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Monday, December 7, 2015


     What can be worse than texting while you're driving? If you ask me, I would tell you nothing is worse. I hate it when people text when they drive. They end up swerving, driving really slow and they basically become dangerous to the drivers around them, who they don't even acknowledge because their noses are too far into those text messages. If I had to send a message today with this blog, it would be to "Cut the crap! Stop texting and driving!" 

     That being said; that's not what this guy did. He wasn't texting and driving. He was receiving oral sex and driving, which might be worse. It might feel way better than texting, but once again, you lose your senses about your surroundings and people die. So, this is 54-year-old Randy Joe Allen from Florida. He is the inattentive driver who received oral sex from a female passenger he met at a bar and struck and killed a bicyclist along a Florida highway Saturday night. Here's what I don't understand; what the hell was a bicyclist doing riding on a highway on a Saturday night? Are there bicycle lanes on the highway now in Florida? Maybe Mr. Allen wasn't totally at fault here. 

     The 54-year-old allegedly kept driving after encountering a "bump" along U.S. 92 in Auberndale and told the woman he hit a stop sign. A witness saw the fatal wreck and followed Allen's car to call in his license plate to 911 dispatchers. The witness returned to the site of the alleged hit-and-run only to find the bicyclist dead. The victim, who was homeless, was identified by police through his fingerprints as 49-year-old, Terry Lamunt Ross. 

     Deputies tracked Allen and his dented blood-splashed pickup truck to a Lakeland bar. Allen told authorities that he had no idea what he hit, while allegedly slurring his speech. He claimed to be too "distracted" by the "young lady." Um, too bad, Mr. Allen. It looks like you might be going to jail for a little while. You took a life. Same should go for those texting while driving. Take a life, pay the penalty. Allen is being charged in connection to the hit-and-run and could face additional charges pending toxicology results. They never mentioned anything about the road head. That must be legal in Florida. I mean, I guess the important thing is that Mr. Allen was drunk and he hit a person on the side of the road. I still don't understand why a bicyclist was riding on the side of a highway. 

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