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Thursday, January 5, 2017


     And now to pull your attention away from the mentally disabled man who was beaten by four people in Chicago, here's another story of "woah" from Ohio. I swear that Ohio is becoming the new Florida when it comes to my buzzkill ramblings! 

     Anyway, this West Virginia man repeatedly stalked women at an Ohio Walmart and allegedly admitted to masturbating into syringes to squirt them with his semen. Um.....what? 26-year-old, Timothy Blake was charged on December 30 with "menace by stalking" in connection to public masturbation incidents in the past two months. 

     Ohio police said they received a report on November 2 from a woman who said a "creepy" man followed her around Walmart. The woman also told police that she felt something wet hit her lower back, leading her to rush to the bathroom to clean a sticky substance off of her. When she came out of the Ladies Room, the man was already waiting and staring at her, according to the affidavit. 

     Authorities received a similar report from another woman on December 28. Police managed to track Blake down by reviewing surveillance footage from both incidents that showed him fleeing the scene in his white pickup truck. 

     After being taken into custody, Blake told police that he threw egg yolks at the women. Unfortunately for Blake, he had to come clean when police tested the substance to be semen. Blake admitted to masturbating into the syringes in his truck or the Walmart bathroom before aiming at his victims. The report also stated, "The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women." What a creep!

     I will say this, though. These women are very lucky because the circumstances could have been much worse considering he had his man juice in syringes. What if his way of having sex with these women was to inject them with his semen instead of squirting them with it. That would have been a lot worse and a lot more disgusting. Either way.....ew! 

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