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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


     With Ferguson, Missouri burning itself to the ground over a kid who was poorly parented, I have a new invention to inform you about that will be all the rage this holiday season. I mean come on! Why is everyone making this a black or white issue. Parenting has no race and bad parenting will bring tragedy like this to any city. Is it worth burning down and looting your entire city? Is one kid's life worth acting like animals? Come on! This is so stupid! The terrorists in Isis are sitting in their caves laughing at us right now say, "We don't need to terrorize them! They do it to themselves." Is burning a city down and looting going to bring Michael Brown back? Is it going to change the decision of the court? The answer is NO! Will your city have to rebuild now from your stupidity? The answer to that is YES! 

     Therefore, today, I present to you the first odor-eating toilet seat, which is aimed at ridding restrooms across the country of the smell produced when we take our craps! Stop shaking your head. Crapping is a natural part of life. This is actually the second time human waste has been in the news within the past week. Last week, a company in England announced that they were using human feces to power a bus. This week Kohler releases this odor-eating toilet seat. 

     According to the Associated Press, the latest invention in toilet seats, the Purefresh, aims to eliminate the odors left behind in the bathroom to make the experience more pleasant and make cohabitation easier for everyone. I don't know. I don't have this problem. Purefresh, which went on sale earlier this month contains a fan hidden in a battery-operated seat that sucks in air and pushes it through an odor-eating carbon filter and an optional scent pack. According to officials with Kohler, "The toilet works to attack smells 'where the action is.'" To do so, the seat turns on automatically when a user sits down. The fan then emits a light hum as it filters odors. I'm sure the light fanning will tickle the hairs on your fanny as well. 

     The seat requires two D batteries to do its job and it uses scent packs similar to what might be found in car air fresheners. And just like the air fresheners used in cars and homes, the air fresheners in these toilet seats must be replaced periodically as well. The scents include Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry or Avocado Spa. In addition to wiping out bathroom odors, the Purefresh also comes equipped with two LED light settings to make sure consumers make their way to the bathroom without incident in the middle of the night. 

     I have to admit that this is pretty awesome. Kohler isn't the only company to get on the odor-eating bandwagon. A San Francisco-based company called Brondell introduced a similar seat back in 2006, but it had to be pulled off the market because the cost to produce the devise was way to high. I'm sure Kohler will not be having that problem. With Christmas around the corner, I would gladly add this to my Christmas wish list! By the way, I have three bathrooms...wink wink!

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