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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


     Here we go....It's a new school year and you love reading stories about teachers and students having sex! Here's my first one of the school season! Isn't this exciting? 

     So, a substitute in Georgia has been arrested for allegedly inviting two make students to have sex with her at her suburban home. 38-year-old, Laura Rich, who worked as a teacher at the Ace Academy in Canton, GA, between January 2015 and this past August, was charged with several counts of sexual assault by a teacher on Friday. 

     Her victims? A 16-year-old and an 18-year-old boy, who were both of age at the time to legally consent, based on Georgia law, but it didn't matter in this context, according to police. Cherokee County's Sheriff's office said, "It's the relationship she had as a teacher-student that made it a crime." Once again, I ask...."If everyone (students and teacher) kept their mouths shut, there would be no crime right now!" You know it was the boys who were bragging about it and the story got out. 

     Rich allegedly invited the two students to her Actworth home for sex on multiple occasions over the course of a few months last year. The Sheriff's office said, "My understanding (is the relationship with) the 16-year-old lasted a little longer, maybe a couple months. The 18-year-old happened later in the year, which was not as long of a relationship." No word on whether the two boys were in her house at the same time for some DP action or not, but maybe she was using the 18-year-old to get the 16-year-old jealous. Who knows? Georgia is close enough to Florida to qualify them as crazy.

     Rich was released on a $22,400 bond mere hours after she was booked at an area detention center. The Cherokee County School District said it has severed all ties with the perverted teacher. The district said in a statement, "Our School District has zero tolerance for inappropriate relationships between students and any adults serving in any capacity in our school." And so it begins.....Don't you just love when school is back in session? I get more teacher-student sex stories!

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