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Thursday, January 26, 2017


     So, since you love these teacher-student sex stories, you can thank my Wushu crew for this one. I found this story in our group chat posted by one our members because he knew that I had a niche for writing these types of stories, but this one is a little different. 

     Police down in Texas have arrested a 27-year-old middle school teacher (yes, that's her pictured here) who allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student and then paid him $28,000 when he threatened to report her to authorities. First of all, isn't that a year's salary for a middle school teacher. Secondly, if I was the kid, I would have shot for more than $28,000 to shut me up!

    According to court documents, Thao "Sandy" Doan was arrested on Friday, 10 days after the boy's mother supposedly called school officials to report an alleged series of sexually-suggested text messages she found on her son's phone. According to police, the boy's mom tracked the source of the Sext messages back to Doan, who taught the boy math at Raul Quintanilla Senior Middle School in West Oak Cliff. It sounds like she was teaching the boy more than "adding-subtracting-adding-subtracting-adding-subtracting" if you know what I mean. 

     School officials said Doan was first hired by the Dallas Independent School District back in the spring of 2014. She was placed on administrative leave on January 10, the same day the boy's mother reported the alleged affair. Doan was confronted with the allegations and allegedly admitted to having sex with one of her students on three separate occasions between mid-2015 and December 2016. I mean seriously, there women can't find men their age to give it to them? They have to use inexperienced little boys to get it in? It makes no sense. 

     Police allege that Doan and the student began exchanging explicit sext message shortly before their first sexual encounter. Doan also supposedly sent the child photographs of her breasts. Supposedly....I would need to see proof of this. Just saying! The court contends the boy threatened to go to the police in January 2016 and that Doan offered to pay the student for his silence. After reviewing her bank statements, police learned that she paid the teen $28,000 to keep him quiet. That's a whole lot of video games! 

     Doan has been charged with a single count of improper relationship between an educator and student. She bonded out of jail over the weekend. According to police, it is unlikely the student will face any charges for allegedly accepting money from Doan in return for his silence, which I think is unfair. This kid inadvertently extorted money from his teacher. He blackmailed her by threatening to go to the police. The boy is not innocent in this case by any means, but like all the boys in these cases, their the victims, right? A hot teacher comes in and gives them the ride of their lives, but they're the victims? I hate these male students who report their teachers for banging them. In fact, I would like to curse all of them to never get laid again! Then they will learn the value of a woman's body and sex. They were basically taken advantage of, so they should shut the hell up! If these teachers were around when I was a kid, I would have become the Hugh Hefner of teachers! Unfortunately, when I was in school. my teachers never looked like the ones in school today. God, I hope none of my old teachers are reading this....If they're even still alive. 

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