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Thursday, March 10, 2016


     Okay, so if you read this blog, you know that I have my opinions, but I'll never take a political stance on anything. That being said, this whole right to bear arms issue, I am for. I think the "right" be people have a right to bear arms for their own protection. I always felt that just like a driver's license a test needs to be taken in order to get permit, and I think that all gun owner's should be registered. Yes, I know there are illegal gun sales and yes, I know dumb people can pass tests also, hence the dumb drivers out there. I'm not saying it's the best idea, but this is America, the land of the free; so we are free to have certain rights and owning a gun should be one of them.

     Okay, now that you know my stance on the right to bear arms, this is Jamie Gilt of Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, we're back in Florida. Jamie is also pro-guns, but she is so pro-guns that she even has a Facebook page advocating the the right. Well, that came back to bite her on Wednesday when she told deputies that her 4-year-old son shot her in the back while he was sitting in the back seat of her pickup truck. Now, why would you put a gun anywhere near a child in your car? I don't care how much you love guns or how much you are pro-guns, why would you put a gun near a child? Someone like this does not deserve to pass that test I was speaking of. 

     A Putnam County Sheriff's Office news release stated a deputy saw the 31-year-old behaving frantically inside the truck on Tuesday and quickly realized she'd been shot. According to the release, she told the deputies that her son accidentally shot her. He wasn't harmed and was reunited with family members. The Department of Children and Families is currently investigating. 

     Deputies found Gilt with a bullet wound inside her truck with a horse trailer on the back stopped in travel lanes on a highway. She was on her way to pick up a horse. Deputies also said a .45-caliber handgun was on the truck's floor. I mean that's where all responsible gun owner's put their guns--On the floor of their cars! Gilt was taken to Gainesville hospital, where she was in stable condition later on Tuesday. The situation is currently being investigated and a Facebook page has since been taken down that adorned the image of the Putnam County mother holding a gun drew worldwide attention. The page received numerous comments from around the world after Gilt's story of getting shot by her son spread. The page then started to get filled with comments about gun control and gun laws. 

     Well, if you want to support something then don't act stupid! I mean, leaving a gun on the floor in your truck is pretty stupid, especially if you have a child in the car. Why wouldn't you have it holstered in the glove compartment and why wasn't the safety on? What if your son didn't accidentally shoot you in the back and accidentally aimed at your head? What if he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger? This story would have been a lot worse! Again, I say, stupid people don't need to have guns. I am for the right to bear arms, but for the right people!

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