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Friday, December 9, 2016


     I've never made it a secret that I was always for the legalization of marijuana. When I was in high school, I joined the New Jersey chapter of NORML, a nonprofit organization working to legalize marijuana. Today, it seems I got my wish as many states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and the medical use of it. This opened the doors to many other products like edibles like brownies, lollipops, and gummy candies. I'm not going to lie, but I tried the gummy candies and if you eat the right dosage, you're in for an amazing time! 

     This morning, I found a story that just made mornings a million times better! Coffee lovers will soon be able to combine their cuppa Joe with Mary Jane for an extra morning buzz. Talk about a pick me up that can put you to sleep! San Diego-based company Brewbudz plans to debut single-serving coffee pods that also hold cannabis. Each cup will contain 10 milligrams of the marijuana chemical THC for the recreational users and up to 50 milligrams for people who need it for medical reasons, plus a jolt of "West Coast Roast" coffee so you can literally "wake and bake."

     The pods, which will cost around $7 a piece, are designed to fit in Keurig coffee brewers and will be completely compostable. So, the company boasts on it's website that the pods are therefore "good for you" and "good for the Earth." Hey, let's just say this is "Very Good!" Brewbudz Vice President Jeffry Paul says, "It's an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life." 

     The company is due to launch sales in Nevada and Colorado in January and plans to expand to Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona by March. The product is the latest to benefit from the increasing number of states legalizing medical and recreational use of the drug. Nearly a quarter of the U.S. population now lives in a state that has legalized marijuana. 

     Though California legalized medical marijuana 20 years ago, voters only approved it for recreational use last month. The state hopes to make $1 billion in sales tax revenues from the pot business. The federal government still considers the drug illegal and classifies pit as a Schedule I drug alongside heroin. Yeah, I'm not sure why that is. I've never had any of my friends die or overdose because they smoked pot. I can't say the same of the big H. The federal government needs to recognize that marijuana is no worse for you than having a few drinks. It should not be in the same category as heroin and anyone who's smoked pot will agree with me. President Obama signaled that he would lay off state marijuana laws as long as certain requirements were met, like keeping pot businesses far from schools. The Department of Justice Issued guidelines for states to follow. 

     It's unclear how tolerant President-elect Donald Trump will be about the state laws concerning marijuana since his pick for attorney general is Jeff Sessions, who is strongly opposed to legalizing marijuana. State Treasurer John Chiang has already reached out to Trump and California's congressional delegation for guidance on how the state should regulate finances for the industry since banking is a problem for outlaw organizations. Trump has yet to comment publicly on the matter. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that his response to Trump would depend on how much the federal government is "trying to intrude on California's sovereignty."

     To be honest, at the end of the day, Mr. Trump is a businessman and I strongly believe he knows that this marijuana industry is big business that could help the nations deficit. I mean anyone with a brain can see that. I am, however, curious to see how this all plays out. Politics aside, though, "weed and coffee!" The best part of waking, or baking up, will be cannabis in my cup! This could be the greatest thing ever!

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