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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


     Over the Thanksgiving break, I ran into a few readers, friends and family members who actually read this blog, and they asked why I don't write about teachers having sex with their students anymore? The only way I thought to respond was, "Aren't you sick of those stories by now?" I mean, I've written many stories about them and they seem to follow the same storyline--teacher flirts with student, teacher sends student provocative text photos, teacher seduces student in the parking lot or her apartment and the two have a month long fling until the student tells his parents. Teacher goes to jail. It's the same story every time. At least when I write about stupidity, we have different stories. Then again, having sex with your student is pretty stupid!

     Well, today, I don't have story about a teacher having sex with her student, but I do have for you a story about an Texas woman who was recently arrested and accused of having sex with her teenage nephew "hundreds of times," according to police. This is 43-year-old Peggy Phillips, who has been charged with sexual assault of a child. Authorities believe the pair's relationship began approximately eight years ago in her home in Pasadena. 

     Phillips is being accused with having sex with the boy on several occasions between 2007 and 2009 when the boy was 15 to 16 years old. Wait a minute! That would make the boy around 23 to 24-years-old now. Why would she be arrested now? She turned the boy into a man. Move on! Phillips is said to have first assaulted the boy when he was in the hospital. What did she do? Give him a handy? I mean technically, is that assault? If you're a guy or an adolescent boy, that is clear not assault. By the way, I hate when they consider these cases assault. It's not like she was smacking him around while she was doing him. Whatever happened to the phrase, "It takes two to tango?"

     Police believe their twisted relationship continued after the boy moved from South Carolina to live with Phillips and her husband. According to court documents, the boy had sex with the woman "hundreds of times after that." Yeah, so? Phillips also allegedly sent inappropriate photos and text messages to the teen. Yeah, so? All I see here is a court only blaming her for this. What about the boy? He made no moves on Phillips whatsoever? There are no text messages on his phone that he sent to her? It doesn't sound like Phillips is getting a fair shake since this case is eight years old. 

     The boy's uncle reportedly told investigators that he took the boy into his home because he was in "a bad situation in South Carolina," but everything "went south" after he moved in during the summer of 2008. Here's what I don't understand and they don't reveal it in this story, but who snitched? Was it the boy or the husband? Mrs. Phillips is now being held in lieu of a $30,000 bond. I don't know. Eight years is a long time to not say anything if the boy was the one who snitched. She probably threatened to stop having sex with him, so he revealed all like a turkey!

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