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Thursday, March 17, 2016


     In any sport, it's always suggested that you wear a cup to protect your package since those are some valuable jewels you are carrying. One rugby player refused to wear one and what happened to him makes me cringe. 

     This is Haydn Peacock (I swear that's his real name!) He recently spoke out about suffering from a torn penis during a rugby match. The injury required about 11 stitches to put it back on. So, basically, he should change his name to Haydn Nocock! 

     23-year-old Nocock, I mean Peacock, who plays for the French team AS Carcassonne, posted a dramatic photo of him being pulled down by his privates as he screamed in agony during a February match against St. Esteve Catalans Dragons. The picture wasn't the real shocker, though, that came in the locker room. 

     Peacock told one news source on March 11, "The pain was all right and then at halftime I was like, I've got to have a look. I checked on it and the skin was half ripped off and I was like, 'Shit, where's the doctor? Where's the doctor?'" The doctor sent him to a clinic that night to be treated. Peacock showed his teammates his new Frankenpenis to laughs all around the locker room and said he had to "strap it up" for the next game. Did he really mean strap it on? 

     He wrote in an Instagram post, "#rugbyleague is definitely not a sport I recommend. 11 stitches later for the little fella, but she'll be right." So, he called his dick a "little fella" and then called it a "she"? They must've given him some good drugs for the pain!

     Despite the close call, Peacock still refuses to play with a protective cup because it impedes his ability to run. What a moron! Next time, I hope the whole thing gets ripped right off your body, you idiot! I wore a cup in every sport I played in high school and post high school. Screw that! I remember one time fielding a bad hop at first base that hit a ditch and bounced up and hit me right in the groin area. All I heard was "pop"! My balls would have burst if I wasn't wearing a cup since the ball was traveling so fast. That cup protected by future children! Don't be like Haydn Nocock!

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