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Monday, December 12, 2016


     Yeah, I know. This guy kind of looks like Negan from The Walking Dead, but he's a actually a plastic surgeon who is being accused of causing a woman's death, but here's the kicker...When they were trying to arrest him, they walked in on him getting a surgery to extend his penis. Yes, he was in the middle of penis enlargement surgery at the time of his arrest. 

     48-year-old Carlos Gustavo Arzuza was arrested in a private clinic in the city of Mendoza, in the western Argentine province of the same name, known for their Malbec wines. It was in the same clinic that Arzuza is said to have performed liposuction and bottom implant on Beatriz Gattari, 49. Gattari died shortly afterwards of reported organ failure. 

     After an autopsy on the woman, prosecutor Claudia Rios told police to arrest Arzuza. Officers were shocked to discover Arzuza in the middle of undergoing penis enlargement surgery when they went to the clinic where he worked. After being arrested, Arzuza was transferred to a hospital It is not clear whether he was performing the surgery on himself or what stage his operation was at when police arrived or whether police allowed the operation to finish before actually detaining him. 

     Arzuza's assistant, 39-year-old Laura Dutta, was also arrested and the clinic was closed. Both suspects are being accused of "simple homicide." There's such a thing as "simple homicide"? Prosecutor Rios added that the private clinic was not registered and did not meet hygiene standards. Surgical tools were seized by police, who are also investigating whether illegal abortions were carried out there. 

     Arzuza was also investigated in 2013, along with a colleague and friend, Carlos Gassibe for "simple homicide" following the death of businessman Roberto del Barco, who underwent abdomen liposuction in July of 2013, but it was alleged that he did not receive proper anesthesia for the operation. After being badly anesthetised, it was alleged, Del Barco suffered cardio-respiratory failure and died. Arzuza was arrested, but released on bail and the case has not yet gone to court.

     Here's what I don't get....If you've been arrested for something you weren't supposed to be doing and you murdered someone, why would you go back to doing what you were doing as if it was business as usual? I hope this newly enlarged penis doctor goes away for a long time. He's nothing but a threat to society. But it is kind of funny that they walked in on his penis enlargement surgery to arrest him!

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