totally take this class!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Talk about a mistake in identity, or is it? Apparently, Miss Delaware Teen USA had to give up her crown on Tuesday because of speculation surrounding rumors that she starred in a porn video that surfaced online the day before. 18-year-old, Melissa King....Hey, wait a minute! I grew up with a Melissa King! But I'm also not 18-years-old. So, anyway, Melissa King was aware of this video, but claims that she is "absolutely not" the woman in it. You have to question, though, why would you resign if the girl in the video is not you? Isn't that proving that you’re guilty as charged? A pageant spokeswoman confirmed receiving King's resignation letter from her attorney.

The video in question runs slightly over five minutes and features a woman, who strongly resembles and sounds like King, performing various sexual acts with an unidentified man, whose face is not seen. I have to say that I'd have to see this video in question in order to make a judgment as to whether the girl is Melissa King or not. The video also showed the man interviewing the woman before the erotic encounter, asking if she had a boyfriend, when she last had sex, and how old was she when she lost her virginity. In the video, the woman told the man that she turned 18 about three months ago, which at the time was March, King's birthday month. She also said in the video clip that she's appeared in beauty pageants, but the state was never mentioned. When the woman was asked why she wanted to appear in an adult video, the woman replied, "I thought it'd be fun and it sounded like I needed the money. So, I just decided to do it.

Girl from the video
 King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November, and at the time that the video was allegedly filmed, Kind was Miss Teen Delaware International 2012. Hailey Lawler of Newark, DE, was the runner-up from November's competition and is reportedly set to take King's place. Now, before the video surfaced on the Internet, King posted a comment on Twitter compelling others not to shame each other based on past actions, which kind of hints that is the video does, in fact, feature her, she may have known it would show up. Isn't that admitting to the fact that she is the woman in the video right there? I really have to see this video to judge!

To me, all of this denying is just a PR cover-up! I think that Melissa King knows that she is the woman in the porn movie and she knows that she screwed up. That is why she chose to surrender her crown, otherwise, if it really isn't her, the truth would've eventually come out and the crown would not have been tarnished. By surrendering the crown, you're admitting guilt. Plus, her Twitter comment said it all! I think she needs to fire her publicist because they are just making her look stupid right now. In fact, they should just send me the link to the video so I can be the judge of this!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


First of all, no one said that the water in New Jersey was clean! We're known as the Garden State, not the Fresh Water State. Secondly, what the hell is this =========>?
 Photos of this phallic-looking bloodied monster with teeth made waves on the Internet with 1.2 million hits. The photo looked like something taken from a scene in "Alien" or "Prometheus" or something. In reality, it was just a catch on a fisherman's boat in lovely Dirty Jersey. 

A New Jersey man was fishing when he spotted a massive eel-like fish in the water. Using his bow and arrow, which he conveniently had with him by the way, he snagged the creature with a shot right through the middle of it. The pic shows a long, thick sea animal covered in blood (from being punctured by the arrow) with big, thick lips at its top surrounding a cavity filled with small jagged teeth. Is it me, or is it possible that this thing is an alien from outer space? Because in all my years, I have never seen a 'creature' that looked like this on earth! Is it possible that there really is life outside of earth? I'll tell you what, the more I look at this photo, the more creeped out I get. 

The image was first posted on social news site Reddit.com and has already collected 1.2 million views. According to the person who took the photos, the man who caught the creature was a guy named Doug Cutler, who really didn't answer any calls regarding his deadly catch. The identity of this sea beast still remains a mystery because nobody has ever seen this creature before. I ask again, is it possible that this could really be an alien?

 Scientists at Outdoor magazine seem to 'think' that the creature might be a very large sea lamprey, a species of parasite that lives in certain northern Atlantic waters. According to a New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the photo doesn't allow the counting of gill openings (sea lampreys have seven per side), but based on the size alone, the creature appears to be a sea lamprey. Sea Lampreys typically measure up to about 3 feet, meaning that the creature in the photos is either a very large specimen or something else altogether. One other thing, sea lampreys began to show up more frequently in New Jersey waters in past years as aging damns have been removed from rivers for safety reason. 

Okay, now that we're all well-educated on sea lampreys, if that's what this really is, why hasn't anyone mentioned if this is dangerous? Are they carnivorous or are they vegetarians? It would be nice to know in the event that we run into them again. Regardless, I'm sticking to my original theory of the creature being from outer space and that eventually it's mother and father will be back to pick it up and when they realize that it's dead, Armageddon will occur! The end of the world is supposed to happen, right? Well, consider this the beginning of it.....

Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm sorry, but how does a story like this make it into the newspaper? There's people dying out there, so let's write a story about a guy who gets an ultrasound of his testicles, but finds a face in his balls. WHAT? I decided to kick the week off with something extremely silly! Who cares about the Oscars? Just open the front page of the paper, if you want to read about that! This is where the real news is at. I haven't been able to stop laughing for at least an hour now. 

So, it turns out; doctors at a Canadian hospital found a shocking image staring right back at them as they were scanning the testicles of a 45-year-old paraplegic patient. The image of one of the testicles was of a man's face grimaced in agony. Come on! Is this like the Jesus imprint on that towel many moons ago? My favorite thing about the photo above is in the bottom right corner the photo is labeled "Siemens". It's an ultrasound of a testicle and the machine used was from Siemens. You can't just make this stuff up!

  According to Dr. Naji Touma of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, "It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain. His mouth was open and it looked like one eye was gouged out." The photo was taken in 2009 and was sent to the medical journal of "Urology", and was recently published with a headline that read, "The face of testicular pain: A surprising ultrasound finding." Apparently, the residents and staff were amazed to see the outline of a man's face staring up and out of the image with his mouth open as if the face saw the ultrasound scan and was experiencing severe pain and swelling. I have a question, in a world of Photoshop, should people still be surprised to see something out of the ordinary on photo?

The only person not amazed by the finding was the patient, who was just happy that the two-inch tumor was benign. The man had the testicle surgically removed so he could receive a firm diagnosis. Ouch! That takes "a lot of balls" to having anything removed down there! Sorry, sorry! I had to go there! Bottom line is that it's tough to believe that a photo like this can exist in a day of Photoshop. Anything can be manipulated these days, so I am not buying this for one second, though it is truly hysterical!

Friday, February 22, 2013


So, anyway, 19-year-old Tyler Jones, a student at Villanova, is facing a slew of sex charges including child porn distribution, after he secretly taped three women undressing in a bathroom and then updated the videos to a porn site. Okay, so the child porn thing is pretty creepy. I actually forgot about that. One of the girls allegedly filmed was underage, which prompted authorities to charge Jones with kiddie porn trafficking. The investigation began when Radnor Township Police got a call from a woman in New York City saying a friend had found naked videos of her on the porn site X-Hamster. 

The unidentified woman claims that the video was taken in a bathroom in Switzerland. It just so happens that Jones' family has a home in Switzerland, and the woman took a trip there last summer to visit his friend. Police confronted the Villanova sophomore about his peeping habits and he openly admitted to filming the woman and two others in the bathroom of his family's Swiss chalet with his iPhone. He then admitted to uploading the videos to the hardcore site from his computer at school. 

It turns out; one of the girls was only 17. Didn't Winger write a song about that? Anyway, Jones was charged with dissemination of child porn, invasion of privacy and other felony counts. I have something to say about this though. If he's 19 and the one girl was unknowingly 17, should that really be considered child pornography? I'm totally not saying that what he did was right! I am just wondering if the age difference can be considered here since technically, he's still a teenager himself. Hiding a camera in the bathroom is totally scummy, but the age difference kind of gets to me and the fact that the girl was 17 also gets to me because I thought you were technically considered legal at the age of 16, which in most states, you can get your driver’s license in. Except for the voyeuristic nature of the crime and invasion of privacy, this kid didn't....okay, this was very, very bad! There's no way to even make light of the situation. I tried to take your side in this, Tyler, but you are a true scumbag!

 Villanova admins say that Jones has taken a leave of absence from the school. A University spokesperson stated, "We hold our students to a high standard and take any allegations of wrong doing seriously. Our students are held accountable for their actions based on our policies set forth by our Student Code of Conduct." It's nice that Villanova is trying to get some good PR out there, but he didn't do this on your campus! This was done in Switzerland! The only thing he did at Villanova was upload it onto a porn site from his own computer. No crime was committed on your dumb campus! Sometimes people should only speak when spoken to. That's all I have to say about that! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


My friend, Chucky H sent me this story yesterday afternoon and I couldn't believe what I was reading. Then again, it was about our Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, so it doesn't really shock me since they never hire the right people, and the people who are currently employed as a TSA agents are just way too drunk with undeserved power. You have agents who steal when they go through your bags, agents who simply let terrorist threats walk right by them, and agents who pat down little three year old babies who are on their way to Disney World and confined to a wheel chair. Oh, wait! You don't know that story yet! 

Anyway, 3-year-old Lucy Forck from Osage Beach, MO, was so excited to finally go to Disney World to see her favorite Disney characters and all that jazz. That excitement quickly became tears when TSA officers at the airport took away her stuffed animal and pulled her aside to perform an extra security check. Little Lucy Forck was so distraught by the situation, you can hear her utter the words, "I don't want to go to Disney World!" Parents Nathan and Annie Forck were outraged at the way the screening process was being handled. Annie decided to start recording the February 9 encounter with the TSA. When TSA officials at the Lambert-St.Louis International Airport told her that taping TSA procedures was illegal, Forck didn't care because her baby was being mistreated and she wanted to the world to see it. So, she refused to put her phone down, later edited the video and uploaded the incident onto YouTube. Oh, yeah! It went viral!
Nathan said it was the first time that they traveled together anywhere as a family. He also said that he guesses that everyone else takes the TSA's scrutiny for granted, but they wanted to speak up and say that it doesn't have to be like this, and he's absolutely right to a certain degree. I think the TSA does have to be strict especially after 9/11. I want to feel safe when I fly the friendly skies, but to pat down a 3-year-old? Come on! What kind a security threat is a 3-year-old toddler? Nathan said that as soon as they passed through the TSA scanner, an agent pulled Little Lucy aside and said they needed to pat her down and wouldn't give back her stuffed animal, Lambie. The agent explained to the Nathan and Annie that she needed to check Lucy's wheelchair for any kind of explosives. WHAT? In the video, you can hear Annie saying to the agent, "The problem is, I don't allow anyone to touch my little daughter. It just seems ominous for you guys to suggest that you have to do this in the dark. That in and of itself seems very inappropriate." Nathan said that the family was forced to wait around for 30-45 minutes while TSA figured out how to handle the situation. Oh, by the way, Little Lucy is confined to a wheelchair because she suffers from Spina Bifida, which makes this story even worse that TSA agents targeted a disabled 3-year-old as a terrorist. Come on, TSA! Racial profiling is one thing, but even I'm smart enough to know you don't have to pat down a 3-year-old and check her wheelchair for bombs!
Lucy was eventually allowed to leave the airport without being patted down and Nathan later received a phone call from TSA officials apologizing for the incident. Nathan stated that he doesn't want workers to lose their jobs over this; he just doesn't think it was fair that his toddler had to go through an added layer of security. By the time the Forcks reached Orlando, they had learned what to expect and on the way home, Nathan carried Little Lucy in his arms through the scanner, while her wheelchair was inspected separately. Despite the rocky start, Lucy did eventually get to meet Mickey after all! I'm happy that this had a happy ending and all, but the bottom line here is that the TSA has to do a much better job with their judgment. I mean a 3-year-old in a wheelchair? Really? That's like saying, "Oh, no! Look out! Here comes that 3-year-old in a wheelchair! She's coming to kill us!" Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? Anyway, I've included the YouTube video for you to see what Lucy had to go through:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have to thank my bud, Scotty O, for this story! I know that I just wrote about endangering the welfare of child yesterday, but this story is so good! Scotty even mentioned to me, "We truly were born in the wrong decade, my friend." I have to say that Scotty O is absolutely right! So, anyway, a Gansevoort, New York woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly arranging for two strippers to perform at her son's 16th birthday party this past November. That's right! How cool is that! If my mom did this for me when I was 16, I would have been ecstatic if my mom did this for me!

Unfortunately, Village Police didn't see it that way and charged 33-year-old Judy Viger with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. I'll ask this question as I did yesterday, "How does this endanger the welfare of a child?" Will a stripper endanger a child? I doubt it, unless giving the child a boner is dangerous. Viger is being accused of organizing, managing and paying for two adult female entertainers, who performed personal and intimate dances for five teens younger than 17. So, what? Again, who was the rat? The only way that Viger can get into any trouble is if someone ratted her out. The incident occurred on November 3 at the Spare Time Bowling Center in South Glens Falls, NY. It happened inside a private room with paper covering the glass door. The strippers wearing bras and panties, were photographed performing dances on party attendees, some of whom were as young as 15. 

 The investigation was apparently prompted by parents and children who attended the party and were supposedly 'outraged' by what they witnessed. I doubt that any dads were outraged by what they witnessed. Police interviewed a number of witnesses, including the dancers, bowling alley employees and people who attended the party. Children at the party were as young as 13-years-old. Police decided five charges were sufficient, though more could have been filed based on the statements from witnesses. Police began investigating when photos were posted on social media sites. At first, officers were told the women were a 'bikini gram' brought in to sing "Happy Birthday" to the teen. No files were charged, but then the stories started to contradict when photos from the party were posted on websites after the party. Um, duh! Why would you post photos from a party of this caliber? Of course, it would be incriminating! If Viger was the one who posted the pics, then she deserves to be in this heap of trouble. If someone else posted it, what an a**hole! When we throw bachelor parties, do we post those pics online? No, because those photos could be incriminating! So, why would you post these pics knowing it was probably illegal for these strippers to dance for teenagers? Use your brains, people!

Viger is set to appear in court on March 7.