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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


     The other day I told you about a Florida police officer's wife, who stole packages from another police officer's family's front steps, while it was all caught on surveillance video, right? Well, 'tis the season! Because a Las Vegas man has been victimized by the same bad deed. He's had packages stolen right off of his front steps. People are such assholes! 

     Well, this guy, apparently, had enough of their crap, so he decided to fight back with some crap of his own, which I think is brilliant, but I may have taken a different approach. I'll tell you what I would have done after I tell you what he did. So, the man placed his dog's poop in a "Priority Mail" box and watched one suspected thief take the bait on his surveillance video. Yes, to all of you prospective porch pirates, homes have surveillance cameras these days. You won't get away with it, morons! Okay, now, what I would have done was collected a week's worth of my dog's crap, which would have stunk, then I would have crapped in the box for a couple of days myself, sealed the package up nicely, so that the stink didn't get out, and then I would have left a nice heavy package in front of my door as bait. I thought this guy was too nice with his one little piece of dog poop. 

     The homeowner, Eric Burdo, told a TV channel, "I was kind of excited and I just kept replaying it. I just kind of wanted to give them back something." Burdo placed the excrement-filled box on his porch  on Thursday, and the alleged thief (with an accomplice) took the goods on Sunday. Burdo said, "Hopefully, they don't do it again and they learned their lesson." He went on to say that these guys should consider this a very smelly lump of coal in their stocking because even though they've been naughty instead of nice, he wasn't getting the police involved. He said, "I didn't want to call them and say somebody stole a box of poop off my front porch." I have to say, this was a brilliant idea and for those stealing packages and being porch pirates, beware! We're onto you!

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