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Thursday, February 11, 2016


     I'm sure every police officer has heard every excuse in the book when they pull people over from "I had to go to the bathroom really bad" to "My wife is having a baby" to "An elf made me drink all those beers," but this story might take the cake. 

     This is 76-year-old John Przybyla from Wisconsin. Yes, another drunk driving story from Wisconsin. It's like they're becoming the new Florida this week. Anyway, Mr. Przybyla was convicted on Monday for his tenth OWI, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (they even have a weird name for it up in Wisconsin), but according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, he blamed his high Blood-Alcohol level on the beer-battered fish he earlier in the evening. Um, what? Beer-battered fish can get you drunk now? That's almost as bad as letting your 9-year-old drive you home because you're too drunk to drive.

     Przybyla was arrested back in October 2014, after a deputy noticed his truck crossing the center line of a state highway. The deputy stated that Przybyla's breath wreaked of alcohol, so he administered a field sobriety test that the suspect failed. Przybyla denied drinking any alcohol that night, but he did admit to eating beer-battered fish earlier in the evening. He stuck to that story in court this past Monday. If his statement were true, there would have to have been a lot of beer in that batter.

     According to police, Przybyla's blood-alcohol level was .062, which is below the state's normal legal limit of .08, but the legal limit for Wisconsin residents with three or more drunken driving convictions is only .02 percent. As weird as the beer-battered fish defense may be, jurors did not fall for it hook, line or sinker. He was found guilty of operating while intoxicated, his tenth offense. No sentence date has been set yet, but Przybyla could face up to twelve and a half years in prison. So, basically, this old guy is going to die in prison because there is no way he is living another 12 years. Just sayin'! 

     I have to say, though, it was a nice try, but unless the office smelled fish on your breath as well, the whole beer-battered fish excuse is really hard to believe. But hey, you can "A" for effort, old man!

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