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Monday, December 14, 2015


     Since when do people go dying playing sex games? Actually, what is a sex game? Is that like naked Twister or something? Anyway, a 91-year-old Portuguese woman suffocated to death during a freaky sex game with her 49-year-old married neighbor. Wow, that is almost twice his age!

     The woman was discovered in her bed, naked from the waist down and flanking sex toy in Aveiro, a small town just south of Porto, Portugal. There were also severe injuries to the woman's genitals that authorities believed were caused by the sex toy discovered next to her body, according to a Portuguese newspaper. 

     The neighbor who discovered the older woman said,"I noticed only two small bruises on her face, but there was blood on the sheets and a picture of her husband resting on her chest." The neighbor added that the woman was a sailor's widow and had an affinity for cracking jokes with men and was very active despite her age. Here's what I don't get: the newspaper said authorities believed the sex toy caused the bruises, but the neighbor said the bruises were on her face? Was she slapping herself in the face with the sex toy? It makes no sense! And what sex game were they playing for her to become that bruised? Was the sex game called "Rape a Senior Citizen?" I mean seriously! 

     The next-door neighbor, who happens to be a married father of two, was nabbed by officials after his DNA was discovered by officials through the semen at the scene. That sucks! The neighbor was later released on bail and the judge notified him that the woman died from asphyxia based on the autopsy results. The death is being considered an accident and police said there was no sign of forced entry. Oh, okay....WHAT? So, the other neighbor was let go because the woman died from asphyxiation? Um, am I the only one recognizing this? This other neighbor maybe CHOKED her out and beat her, explaining the bruises on her face? He put the dildo in her hand to make it look like she was playing with herself. It sounds to me like the neighbor killed her and got away with murdering a 91-year-old woman! Wow! The judicial system in Portugal is top-notched! Remind me never to get killed in Portugal. My killer will get a way Scott-free!

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