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Friday, March 4, 2016


     It looks New York is becoming the new Florida. There's another story that I was going to write about where a kid is looking for his biological father because he was conceived at a K-Rock Festival in Upstate New York. It turns out, his mother met this dude at the festival concert, had sex with him, never saw him again after their encounter, got pregnant, and 20 years later, the kid is looking for his dad using social media. Good luck with that kid! Rest assure, I'm not him. 

     Anyway, I chose to write about another dolt from Upstate New York, who decided to create her own license plate and actually tried to get away with it. 28-year-old, Amanda Schweikert from Upstate New York, was arrested by the Erie County Sheriff's Office after she was caught driving around town with a hilariously awful handmade cardboard license plate. Schweikert was nabbed on Wednesday after police noticed a vehicle with no front license plate, which is illegal in the state of New York and New Jersey, but not in Pennsylvania, and an obviously fake back plate. 

     After pulling the vehicle over, a deputy discovered that Schweikert had a suspended license and no insurance. Priceless! The Sardinia resident was charged with one felony count of possession of a forged instrument, a misdemeanor count of driving with a suspended license and three other traffic infractions. Unreal! 

     Police posted on Thursday that she was being held at the Erie County Holding Center in lieu of $400 bail. The sheriff's office seized the fake plate and posted photos of it on Facebook with a caption that read: "In case, you are wondering, homemade cardboard license plates are NOT legal." That is hilarious!

     Some Facebook commenters thought the felony charge was a little harsh, but others were thoroughly amused by the attempt in artwork. One person wrote, "Can you tell me how you did NOT laugh when pulling this individual over? This made my morning!" Another posted, "I am going to make you a Vermont plate out of maple syrup and bacon."

     The funny thing is that this not the first bad fake license plate attempt in New York. In 2015, a Queens man with repeated license suspensions was collared after he was caught driving with a license plate made out of cardboard and crayons. When the NYPD pulled the man over, he said, "I am an Amir and I don't need plates to drive." What the hell is an Amir? Well, that Amir was arraigned on a felony charge of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. 

     I have to say these attempts to create a fake license plate get a "A" for effort in my book. I mean this one that Miss Schweikert tried to get away with looks so bad, she might have gotten away with it in a fourth grade art class. I mean, it was a valiant effort, but come on....Let's get real here! At least make it out of metal!

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