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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


     I'm starting to believe that if it wasn't for Florida, I might not have any stories to write about. So, for that, I say "Thank you, Florida!" 

     So, police are searching for a Florida woman accused of performing oral sex on a man at a courthouse and then posting it on social media. I mean, personally, I would need to see this evidence. That was too predictable, right? 

     According to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, 26-year-old Brittney Jones allegedly performed sexual acts on 35-year-old Jeremiah Robinson on the fourth floor of Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville on January 31. Jones and Robinson are both wanted on charges of unnatural and lascivious acts. That means feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire for those of you looking it up. 

     She recorded the video showing her and Robinson, who was sitting on a bench, in the courthouse's hallway and posted it to Twitter with a caption that read, "Just found a way to get out of trouble." The relationship between the two was not immediately clear. The video has since been removed. Jones had been at the courthouse for a morning arraignment on drug-related charges from January 19. 

     Jones later posted a video on Facebook bragging about the media attention she's been receiving and the time she had sex at a local Winn-Dixie supermarket. Jones' father told a news show that he was disappointed when he saw the video and that this incident isn't the first time his daughter posted explicit content online, and apparently, family members have been trying to convince her to stop this inappropriate behavior for years. 

     I don't know. I really would need to see the video to pass any judgment on Miss Jones. Who knows? If she's that good, maybe she's missing her calling as an adult movie star. She's definitely not ugly and she takes a pretty good mug shot. What I want to know is why this couple is wanted? Weren't that in jail already? Aren't these mugshots? How are they wanted? Shouldn't they be in jail? What did she do? Blow and run? 

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