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Thursday, July 14, 2016


    Call me a hater all you want, but this Pokemon Go, has to GO! It's a cool game for the kids, but when adults start playing it, nothing good can come out of it. Notice, I said it's a cool game for the KIDS!

     First of all, how about not playing Pokemon go while you're driving. A 28-year-old man crashed his car into a tree on Tuesday night in Auburn, NY, because he was apparently distracted while playing the popular app while he was driving. Come on, people! According to Auburn police, the crash crumpled the front of the car. The driver was not seriously injured and was "extremely lucky." In the wake of the crash, the Auburn Police Department released a list of reminders to those playing Pokemon Go while on the go including "Do not use the application when you are operating a motor vehicle or bicycle", "Beware of your surroundings when walking and do not stare down at your phone not knowing hazards around you, like roadways, drop-offs, waterways, etc." and "Use caution when sharing your location as strangers can see your location information."

     I have to be honest, this does not sound like a game I'd like to play. Some of these reminders had to be created because in Indiana a registered sex offender was recently arrested for playing Pokemon Go with a teenage boy. Randy Zuick of Greenfield, Indiana, was on the county courthouse lawn brazenly catching Pokemon with a 16-year-old boy when two probation officers spotted him in action. The courthouse is a landmark in the game and has been attracting dedicated players ever since the app's release last week. After spying on the Pokemon-playing pervert, one officer ran inside and asked a security officer to take Zuick into custody. Last October, Zuick was accused of fondling a child his girlfriend was babysitting. He pleaded guilty in April to a felony charge of child molestation. Since then, he's been on probation and banned from interacting with kids.

      The mishaps don't end there for Pokemon Go, which was released in early July. A Wyoming teenager found a dead body on Friday morning while trying to catch a water Pokemon. Another teen was shot in North Carolina for trespassing on someone's private property chasing a Pokemon. And in Missouri, armed robbers lured players to  remote  locations to trap them and steal their phones and rob them. 

     Again, this doesn't sound like a game I would want to play. I might not want to play it, but I encourage my fellow adults to please be careful playing this dumb game. If you walk in front of my car because you're chasing a Pokemon, I will not be happy! If you hit my car because you were chasing a Pokemon, I will not be happy! This game is not worth your life and the lives around you.....All Lives Matter! See what I did right there? 

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