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Thursday, February 4, 2016


     The first rule of robbery is not leaving behind any evidence, right? Well, this Florida shoplifter took more than $2,000 of designer duds from a beachside outlet, but lost her cell phone at the scene of the crime and apparently lost her control of her bladder in the process, as well. 

     This is Brooke Amber Sutton. She was arrested on Friday after an Ann Taylor outlet employee found several removed security tags, a cell phone and a puddle of pee in a dressing room. Okay, so she left a way to contact her and some DNA in case the cops wanted to be sure it was her. I'm guessing this blonde thing is not a bleach job and that she's the real deal. Then again, I see roots, so she's basically just another Floridian moron!

     The 27-year-old also raided the Saks at Miramar Beach's Silver Sands Outlets, stealing six pairs of jeans by draping them over her arms and hiding them under a men's coat, before she finally got caught. Sutton's spree began after she allegedly took several pieces of Ann Taylor merch into a fitting room, ripped off the security tags and waltzed out of the shop. An employee found the left-behind tags and a cellphone and called deputies. This was also when Sutton peed on the floor before exiting the store undetected. Did she pee from the pure adrenaline rush of stealing something? Or does she just have bladder problems? Either way, the moron alert should have went off as she left the store. 

     Anyway, Sutton then made her way to the outlet's Saks Off Fifth shop where she hauled in 15 to 20 pairs of jeans into a dressing toom and slipped six on her arms and covered them with a men's jacket and fled the shop. In the meantime, deputies at Ann Taylor used Sutton's cell phone to call her husband and get a description of her car. That's when deputies found $2,100 worth of stolen goods, including a trove of necklaces, tops and $1,000 worth of jeans, in the car. She was arrested on two counts of felony and retail theft. She has since been bonded out of jail on Saturday and is currently awaiting trial. 

     I can't help wondering if she would have gotten away with this robbery if she didn't leave her cell phone behind or pee in the dressing room? Because in all reality, she only got caught because she left her cell phone behind and the pee, they didn't really need but could have used it if the phone wasn't there. Either way, WHAT A MORON!

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