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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


    Okay, I don't normally get the creeps when I write this blog, but this story gave me the chills a little bit. I know some of you like the sex stories that I tend to write about a lot (you perverts!), but this story needs to be shared after seeing this photo. 

     So, this haunting photo of a deadly crash scene had gone viral because of the image it appeared to capture. If you look closely at roadside photo showing a crowd gathered around a motorcycle crash victim, but above the first responders' heads hovers a transparent shadow eerily resembling a human figure. 

     Yeah, some of you might say it looks like a Photoshop job, but truck driver, Saul Vazquez, allegedly posted the photo right after he drove by the scene of the accident after he saw the image of the shadow. Vazquez said he rolled down his window before snapping the scene along the Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky, last Tuesday afternoon. He wrote, "Zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat."

     At the time of his post, he suggested that he didn't know what happened to the victim, writing, "I hope everyone involved is okay." Shortly after, however, Lex 18 News reported that the crash victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. Vazquez swore to the TV station that his photo had not been altered, and had been shared on Facebook by more than 7,600 people as of last Thursday. Some commenters called it "freaky" and "amazing," and even suggested it shows the victim's spirit or some other supernatural entity like the Virgin Mary looking over the body with outstretched arms.

     Vasquez did not return any requests for comments, but I have to say that if this photo was not altered at all, it's a pretty amazing photo. I'm sure Ghost Hunters would find a way to debunk it, but still an amazing shot and a bit creepy. It could be the site of another bad car accident and the spirit of a past soul who was killed there. Either way, this photo is pretty creepy. 

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