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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


     When did this sense of entitlement in this new generation of kids come about? When I was younger, I worked for everything that I earned. I had a paper route, worked odds and ends jobs, and did what I could so that I can buy what I wanted to with my own cash without ever relying on my parents. Now, kids are beating up their parents for not giving them money for Taco Bell? That's what this young Tennessee man did. He knocked his mother out cold, striking her in the head with a hockey stick because she could not pay for his Taco Bell dinner. This is why I hate people! Really? Get a job and pay for your own damn Taco Bell!

     Logan Badgley, 22, decided he wasn't going to take his mother's sauciness any longer. The Lakeland man has been charged with aggravated assault after a neighbor saw him beating up his mother, Melanie Badgley, with something initially thought to be a golf club. Sounds like someone's been watching too much of The Walking Dead

     An argument between mother and son started after Logan said he wanted his mother's debit card to go buy food at a local Taco Bell on Saturday night. Melanie said she couldn't pay for his food, because the card had a zero balance. According to a police report, Logan "took the card anyway and left the residence."

     It wasn't long before Logan returned home and, as Melanie told police, he "was angry" with her because "there was no money" in the bank account. Um, well, she did tell him, didn't she? Kids just don't listen these days! The two were in the garage when the young man grabbed a hockey stick and started hitting a freezer. He then struck his mother on the left side of her head, knocking her out.

     The neighbor who witnessed the argument through their opened garage door called the police. She said that she could not see the attack, however, she did see Logan shut the door before hitting his mother. According to police, Melanie "suffered an approximately 1 laceration on the head, behind her left ear." Logan confessed that he had "consumed a few alcoholic beverages during the night", but also did not provide his side of the story to police. 

     All I can say is, "What a piece of shit!" First of all, who hits their parent? Especially, at the age of 22. Secondly, go out and get a job! Why would your mom have to pay for your Taco Bell! Thirdly, Taco Bell? Really? Isn't it like a dollar for a soft taco? Like I said, where is this sense of entitlement coming from? We seriously are doomed as a society if this sense continues. Then again, is it sense of entitlement or just poor parenting? 

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