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Monday, September 19, 2016


     Who doesn't like great road head, right? You and your girl taking a little ride. You decide to get a little frisky while driving and she puts her head down by your lap. You know what's about to go down. You're enjoying it and you close your eyes for a second when suddenly, there's a deer in the middle of the road and you swerve to avoid hitting it, but your girl clenches everything including her teeth and there goes your manhood. (Yes, I winced too!)

     Well, that's what happened in Austria recently. A young woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was giving her partner oral sex on a quiet country road not far from Krems in northwest Austria when a deer suddenly crossed in front of the car, causing the driver to suddenly brake. 

     The young woman was taken by surprise, and accidentally bit into his penis. (Yes, I winced again!) The emergency services were surprised to get a call saying that an ambulance was needed because of a "penis bite after a car crash," and didn't know quite what to expect when they arrived. 

     The couple was taken to a hospital, where the man received some minor surgery. Guess he was a little guy! Surgeons told him that the would was only superficial (What the hell does that mean?) I guess all of the damage was on the surface and she didn't bite all the way into his Oscar Meyer Weiner? They also told him that his "joystick" should soon be back in full working order. That's good news for both the guy and the girl, but let this be a lesson to all of us. Lollipopping on the road can be hazardous to all of us. So please be careful!

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