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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


     In case all of you were wondering and I know you were, popular porn site, Pornhub has announced that it's users search the keyword "lesbian" more than any other word throughout the 50 states.  According to the site, not other keyword came even close. 

     Here's the best part, within 30 states, including New York and California, "lesbian" was the most desired type of porn. In the Cali, "lesbian" was searched on PornHub a massive 187,000 times in one month.

     The site worked with Vocativ, who helped them analyze search terms by state in the month of January. Behind the "lesbian" searches, trends hit closer to home and got more incestual as step mom and step sister were most searched in ten states from Alaska to Maine. Rhode Island PorhHub users were especially shallow.....Hey!.....as "MILF" (My favorite) was the most sought after genre. 

     In the deep south, tip searches were more race based. The words "ebony" and "black: finished on top in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia, as well as Delaware. I am blown away since back in the 60s, those were some of the most racist states. It's great to see they've become a bit more accepting. In Vermont, Nebraska and Arkansas, "cartoon" porn had a firm grip on the top spot. Trust me, that explains a lot! Sickos! Obviously, back in line with regional realities, "Asian" was most searched in Hawaii. 

     Lebisan adult videos blew away the competition last year also, as it was the most searched type of videos on PornHub in 2015, as well. I guess when it comes to fantasies, some things never change. Men love to be in a room with two women going at it. I, personally, like the one on one older woman stuff. Am I saying too much? Do I have mommy issues or something? I think I just made myself sick! Take a look at the PornHub map below. What category did your state search more of?


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