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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


     Talk about awkward! Can you imagine going in to buy condoms only to be asked if you can measure your penis, so they can give you the right size? That's what a school in Sweden is doing. 

     The Stockholm Schools Youth Clinic, which serves people up to age 23, began handing out the specially designed tape on Tuesday, which measures penis circumference and not penis length. 

     Nurse Eddie Sandstrom (yes, that was weird calling him a nurse.) said on the clinic's website, "A common reason for a condom slipping off or breaking during sex is that you've bought the wrong size. You have to measure the circumference of the penis when erect, not the length. On our measuring tape, you get the measurement in millimeters and a few recommendations for condom types that are suitable." Millimeters? I have to admit, it sounds like those Swedish men are pretty small. Besides, do condoms really slip off? I don't think I've ever had my Magnums slip off. 

     Apparently, Swedes are not measuring up when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, largely due to their declining condom use. A 2013 report from the HealthExpress online clinic named Sweden the STD capital of Europe. Sandstrom said, "Gonorrhea is on the rise, and the number of chlamydia cases is not falling despite many awareness campaigns." 

     So, the free youth clinic is offering free condoms in girth sizes from 2 to 2 1/2 inches. The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education also tried raising STD awareness last summer with an ad showing a man wearing a giant penis costume who runs around parks and sidewalk cafes spraying people with confetti. The campaign tagline said, "The Penis can surprise you." The campaign's video went viral even if the condom use didn't. 

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