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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


     Just when I thought I've seen it all, it's stories like these that prove that I really haven't. I mean in the Dominican Republic, I've seen a family of five fit on a motorcycle. That was father driving, mother behind him and a child in between them while the mother held two children at her side. Yes, I really saw that! Now, there is this.....A couple actually having sex on a moving motorcycle. 

     That's right! A young semi-naked couple were caught on camera having sex on a moving motorcycle. Police have launched an investigation after the footage, filmed in the city of Encarnacion in south-eastern Paraguay, went viral online. Based on the video footage, the woman was lying back on the gas tank with her short skirt hiked up and her legs wrapped around the shirtless male rider. 

      The viral video has also provoked a lively debate on Internet forums across South America and beyond. Many users pointed out that in addition to their incredibly dangerous sexual antics, neither of the young couple were wearing helmets either. Um, yeah.....There are no helmet laws in South America. Police are believed to be investigating the incident which happened in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Encarnacion.

     Officers are said to be using the video to identify the randy couple. A spokesperson for the police department said they could face a fine of around three million Paraguayan Guarani, which comes out to around $534, if they're tracked down and convicted. However, if there was evidence that the biker had been drinking, as it seemed likely in the video, he could face a hefty fine and possible even a prison sentence. 

     Encarnacion is the capital of the department of Itapua and the third-largest city in Paraguay. In recent years, it has also become the tourism capital of the country, with its wide beaches and newly completed waterfront boardwalk. 

Here is the video in case you needed to see it: 

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