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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


     Have you ever had such loud sex that your neighbor can't even stand you? Yeah, me neither! Apparently, one mother had to give her kids headphones before they went to bed in order to block out noises like music, threats and......sex noises? 

     Tanya Saylor told a news source that the sounds of love making were coming from the other side of a wall the room shared with a neighboring row home in Red Lion, PA. She said that sometimes they would go till 3 a.m. Saylor said, "It's pretty pathetic when you have to have a protocol due to your neighbor's actions."

     Saylor, her terminally ill husband and their five children, all between the ages of 9 and 17 and one of whom has cancer, dealt with the noise for two years. In April, the neighbor, 25-year-old Amanda Marie Warfel, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges for incidents that took place in February and March. Those charges were reduced to non-traffic citations. A charge of ethnic intimidation, originally filed against Warfel in connection with a February incident that was dropped.

     Two of Saylor's daughters, 15 and 17, share a room in their row home in the 100 block of West Gay Street (great name for a street). The room shares a wall with Warfel's room. When the noise first became an issue about two years ago, Saylor said she would knock on the door and ask Warfel to quite down, but it didn't help. Warfel would call her daughters names and threaten them. As she was having sex, she would describe the acts loudly enough for the girls to hear. 

     On March 21, Warfel was "loudly fornicating and banging around her bedroom to the degree that the victims' dresser and her own bed shook." A family member knocked on the common wall, but Warfel yelled back and the noise became louder. Warfel's loudness, she said would keep her two daughters up so late that one would have trouble getting to school on time the next morning. On two occasions, state police wrote notes to the school to excuse her lateness. 

     Warfel is currently in York County Prison and is set to be released on June 20. I mean how loud do you need to be? When you live in an apartment, wouldn't you find that embarrassing being that loud? Apparently, this girl didn't care and now she's paying for it. I have no words for this. 

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