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Thursday, December 10, 2015


     T'is the season, or so they say around this time of year. T'is the season to be a burglar that is. Most home break-ins are said to happen during the holiday season. The only thing is that you wouldn't expect it to come from a cop's wife. They're calling her the Grinch who stole Christmas because she got caught on surveillance video and then she was arrested. Knowing that many houses have video surveillance these days that they can check on their smart phones, why would you even think about stealing something off of someone's front porch. Unless, that burglar was from the land of the bright people, FLORIDA!

     Dana Hager, the wife of a Florida police officer, was arrested on Monday on burglary charges for the Friday night porch poaching. Polk County deputies tracked the 42-year-old down after her victim posted surveillance video on Facebook showing the thievery. She swiped two packages full of Christmas presents off the porch of a neighbor's Lakeland home, which happened to belong to another cop and his wife. Unreal! 

     According to Sheriff Grady Judd, "The fact that she's a cop's wife is shocking. The fact that she stole from another cop's wife is shocking. And, then my wife saw it on Facebook and knew more about it than I did is shocking!" I'm guessing the Sheriff was shocked over the burglary. 

     Hager, who is married to a Haines City Police sergeant, plucked the two UPS boxes around 10 p.m. on Friday. The homeowners, a cop and his wife, and their 2-year-old daughter were home at the time. Hmmm....If they were home, why would the packages still be on their front porch at 10 p.m.? That's neither here nor there because Hager still should not have stolen the packages. Anyway, the mom inside the house grabbed her 2-year-old and ran to a bedroom, where they watched the surveillance feed from the front door camera. She watched as Hager threw the boxes into a plastic bag and fled in her car.

     The packages were filled with Christmas gifts for the couple's daughter. The victim posted the footage on Facebook, where it racked up more than 50,000 views. Hager dropped the opened packages back off at the home early Monday, but was arrested later that day. The shocked Sheriff chimed in again, "Here's the word. We're watching the porch pirates. The cops' wives are watching the porch pirates. Facebook is watching the porch pirates. We're gonna put you in jail and you'll stay in our jail where you won't need any presents." Did the Sheriff Judd just make up a new word? I've never heard of a "porch pirate" before, but I like it. It must happen so often these days that they have a name for it now. Unreal!

     Here's the kicker--Hager was already on probation for shoplifting from a Kohl's earlier this year. What the hell? She's  serial kleptomaniac! And the funniest part is she's a cop's wife! That poor police officer who it trying to uphold the law is married to a woman who keeps breaking the law. Now, that is pretty funny stuff! Again, you can't make this crap up! Hager is being held without bond. She faces unarmed burglary, petty theft and violation of her probation charges. You're a mean one, Mrs. Hager!

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