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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


     Most guys know there's sort of an etiquette at these strip clubs. For instance, when my cousin and I used to frequent these places and there was a stripper coming around fishing for some dollars, but we didn't think she was good-looking or she didn't do enough for a tip, we would make believe that we were in deep conversation and didn't see her there. Then she would walk away. She probably ended up telling the other girls that we didn't tip, but that kind of benefitted us, right? We got to see naked girls without having to even give them a tip. 

     Sometimes, there were strippers who shouldn't have been strippers like the overweight ones. Have you ever seen an overweight girl twerking in front of your face? Then you don't get to judge me! Anyway, we wouldn't embarrass the girl. We would simply pull our deep conversation stunt. Well, a stripper in South Carolina attacked a man after he didn't want to her clothes. Instead, he told her to lose weight! Unreal!

     The Derrieres Gentlemen's Club stripper had heard enough out of 23-year-old Kyle Yeoman, after he told her, "Go to the gym and lose weight" early Sunday morning. After his advice, the stripper lunged off the stage and punched him in the face four times, causing visible injuries from the rings on her fists. A bouncer then dragged the patron out of the club and roughed him up as well. Ouch! Next time keep your mouth shut....Or pretend to be in deep conversation. 

     Yeoman told police he had harassed the stripper about her weight because she was annoying him. He told police, "She kept trying to talk to me and I was tired of it." He went on to blame the insults on the alcohol telling police on a scale from 1 to 10, he was an 11. Yeoman waited about 17 hours after the incident to call police, but stressed that he did not want to press charges and only sought a police report. He identified the girl as a white woman, weighing 115-120 pounds with "a muffin top." Unreal! 

     A friend of Yeoman's, who was a witness at the strip club, said he saw his friend getting clobbered by the stripper, but had no idea what was said and missed the weight comment being made. The police tried getting the stripper's side of the story, but the club was closed and the could not be reached for comment. I am telling you.....Faking a deep conversation gets you out of any annoying strippers! No need to make fun of their weight. Trust me, I'm a professional. 

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