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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


     So, what happens when you're too drunk to drive home from the bar and you can't afford an Uber, or they don't have Uber where you live, or you can't afford a Taxi? You have your 9-year-old drive you home! That's what this Wisconsin couple did! 

     Jason Roth and Amanda Eggert were charged after allegedly allowing their 9-year-old daughter to drive them home because they were too drunk to drive. The couple were arrested after police responded to reports of a pickup truck driving erratically. When the police caught up with the truck in Polk County, they were shocked to discover the little girl had been driving and the couple's 11-month-old baby had been strapped to a car seat. Unreal! These guys deserve the "Best Parenting of the Year Award" so far for 2016! 

     Roth and Eggert pleaded not guilty to a number of felony charges including child neglect and second degree recklessly endangering safety. According to a Polk County deputy, "As the 9-year-old exited the truck, it was still running and in drive when Mr. Roth was sitting in the truck by himself. He turned the ignition off and the truck began rolling backwards down the hill towards the river. I jumped into the truck to hit the brakes and put the truck in park." The little girl apparently drove the truck for miles in Balsam Lake, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic and somehow avoided a serious accident. This story is so ridiculous! I'm surprised that it didn't happen in Florida. 

     According to police, both adults were highly intoxicated when they were arrested. with one of Roth's preliminary breathalyzer tests reading more than three times the legal limit to drive. The two kids are now staying with extended family as the couple remain in jail as they await trial.

     These people are ridiculous. First of all, unless you were at a party or family function, what were your children doing at a bar or at a function where you were drinking? What kind of parents are you? Secondly, I don't car how drunk you are. Why would you allow your 9-year-old drive your pickup truck? What child can see over the dashboard of a pickup truck? I definitely nominate these two for "Parents of the Year". Better yet, "Morons of the Year!"

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